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 Child - Hugo Weasley

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Claire Bentley

Birthday : March 19th
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PostSubject: Child - Hugo Weasley   Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:21 pm

Basic Information;

Full Name; Hugo Harvey Mason Weasley
Date of Birth; July 28
Age; 9
Blood Purity; Halfblood
Hometown; Hyde Park, London
Current Home; Hyde Park, London


Hair; He has his mother's bushy brown hair. It's moderately long, but doesn't look it because it curls so much. It also can be a bit frizzy.
Eye Color; He has his father's blue eyes
Height; He's a little short for his age
Weight; He's slightly heavier than average for his height, but not really fat
Body Type; He's thick-set, and relatively strong for a nine-year-old. He looks even younger than he is, and still has some baby fat on him.
Dress Style; He doesn't care much what he wears. He tends to just grab random things out of his dresser (or off his floor if he hasn't been forced to clean lately). Therefore, it tends to be rather mismatched unless he's wearing a robe, since it's just one piece.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); He's freckled.

Personality; Hugo's not the sharpest tool in the shed. In fact, he tends to be rather dim, if only because he sees himself that way. But he could probably do relatively well in class if given the proper encouragement by the teacher (though it would take a lot at this point, with his self-esteem pretty much wrecked). However, he's a bit brighter outside of the academic world (though still hardly a genius), and seems very alert and together. He enjoys laughing and joking around, and pulling the occasional prank (as long as it's utterly harmless).

He is extremely not perceptive. He doesn't tend to realize other people's emotions unless they are immensely obvious (he can tell someone is upset if they burst into tears) or they tell him what they're feeling. This can make him seem really callous to other people, but he really just doesn't realize. If he does realize you're upset, he is the sweetest and kindest person there is, and will do anything to make you feel better - he does a lot of hugging and making hot cocoa or tea. He also doesn't tend to realize social norms, and what other people consider to be odd. He didn't realize there was a problem with a boy wearing dresses until it was explained to him. But if he can't understand why something is normal, he doesn't generally try to conform unless the people around him clearly want him to.

Hugo is horrid at hiding his emotions, even when he does try. It's painfully obvious what he's feeling, and is an open book: he cries when sad, yells when mad, and grins when happy. When upset, he can throw a fearsome tantrum, breaking things and slamming doors, that is more becoming of someone half his age. But he mostly saves this for his parents, and is pretty well behaved when at someone else's house, or when they have company. Hugo doesn't like knew people (they make him nervous), and tends to hide behind someone he does know when he is forced to meet them. Hugo has an awful stutter when nervous, and can hardly get a word out. However, he's very brave for the most part, though he has trouble standing up to people - especially for himself (he'd have an easier time talking to someone bullying Lilly than himself).

He wants to be liked far too much. His biggest fears are probably disappointing people he cares about or admires, and not being liked. This makes him rather easy to manipulate, and he will often do whatever he is told. If the instructions are coming from someone he admires or likes a lot, this is taken to the extreme and Hugo could easily hurt himself or someone else or get into big trouble if that's what they tell him to do.

Likes; his family (especially his immediate family and the Potters), his sister (yes, she counts as family, but she deserves to be mentioned twice), actually knowing something or being able to do something, sports (he's not the best at them, but he's decent and he enjoys them), laughing, joking, pranks (as long as they're utterly harmless), being liked, ice-cream
Dislikes; his stutter, his lisp, being stupid, being bullied, being made fun of, new people (they make him nervous), school
Strengths; he's relatively strong for his age, and he's fairly athletic and decent at sports (though not exceptionally so), he can be funny when he wants to be
Weaknesses; he's got a lisp, which is most prominent when he tries to make the s and z sounds. He gets an awful stutter when nervous and can hardly get a word out. He doesn't really know how to stand up for himself or deal with bullies. He's not terribly bright, especially when it comes to academics, but part of that is just that he doesn't think he is and so doesn't try. He wants to be liked far too much, and that makes him easy to manipulate - he tends to do what he's told. He's not terribly perceptive of other's feelings, and doesn't really follow social norms. He is an open-book and very easy to read with very clear emotions. He would do literally anything for Rose, and virtually anything for one of his Potter cousins.
Quirks; He's very thorough about brushing his teeth and has to do it in a specific way. He does piggy ears whenever people try to take group pictures with him in it.
Habits; He has a lisp, most prominent when he tries to make the s and z sounds. He has an awful stutter when nervous and can hardly get a word out.


As a child, Hugo's ears wouldn't drain and he had constant ear infections. Therefore, everything sounded muffled to him so it took Hugo a really long time to start talking intelligibly - until the age of four. He'd make noises and try to communicate, but he couldn't really talk intelligibly. He could sometimes get a bit across to his parents, along with his gesturing, but mostly it was gibberish. Though Rose insisted she could understand what he was saying. He'd say some gobbledygook and inform their parents that he wanted his monkey toy. Yet he always seemed happy enough with whatever she decided he needed, so perhaps she really could understand him.

By the time he was around three, Hugo had surgery to get tubes put in his ear to help them drain. This cleared his ears up and stopped him getting infections, allowing him to hear properly. After this, he started to learn to talk. By the age of three and a half his parents could actually understand some of what he said, and by four he could be understood by others, outside of the immediate family. However, he had a really thick lisp that sometimes made it impossible to understand him. It began to fade as he got older, and it's pretty much gone now, though he still gets his S's and Z's mixed up a lot.

Hugo went to a school where they valued uniformity, and thought Hugo was mentally handicapped just because of his lisp. But Hugo's parents wouldn't let the teachers send him to special ed classes, because they knew he was relatively bright. Not a genius like his sister or mother, but he could follow the course material for his grade. His parents did suggest that Hugo take speech therapy, but Hugo thought this would only increase the bullying and fought it tooth and nail until his parents relented. So Hugo's teachers always treated him like he was retarded, and eventually Hugo stopped really trying in school. The self-fulfilling prophecy got him, and he honestly thought that he was stupid and couldn't get the material, because that's what the teachers told him. He didn't make an effort to follow the material, and would have been held back a grade several times if it hadn't been for his mother and sister helping him.

At school, Hugo faced a lot of bullies. They took their cues from the teachers that it was okay to treat him differently because he spoke differently, and thought him retarded as well. Even as Hugo's lisp faded, they still picked on him, because his image in the school never changed. Hugo never really knew how to stand up to them, and tended to only make it worse. Half the time, due to his naivety, he didn't even realize he was being bullied at first - but they always pushed him hard enough that he wound up in tears. He doesn't have very good control of his feelings, and it only encouraged the bullies when they saw how upset he got. And his nervous stutter never helped matters, either.

At first, Hugo would tell someone when he was being bullied. But the teachers never helped him, and turned the other cheek. Some of his family (especially his dad and James) tended to help too much, and would literally go into school and threaten the bullies. This tended to only make it worse, and the bullies would call him a coward for having other people fight his battles for him. So Hugo stopped bothering to tell people, save occasionally his sister (whom he told most everything). So Hugo was pretty miserable at school, never feeling able to understand the material and always feeling stupid, the teachers talking down to him, and the other students bullying him. He never even made any friends.

But at home, Hugo was well-loved. His mother always supported him and had more faith in him academically than anyone else. She was the only one who never believed he was stupid, even after he accepted it himself and started acting it. His dad was extremely protective of him, seeing how easily he could be manipulated and taken advantage of. He often objected to things Hugo's cousins convinced him to do, even though Hugo himself didn't mind in the slightest.

And Hugo always adored his sister, whom he thinks can do no wrong. She often pulled jokes on him, like their cousins, but, unlike them, she never took it too far, and she often stood up for him with the others when they were going to. She knows Hugo better than anyone else, and knows his limits. He has utter faith in her, and will unconditionally do whatever she tells him to, without a moment's hesitation - even if she's telling him to jump off a cliff. He believes she'll always do what's best for him, and he trusts her explicitly. This made their parents a little nervous, actually - they loved how close the siblings were, but worried that Rose could too easily lead him astray and were constantly giving her warnings to be careful what she did around him.

He spent a lot of time with his cousins and really adored them. He admired them, especially James, and Lilly is probably his best friend. Hugo trusted them a lot as well, though not quite as much as his sister, and wanted them to like him just as much as he did them. So he would do virtually anything they asked of him. Once, James even got him to put on a dress for a play they were putting on for their parents. Hugo didn't mind in the slightest, not realizing there was a problem with it, and never noticing how mad it made his dad. He didn't really follow social norms and didn't get embarrassed too easily. He's also pretty brave, and there's not much he wouldn't do just because it's a bit scary.

However, Hugo's cousins occasionally pushed him too far (especially James or Lilly, though Al often got caught up in it as well when his brother was involved). It was always obvious when they did, as he never really concealed his emotions and would often wind up in tears. His cousins really do love him, and they tended to back off as soon as they realized they'd pushed too far. Hugo would occasionally get mad at them for a while, especially when they were too caught up to stop when he got upset. But he could never be mad at any of them for too long, and would eventually wind up forgiving and forgetting - apology or no. Though, if they did apologize, he tended to forgive the instant they did so.

Outside of school, Hugo tended to seem a little brighter, though still hardly a genius. He didn't know much about academics, but he could carry a conversation with his cousins - even the older two. He is animated and talkative and enjoys a good laugh. He liked pulling pranks with his cousins, though he was very aware of when they could be hurtful, having experienced plenty of those himself. However, he's rarely the planner, though he does occasionally have a good idea. He just does what he's told to help with his cousins' pranks, generally.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Hermione Granger, 36, alive, muggleborn
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Ronald Weasley, 36, alive, pureblood
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Rose Weasley, 11, alive, halfblood
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
James Sirius Potter II, 12, alive, halfblood; Albus Severus Potter, 11, alive, halfblood; and Lilly Luna Potter, 9, alive, halfblood - closest cousins
But also all Potters and Weasleys. He's distantly related to most purebloods, though.

Animal; He has a brown bulldog named Chester - it's technically the family's, but Hugo loves him so much that he takes care of it for the most part, and Chester tends to treat him slightly deferentially

Character is:

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Claire Bentley

Birthday : March 19th
Job : Deputy-Headmistress, Potions Professor and Head of Slytherin
House/Year : Head of Slytherin
Posts : 57

PostSubject: Re: Child - Hugo Weasley   Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:59 am

Last time on the 'Life of Hugo Weasley':

1) Hugo was bullied again and reached the end of his tether.
2) Hugo almost stopped writing to Rose when he didn't want to annoy her but she assured him he didn't.
3) Hugo made friends with the new girl at school, Hattie Adyline.

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Child - Hugo Weasley
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