A new generation of Witches and Wizards join Hogwarts. Lies will be heard. Loves will be made. Friendships will be broken. Admist all this a new evil is rising. Will you pretend to be ignorant of this evil, will you stand up and fight or will you join it?
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Jackson Quinn

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PostSubject: Jackson Quinn   Thu Mar 05, 2015 7:35 pm

Basic Information:

Full Name: Jackson "Jack" Quinn
Date of Birth: June 29
Hogwarts Year: 5th
Age on September 1st: 15
Age on next birthday:16
Blood Purity: Half Blood
Hometown: Bristol, England
Current Home: London, England


Hair: Shoulder Length, Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5, 7
Weight: 130
Body Type: A bit lanky but fit, could be a chaser Build
Dress Style: Usually casual, with a bit of his own flare
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect): N/A


Jack is a light hearted boy on normal days enjoys a good laugh, and a game of Quidditch with friends. Has a rather large mischievous streak him, Jack knows the rules but rather believes it is better to ask forgiveness then permission. He is loyal to his friends, always willing to chat, help out and cause trouble . Around those he doesn't really like he generally doesn't talk to them at all and ignores them completely unless he has not choice but to address them. Jack acts confident in who he is most of the time, treats those he has affection for as best as he knows how. He is opened to many types of relationships depending what the other person wants he adapts accordingly. He still cares for the person be goes out with be it guy or girl and so long as he knows at the start of the relationship what it is going to be he can be a thoughtful lover. Friends with benefits or a more traditional relationship, or just friends, it doesn't matter.  

Jack can be smart and clever when he needs to be, however when it comes to school work he is usually  only an average student. As he lacks the motivation to really study seriously, with the exception of potions. Which he needs to maintain his potion addiction.

There is a slight dark side to Jack, most of the time he his happy go lucky and carefree. But Jack is an addicted to dreamless sleep potions, He can't sleep without them, if he goes with out the potion for to long he becomes Irritable, unreasonable, and his temper has a short fuse. Sometimes on rare occasions he overdoses on the potion and becomes sick then falls into a coma. Jack tries to keep this bit about himself a secret even from his friends, and even if called out he will wave it off as no big deal.

Playing Quidditch as a chaser
Playing pranks and making jokes with his friends
Eating Apple pie
Muggle games and Movies
Being goated into a fight or fighting in general
Forced to take something seriously
Has a great sense of humour, is usually able to laugh at himself and not make a big fuss of mistakes others make.
Lacks motivation to Study or is just lazy with it comes to school work and studying an exam. Is also blinded to the fact he is addicted to sleeping potion and at dangerous point of it.
Always flips a coin in the air when trying to decide something.
Hums while he is by himself and is in a happy mood.
Best Class:
Worst Class:
History of Magic

Jack was born to Emily Sinclair and Eli Quinn at the time, they were very young parents, Emily was only 16 and Eli was 18 when Jack was born. He lived with his mother and grandparents for a year until Emily and Eli saved enough money to get a small appartment for themselves.  When Jack was 2 years old his parents finally decided they would get married officially, after that they moved to london for a fresh start where Eli found a job as a Security officer that payed enough to allow Emily  to stay at home with Jack instead of sending him to daycare.

Life was okay for Jack as he grew older, his parents had started fighting a lot by the time he was  7 but both of them refused to call it quits, though some would call that stubbornness. Hoping to try and make things better Eli took the family camping one weekend over the Summer and it had been a fun time, however the last night there they got in another argument while they thought he was sleeping and it got so bad Emily stormed off away from them. Eli didn't want to leave his son alone in the campsite at night so let his wife go cool off, however they were not alone, they were stalked by someone and were attacked. His father tried to fight whoever it was off and pleaded with whoever it was for him not harm his son. However the figure viciously murdered Eli while Jack watched from his tent too traumatised to move. The violent figure then attacked Jack and knocked him out before her mother arrived with help and the murder managed to run off again into the night. Jack was only minorly injured with a bump on the head  as he woke the next day in a hospital.

After witnessing his dad being so brutally murdered and being attacked himself Jack suffered from terrible nightmares his healers called them night terrors. They were so clear while he slept, he even continued to see them after he woke up until the lights were turned back on. They got so bad Jack was afraid to sleep at night and he eventually started to exhaust himself from lack of sleep. So his healers gave him dreamless sleep potions for temporary use to relieve his nightmares and left him get peaceful night sleep for a few days. The idea was for him to get off them after he was recovered and try to sleep soundly without them.  Unfortunately his nightmare soon returned when he came off the potion and he begged his mother to make more for him so he could sleep. He couldn't sleep without them, or so he believed..

Against her better judgement Emily made him the Dreamless sleep potion however she also sent him to counseling for the issue hoping it would help and he wouldn't need to potions aid anymore. Unknown to Emily, her son started to study the potion so he could possibly make it himself. Anything to keep the images of his butchered father out of his dreams.. In his dreams he sees his father a bloodied, dead and walking towards him asking why he didn't try to help him when he was being attacked. No, Jack couldn't bare to see it again, since it pulled the guilt of it all out every night and he couldn't get away from it.

However while on the potion every night Jack acted more like himself, he made many friends at muggle school. Though his grades were not the best and he got into trouble with teachers for playing jokes at bad times but he pulled through just enough to pass his classes. Which his mum was always okay with, so long as he passed. Then he got his hogwarts letter that he would be going to hogwarts that year. While he was excited he was scared that he couldn't get his potion, However his mother promised to send him a package every week with some. It eased his fears but he still felt it important to practice his potion making as best he could in class and he was rather good at it seemed. Eventually he started making his own potions while at school in secret. After a while to avoid questions to what he was doing brewing be also made joke potions to have fun with and once in a while helped friends out with potions projects.. He believed it worked and no one was the wiser about his secret issue.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity):
Emily Quinn, 31, Muggleborn
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity):
Eli Quinn, Dead, Muggle
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity):
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity):

Wand: Dogwood, 11in, Dragon Heartstring
Animagus Form (only fifth years and above): N/A
Animal: Owl - Solaris

House your character feels they should be in:

Jack thought about the houses as he waited to be sorted, if he was honest with himself it didn't much matter to him where he went really he would make the best of it. Even if he was in Ravenclaw and was considered bad one of the group. Really though other then Ravenclaw he could adapt to just about any of the houses. He considered some of his projects in potions ambitious and in ways he could be considered sly for Slytherin..

Gryffindor he could have fun in, he wasn't sure how brave he was deep down if he was honest, he had yet to get over the one fear that still plagued him in nightmares. Jack often wondered if he was a coward for it.

He shock his head and moved on to the next house Hufflepuff, he could work it to, he could be hard working when he wanted to be. Loyal.. he like to think he was loyal. He didn't mind getting in trouble for his friends and he would gladly defend them if they were in pickle. But how loyal could he be if he could honestly find himself debating between his friends and making his next potion batch?

Right enough of this it was making him nervous, time to find out where he belonged.
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Jackson Quinn
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