A new generation of Witches and Wizards join Hogwarts. Lies will be heard. Loves will be made. Friendships will be broken. Admist all this a new evil is rising. Will you pretend to be ignorant of this evil, will you stand up and fight or will you join it?
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 Adult - Marlina Selestia

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Claire Bentley

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PostSubject: Adult - Marlina Selestia   Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:00 pm

Basic Information:

Full Name: Marlina Selestia
Title: Miss
Date of Birth: June 20th
Age on September 1st: 18
Age on next birthday: 19
Blood Purity: Muggleborn
Hometown: London, England
Current Home: London, England
Job: Tattoo Artist by day and Dancer by Night under the name 'Gothic Angel.'


Hair: Marlina does dye her hair but only occasionally she tends to stick with her normal dark hair most of the time. Her favourite colour dye wise is a dark blue tint. It is long and wavy.
Eye Color: Black
Height: Average
Weight: Average
Body Type: Marlina has pale features, an hour glass figure and long legs.
Dress Style: Marlina prefers a darker, more gothic style but not overly so. She wears black and greys but occasionally a bright pink or red slips in.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect): Mari has twenty seven tattoos a few of which she has even done herself. They range through stars on her face, Japanese style art and flowers, portraits of people she loves, quotes that mean something to her and pictures of objects that she likes. They range in size from a spider on her finger to a Japanese style one that takes up half her leg.


Personality: Marlina is a genuine girl who doesn't like fakers. What you see is what you get with her.  However due to her traumatic past Marlina does understand sometimes lying is necessary to protect both herself and the people she cares about. If Marlina ever gets upset or angry she takes those feelings and bottles them up deep rather than dealing with them because it makes it easier to cope. She finds it hard to form attachments and if someone she has chosen to let close betrays her she would find it near impossible to forgive them. She loves the few friends she has let into her life. Marlina does not like talking about deep and meaningful things because it comes a little close to her buried memories but she will is pushed. Because of how hard she finds it to forgive people she will try and be as open-minded as possible and give them a chance to explain no matter what. Marlina is an artistic and creative girl who loves drawing, painting, sculpting and creating sculptures out of junk she finds.

Marlina can appear like the type you want your children to stay away from but she is actually a fun-loving, down to earth girl that kids respond to. She loves helping out with Phoenix. Marlina is not a coward but she can appear so because she will walk away rather than take part in anything violent. Only standing her ground if it is something that she truly believes in like one of the many causes she supports. She has got into protests through her friends. She does a lot of work with anti-trafficking and anti-slavery charities.

Marlina will do whatever it takes to survive. She learned that from her childhood, just kept surviving. Well anything but betray her friends. She works hard and is not ashamed to admit what she does. She does not talk about her past ever but she will answer anything else put to her. She does not really believe in love, shes not sure shes even capable of it, and so the closest thing she has is sleeping with guys. However she does not like to be vulnerable. So she will never stay the night or anything like that. Even when she plays with Felix she goes back to her room before she goes to sleep. Though that is also because she wants to hide the fact she still has nightmares. Her past, being vulnerable and confined spaces are the three things that terrify her. She does not care what other people think of her on the most part but insults still hurt.

Likes; Cooking, her Spanish heritage, languages, art, making models, painting, tattoos, her friends, being in control, black and grey clothing, compliments, people who accept her for who she is.
Dislikes; Being vulnerable, thinking about her past, confined spaces, selfish or shallow people, liars and people who pretend to care.
Strengths; Marlina is a compassionate girl, a fiercely loyal friend and an advocate for those who she feels cannot defend themselves. She does a lot of work for charity especially anti-trafficking ones.
Weaknesses; Marlina protects herself by bottling negative emotions and burying them deep rather than dealing with them. She finds it hard to forgive betrayal, lets very people in, is terrified of being vulnerable and believes herself incapable of love if it even exists.
Quirks; She speaks Spanish when angry or upset without realizing it.
Habits; She will just turn and walk away if something is upsetting or angering her.


Marlina was born into a very poor family of Spanish immigrants to the UK who loved her but could not afford to feed her. For the first few years of her life they struggled along but then everything changed. A rich couple who lived in London offered to take Marli on, to give her a better life. However the better life her parents were promised never happened. Her new parents were unloving and distant. From a young age she was given long list of chores, worked hard from the early hours till late at night, and was more a maid than a member of the family. She was never allowed to leave the house and was kept isolate from all. She never went to school and if she did not do exactly what she was asked or made a mistake then she was punished harshly. She had clothes that did not fit and were dirty, bare feet and never had any toys. She played with things she made herself out of junk she found in the attic where she slept.

Things changed when Marlina was fourteen. She had tried to run away before but it had always failed. However now the police discovered what was going on and Marlina was rescued. However the mother, who had actually been the worst culprit, claimed she knew nothing of what was going on. The father was charged and sent to jail and Marlina remained in the care of the mother. She was allowed to leave the house now, for small amounts of time if she kept her mouth shut, and attended a small magic school in London. She had grown up thinking that the magic in her was a demon as her 'mother' had told her but she had come across a book someone had dropped in London about magic and from that she had discovered the truth and found the magic Academy. It was far inferior to Hogwarts but she did learn. When she was sixteen Marlina finally found freedom. The mother died and with the father convicted the money went to Marlina. She found herself suddenly very rich and free. The moment she turned seventeen she sold the house and gave all the money from that and the money she had inherited to an anti-trafficking charity.

Marlina then got a job as a tattoo artist - she had been drawing pictures on the attic walls since she was tiny - and combining that with the magic she had learned became a magic and muggle artist. Marlina buried all the fear and pain from her past deep down and tried to move on with her life. She now rents a house with her friend Loralie from work and a few of Loralie's friends. The only one she has really allowed herself to like bar Loralie is Felix. She has achieved animagus status because she was determined to prove her past did not make her inferior and so threw her all into achieving it from the age of fifteen.

Spouse; N/A
Children; N/A
Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Birth mother: Teresa Selestia, 43, alive, muggle
Adopted Mother: Jane Sprouse, 34, dead, muggle
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Birth Father: Mario Selestia, 49, alive, muggle
Adopted Father: John Sprouse, 35, alive, muggle
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); N/A

Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); N/A

Wand; Rose wood, dragon heartstring, 13 and 1/2 inch
Patronus; A Wolf
Animagus Form (if they have one); A wolf
Animal; None
Former School; Magic Academy, London
House they were in at Hogwarts (if they went); N/A

Character is:

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Adult - Marlina Selestia
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