A new generation of Witches and Wizards join Hogwarts. Lies will be heard. Loves will be made. Friendships will be broken. Admist all this a new evil is rising. Will you pretend to be ignorant of this evil, will you stand up and fight or will you join it?
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 Student - Adam Mason Bryans

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Claire Bentley

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PostSubject: Student - Adam Mason Bryans   Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:17 pm

Basic Information;

Full Name; Adam Mason Harvey Bryans (he goes by Mason)
Date of Birth; May 18
Hogwarts Year: Fifth
Age on September 1st: 15
Age on Next Birthday: 16
Blood Purity; Muggleborn
Hometown; Bath, England
Current Home; Bath, England


Hair; A typical jewfro: extremely curly, black, and slightly long (though it’s so curly it’s not as obvious)
Eye Color; hazel
Height; Average
Weight; Slightly heavier than average
Body Type; Slightly stocky. A little heavy, but not overly fat. Not a terribly athletic build.
Dress Style; He tends to wear jeans with a nerdy t-shirt that either has to do with one of his fandoms or has some kind of math joke. He sometimes wears a yamaka, but not really with any kind of religious consistency.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); None

Personality; He tends to be rather quiet, for the most part. He’s used to blending into the background, and doesn’t deal very well when attention is put on him. He’s rather shy, and gets embarrassed easily. However, he can be rather out-spoken and energetic when just hanging out with friends. He’s rather nerdy. He’s not the smartest person in the world, but he thinks things through and enjoys learning, and loves to read (though mostly fiction). But most of his nerdiness just comes from his obsessions with things such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, and so on. They’re his distractions but he also really loves them and tends to reference them far more than most kids at Hogwarts can understand (he tends to forget that they don’t necessarily watch or read muggle things). He also is decent with technology, not that he can make much use of that skill at school.

For most of his life, Mason never really thought about the deeper things in life. He felt like forming opinions would be choosing sides. Far worse, it seemed like choosing one parent over the other. But he befriended Felix and Huian and wound up starting to have to think more. He actually can enjoy it, but tends to just play devil’s advocate when talking to his friends. He refuses to take a side himself. If he has any viewpoints, he doesn’t admit them even to himself. Mason is a sweet boy who doesn’t want to hurt people. He doesn’t really approve of lying, but he doesn’t see the harm if it is to help people. Therefore, he rationalizes not expressing any of his own views, or even admitting that he is gay. He’s a peace keeper, who doesn’t want to hurt anyone or take sides. He hates fights and arguments.
Likes; Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, Eragon, Star Wars, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Marvel (and DC, to a lesser extent), Ender’s Game, and other shows and books. Reading, learning interesting things, smart people, computers and technology. His friends, his dad.
Dislikes; Being the center of attention. Explicit conversations and nudity make him rather embarrassed, which he’s not overly fond of (though he’s getting over that, thanks to the people he’s befriended). He doesn’t like fights and arguments, talking about his parents’ problems, being disliked, and being forced to pick sides.
Strengths; he know a lot about various fandoms. While not a braniac, he’s relatively smart and thinks before he acts. He is good with technology. He is a peace keeper. He’s good at understanding other people, and seeing other perspectives.
Weaknesses; He’s not terribly athletic, he refuses to admit his own view points even to himself, he will do whatever possible to avoid hurting those he loves, he refuses to admit that he’s gay to anyone other than Felix and Huian, he obsesses easily. He’s shy, embarrasses easily, and doesn’t do well in the center of attention.
Quirks; He has a slight blush whenever embarrassed
Habits; He bites his nails when nervous
Best Class; Potions
Worst Class; Astronomy

Sarah and Ari were proof that opposites attracted. Sarah was not overly intelligent, and was fanatical Christian conservative who believed no one should have abortions or even use contraceptives, that other religions were evil (especially Jews since they killed Christ), that women should be house-wives, and homosexuals were sinful. Ari, meanwhile, was a Jewish liberal who was very open-minded and questioning and very intelligent. Yet none of that mattered when they fell in love, and both accepted each other. However, they started having kids almost immediately (as Sarah’s beliefs said they should), and they started having problems with the first pregnancy, as they fought over how they should raise their kids. They began to hate each other for their differences, and how they treated the kids. It wasn’t uncommon for the sound of fighting to be heard throughout the house. But Sarah did not believe in divorce, so they kept having kids – many of them.

Sarah wanted to raise them as good Christians, with all of her views on life. She wanted them to go to church every Sunday, to fear God, and to never talk back to authority. Ari wanted to raise them with the option of Judaism, but to allow them to find their own way. He wanted to let them question, and figure things out for themselves. They wound up striking a delicate balance. Sarah could make them all go to Church every Sunday, but they also had the option of going to Temple on Saturdays (though Mason was the only one who took them up on that offer with any kind of regularity). Their mother could lecture them and teach them all their values, but their dad could put forth other ideas and encourage them to think for themselves and form their own conclusions. In the end, being a stay-at-home mother, Sarah had the greater influence and more time to convince the children of her perspective. But Mason, at least, really looked up to his dad and would often look to him for counter-positions and advice.

Mason was the third of ten children and another on the way, and has five brothers and four sisters. He was never particularly close to any of them, though they got on well enough and he sometimes hung out with them and played with them. But they were never very similar people. His mother was a stay at home mother, and did her best to take care of her many children. She was loving and caring, though strict. And her time was always divided between many of them. Mason loved her, but got on a lot better with his dad, who he was much more similar to. His dad was a computer programmer, and made a decent wage that supported their large family, but was still home every evening. Mason was never really sure what to believe, his parents pulling him in both directions (his mother more vehemently than his father). But he admired his father, and tended to lean more towards Judaism, which is why he sometimes wears the Yamaka.

Mason was a quiet, nerdy boy, and didn’t have many friends at school. At home, he wasn’t particularly close to any of his siblings. In the evenings, he had to find a way to tune out his parents’ fighting, which was pretty much a constant. So he spent a lot of time watching tv and films, or else reading. He fell in love with many of these, and became obsessed with many fandoms: Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, Star Wars, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Marvel (and DC, to a lesser extent), and several others.

When he was eleven, the entire family was shocked by the news that Mason was a wizard. His mother was scared and angry, and shut down for a long time, unable to stand the idea that the Devil lived in her own son. But Mason’s father eventually managed to talk her around, and she managed to accept Mason’s magic and permitted him to attend Hogwarts. There he has actually managed to make a couple of friends – namely Felix and Huian. Also, he didn’t really know much about homosexuality growing up, given that his mother certainly never mentioned it and his dad had never really had reason to. But, getting to know Felix, he got to understand it a little better. And it helped him to understand what was happening to him – that he was gay. But he didn’t know if his mum would ever forgive him for that. She’d managed to stomach his being a wizard, but Mason wasn’t sure she could handle both. So the only people he’s ever told are his two friends.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Sarah Bryans, 39, alive, muggle
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Ari Bryans, 41, alive, muggle
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Noah Bryans, 18, alive, muggle
Miriam Bryans, 17, alive, muggle
Eve Bryans, 13, alive, muggle
Mary Bryans, 12, alive, muggle
Peter Bryans, 10, alive, muggle
Abraham Bryans, 8, alive, muggle
Rachel Bryans, 6, alive, muggle
Philip Bryans, 5, alive, muggle
John-James Bryans, 2, alive, muggle
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); None

Wand; unicorn hair, cherry wood, 11 inches, flexible
Patronus; owl
Animagus Form (only fifth years and above); none
Animal; none

House your character feels they should be in:

Mason's dad seemed to be feeling guilty about how his mum had been treating him lately. And most of his siblings, for that matter. So he'd made a point to spend time with him, and even read some of Mason's textbooks. He'd gotten so used to helping his kids with their homework that it was hard to adjust to the idea that he would not be able to anymore. He'd read Hogwarts A History, and recommended Mason do the same so they could talk about it, like a book talk. Mason had just finished reading it himself, and they'd been talking for a while before his dad asked, "Which house do you think you'll be in?"

Mason considered this before deciding, "Ravenclaw, I suppose. I'm a nerd after all."

His dad opened his mouth to object when Mason reminded him, "I'm proud of it, dad. I take it as a compliment. It means I'm smart, and that's hardly something to be embarrassed about."

His dad smiled and ruffled his son's hair, looking proud. "No, it's not," He agreed.

Mason grinned at his dad and added, "Plus, I'm open minded. I mean, how could I not be, with you and mum? I have to be open to different ideas."

"True." His dad agreed. "You don't think you'd fit any of the others better?"

"You do?" Mason asked curiously, wanting to know what his dad thought.

His dad chuckled a bit and said, "No, I think you'd make a great Ravenclaw. I just thought you might want to think about the others."

"Oh." Mason said, thinking. "Well, I suppose Hufflepuff isn't too far off. I mean, my IQ doesn't break the banks. I'm not as smart as you. But I work hard to be smart."

"You are smart, Mase," His dad objected, "but I take your point."

Mason gave his dad an appreciative smile before continuing, "I don't know about Slytherin or Gryffindor, though. I'm not really ambitious. I guess it would be nice to do something meaningful one day, but I don't know what. And I don't want everyone watching me, so I don't really want to be famous. I'm not really cunning, either. Nor am I particularly brave. I mean, I can't even do anything when people watch me. I guess I might be able to be brave, if it was really important. i'd like to think I would, anyways. But not ordinarily. Neither are exactly dominant personality traits."

His dad nodded, seeming to decide that he'd thought it through enough, now. So he moved onto another topic of discussion, "What do you think of the classes?"

Chosen house is: RAVENCLAW

Character is:

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Student - Adam Mason Bryans
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