A new generation of Witches and Wizards join Hogwarts. Lies will be heard. Loves will be made. Friendships will be broken. Admist all this a new evil is rising. Will you pretend to be ignorant of this evil, will you stand up and fight or will you join it?
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 Student - Osric Finn Beringer

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Claire Bentley

Birthday : March 19th
Job : Deputy-Headmistress, Potions Professor and Head of Slytherin
House/Year : Head of Slytherin
Posts : 57

PostSubject: Student - Osric Finn Beringer   Tue Mar 03, 2015 5:04 pm

Basic Information:

Full Name: Osric Finn Beringer
Date of Birth: March 15th
Hogwarts Year: Fourth
Age on September 1st: Fourteen
Age on Next Birthday: Fifteen
Blood Purity: Half-blood
Hometown: London, England
Current Home:London, England


Hair: Short and Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5' 10''
Weight: 150
Body Type: Lean and muscular
Dress Style: Casual
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect): NONE ATM


Personality: Osric is a very likable guy who is easy to get along with and is pretty chill and takes life as it comes at him. Even thought he has grown up without a mother he hasn't let it bother him. He knows that she died giving birth to him but he knows that it is a fact of life and that things happen sometimes. He parents were very caring and his father instilled him with the same values that he had grown up with. Osric isn't afraid to help anyone who needs it and sometimes will go out of his way for people. He doesn't let stuff get him down. He is a very good listener and tries to be there for people. After being bitten he is a bit more easy to anger but he tries his best to not let the beast inside get the better of him
Likes: Cheese, friends, nature, adventure, games, being active.
Dislikes: Carrots, boredom, snow, sticklers.
Strengths: Excellent climber and swimmer, likes to lead people.
Weaknesses: Has to wear contacts to see great, scared of spiders and bees.
Quirks: Taps feet and legs when nervous. Scratches his head when confused.
Habits: Likes to comb his hair alot. Likes to hum tunes to himself.
Best Class: Care of Magical Creatures
Worst Class: Transfiguration


Martha and James meet when they were in school. They just happened to go to the same coffee shop and James accidentally spilled his drink on Martha. He asked her if he could but her a drink to make up for his mistake and at first she said no. A few days later they were both at the cafe and she came up to him and asked if the offer for a free drink was still up and he said yes. After that they started to see each other. Martha found out that James was a wizard but she didn't care. They got married when they were nineteen and had Osric. Martha died during childbirth though and James became a single father.

Osric was a rambunctious kid when he was small and it never changed. He grew up with all the kids in his neighborhood liking him and never knowing he was a wizard which he was fine with. He didn't care if they knew or not but he figured it was something they best not know. When he was about eight he was attacked on a hiking trip. He hid from his father about the incident but his dad eventually found out. He got the best treatment for his son.

Right before he was eleven he father sat him down and explained that when he was eleven he would be getting a letter from a school for wizards called Hogwarts. Osric was excited that he would be going to a school with people who were special like him.

During his first few years Osric made quite a few friends and did well in his classes. He his the fact that he was a werewolf well but he suspects some of his close friends know something is different about him.


Mother: Martha Beringer, 20, Dead, Muggle
Father: James Beringer, 36, Alive, Halfblood
Siblings: None
Other family members: None. Father is estranged from them all.


Wand: 11'' Black Walnut, Phoenix Feather
Patronus: Otter
Animagus Form): NONE ATM
Animal: Ferret named Luca

House your character feels they should be in:

It was the big day. He would be going to Hogwarts. Sitting in his room looking at all of his belongings packed up and ready to go he thought about the different houses that he could be sorted into. There was Gryffindor but he honestly didn't think he could be as brave and adventerous as the rest and he didn't want anyone nosing into his business.

Ravenclaw seemed nice but he didn't feel like he was smart enough to match those in that house. It just didn't seem like him anyways. He loved to read but he wasn't a book worm.

As for Hufflepuff; well let just say he felt like he could be a part of them if only for the fact that he liked being out and about and exploring things. They certainly seemed to hold a lot of the same values as him. Loyalty and being there for people while being laid-back and easy-going.

As for Slytherin he didn't know. He felt like the only reason he would fit there is because he felt like his condition deserved him a place in that house although he felt that he didn't hold Slytherin in high regards because for the most part they weren't nice people.

He felt like he could belong in any of the houses but he didn't know which one best suited him.

Chosen house is: SLYTHERIN

Character is:

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Claire Bentley

Birthday : March 19th
Job : Deputy-Headmistress, Potions Professor and Head of Slytherin
House/Year : Head of Slytherin
Posts : 57

PostSubject: Re: Student - Osric Finn Beringer   Tue Mar 03, 2015 5:04 pm

Please send me an rp of your character being bitten.

It was a beautiful day out and Osric was going to enjoy it to the fullest. After telling his dad bye for the day and packing up the essentials he would need to his hiking trip and walked out the back door and into the woods that stretched for miles behind his house.
After a few hours he made it to the crags; a gangly group of crumbling rocks and sparse bushes. This was the hardest part of the trip as it was all uphill. It was okay though because after this it was back to his home again for a long shower.

Wiping his forehead with a towel he started to climb up the rocks. He had to make his way to the top and then around the other side so it would be slightly easier to get back home. About halfway up he heard strange noise. Looking around he saw nothing “Anyone there?” he asked; but no one answered. He almost felt like someone was watching him but there wasn’t anything there. Trying to shake the feeling he started back up the rocks when he heard a snarl and then there was something attacking him.

He had no clue what it was and at first he thought it was a wolf but it was fast and there was no way he could even fight it. It was too big and powerful for him to even hope. He tried to throw it off of him but it pinned his arms. Staring up at the creature scared him so bad. It fetid breathe made him want to hurl and he could see something dark surrounding its maw. It just stared at him and he had this growing feeling he was going to die and that he would be the next meal of the thing holding him down.

Drool was dripping down from its mouth and onto his cheek and he started to cry. That was when the beast stuck him. Striking like lightening he bite down on his shoulder hard. He thought he was going to die and in turn he pissed his pants. After biting him the wolf-like creature snarled at him and just ran off.

Osric just lay there in pain and looking down he saw blood and this horrible looking bite on his shoulder. It was a bit too much for him as he pulled his hand from his shoulder. Seeing the blood all over his hand he fainted.

Waking up many hours later he started to get up but his left should hurt too much. Looking down he saw there dried blood on his shirt and that it looked like an animal attacked him and then he remembered. Rolling over onto his good sides he curled his knees and scooted into a sitting position and sat there shocked and wondering. What the hell had happened and why wasn't he dead? He should have been and looking down at where his wound should be there was only scars. Not yet healed but not bleeding anymore. Standing up and he almost fell over from lightheaded. He honestly wasn't feeling good. What was that thing that had bitten him and what had it done to him.

Knowing he could not go back to the house looking like he was right now he gingerly peeled off his torn shirt and threw it into the bushes. Reaching into his pack he grimaced as he should felt the strain. Pulling out the shirt and putting it on hurt like hell but he had it done and over in a few minutes. Throwing his backpack over his good shoulder he made his way back to the house.

He was lucky enough that his dad wasn't there at the time and after taking a long bath he went to his bedroom and laid down. He could not get to sleep for the life of him and his shoulder was still hurting.

Please send a paragraph on your character's view of their condition.

Journal Entry #50
I was attacked by something today on my hike and it scares me. I have heard about things like the creature that attacked me and I fear it was the thing that I have heard about. I don’t want to say what it is because I know that if I do it will finalize in my head that what I fear is true.

I haven’t told dad about it yet because I don’t want him to worry about me yet. I know I should but I am scared. What is going to happen to me? Will it hurt? Will someone close to me become my next meal? I have been reading up on the creature and it just gives me chills.

Journal Entry #61
Dad doesn't know yet and I had my first full moon. I was scared to death. I don’t remember what happened. I know he will find out soon. There is no hiding it. Should I just tell him or keep it a secret as long as possible?

It was painful I know that. It felt like my body was being torn apart. I never want to feel that again but I know I will. Werewolf. It still scared him to say it and he knew it always would but there was no way around it. Waking up with no clothes on in the middle of nowhere with blood on him. What kind of monster was he and what did he do at those times.

Journal Entry #200
It has been a couple of years now and it still scares me. I take medicine which helps me be more aware of who I am but it is still scary. Dad knows and he has been trying to do the best for me that he can. He was a bit hurt that I never told him at first what happened. He understood why though and got over it after a while. I still don’t understand why this happened to me and maybe I never will. I don’t know who bit me and I don’t know why yet. Will they come back for me?

Journal Entry #250
School has been hard on me but I don’t think anyone knows yet. I met some new people. But then again it is like my first month there so why wouldn't he? I had my first transformation since being in school and it was just as much a hell as usual. To think I have to suffer with this for the rest of my life.

Journal Entry #300
I don’t think anyone knows what I am but I think some of my friends have started to suspect that there is something different about me. They notice things. They aren't stupid I can tell that and they may be slightly scared of me but they aren't letting it change their friendship towards me which is good but how long will that last?

Please send me a short bit on how their family has taken it.

James took it hard for a bit. His only son was cursed for the rest of his life. He has done everything he has to make his sons life better. He had him registered and made sure that no one knows about what his son is. He set up safety precautions up for his son. He makes sure he gets the medicine that he needs when the full moon is out. He still loves his son and won’t let anyone hurt him.

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Student - Osric Finn Beringer
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