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 Child - Saoirse Keeva

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Claire Bentley

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PostSubject: Child - Saoirse Keeva   Sat Feb 28, 2015 2:35 am

Basic Information;

Full Name; Saoirse Fiona Keeva (Sase)
Date of Birth; January 31
Age on September 1st; 10
Age on Next Birthday: 11
Blood Purity; Halfblood
Hometown; Cairne Valley, Ireland
Current Home; Leadenhall Market, London


Hair; Long, straight, dirty blond
Eye Color; Blue
Height; Short
Weight; Light
Body Type; She's got a dancer's build - small and skinny. During the summer, she's invariable got at least a dozen big bug bites (they swell up and get really big)
Dress Style; She likes loose, comfortable, yet pretty clothes. In the summer, she always wears sundresses or skirts.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); She has dimples.

Personality; Sase is as sweet as can be. She wouldn't hurt a fly - literally. Even though she generally has reason to, as they seem to bite her a lot, and bug tend to swarm her. Even when she sees a spider inside, which she's terrified of, she'll insist on someone putting it outside instead of squishing it. She is very delicate and bad at concealing her emotions, and has burst into tears before when her dad just squished the spider instead.

Sase has a lot of fears, though she copes with most of them pretty well. Her worst one, which she has the most trouble dealing with, is that she's terrified of social experiences. She gets really quiet when hanging out in a big group, and won't say a word unless pushed. When she's in a place with a lot of people, she often needs to escape for a breath of air for a few minutes or she feels almost claustrophobic She has trouble ordering at restraints or asking for help in stores, and needs her parents or Cai to do it for her. When alone (without her friends or family), she is utterly incapable of interacting. She draws into herself and doesn't say a word, no matter how hard someone pushes her. If they push her too far, she'll just curl up in the fetal position. The only people she can talk to one-on-one are Cai, Angel, her immediate family, and the rest of the Ahearnes. She's practically inseparable from Cai, and they act like the closest of twin sisters.

Sase isn't a genius, but she's pretty smart. She enjoys reading and works hard to learn things she wants to know, such as in the sciences so she can become a vet one day. She also loves exercising and moving around, and participates in a lot of sports with her friends. Sase loves animals and babies and anything cute. She enjoys dressing up, though she's reluctant to do so in public, save for performances. But she loves to get fancy dresses and dance around in them in her room.
Likes; dancing, violin, animals, the Ahearnes, Angelica, babies, her doctor kit, acrobatics, singing, fancy clothes, pretty and/or cute things, reading, learning
Dislikes; being the center of attention (though somehow that doesn't apply when on stage), being ill (which she is quite often), not being able to help people who need it, ordering at restraints and stores, being alone in social situations (without a family member or friend), being away from Cai for too long
Strengths; smart (not genius level, but intelligent), hardworking, sweet and kind, gentle, good with animals and little kids, open-minded, athletic, good at the violin and dancing
Weaknesses; shy, social situations scare her (especially if she's without family or friends to support her), scared of spiders, gets ill a lot (though not general anything big), doesn't deal well when she's away from Cai for too long, she doesn't know how to stand up for herself (or, really, anyone else), she has a lot of fears, she won't hurt anything even when she should, she gets bitten by mosquitoes a lot
Quirks; She's really shy, but is fine performing in front of people on stage (not to say she doesn't get stage fright before hand).
Habits; She reaches out to take a friend or family member's hand when in a stressful social situation.

Saoirse was born into a working class family in Ireland. Her father took whatever work he could find, be that at a factory or anything else. Her mother stayed at home. She made potions for relatively cheap for those who needed it. She also sold to muggles, saying it was 'medicine.' She didn't make much, but she helped a lot of people and she was able to be home for Sase.

Before she was born, Sase's parents had become fast friends with the Ahearnes, with her parents being regular customers at their pubs. Or rather, they were until Sase's mother fell pregnant and couldn't drink. But, at the same time, Abigail fell pregnant, and they spent a lot of time together getting through the pregnancies. In the end, Sase and Cai were born on the same day (though one was in the morning and the other in the evening).

The Ahearnes and Keevas wanted their daughters to be friends, and always had playdates for them when they were toddlers, and entered them into tumble-tots together. But they could not have expected how close they would become. By the age of five, they were practically inseparable, and Sase hated being away from her friend. Sase spent so much time at Cai's house that she really does view them as family, especially Eerika. Sase has been around her whole life, and views her as her little sister. With Cai's parents, she's always been on a first name basis, but sees them as second parents. With Cai, they were practically sisters. In fact, they look quite similar and are often mistaken for siblings, given how they act. In fact, they act closer than most siblings, like the closest of twins sisters.

At the age of three, things were falling apart in Cairne Valley, with the crime rate going up and the economy going down. So both families moved to Leadenhall. Their parents managed to find houses right next to each other, so Sase and Cai just have to run next door to see each other. Sase's mum continues to sell potions, and her dad works at the local gas works with Aiden. Neither family has much, but they have enough to get by.

Here, Cai and Sase started school together. Sase drew even closer to her friend, retreating from all the people that were suddenly around. Somehow, Cai grew truly popular, and they both befriended Angelica Jordan. Sase isn't quite as close to her as she is to Cai (though that's hard, given that Cai), but they are good friends. However, Sase doesn't have many others. She's popular by extension, because both Cai and Angelica are and Sase is always around them. But she'd never hang out with any of their other friends on her own, and is a lot quieter when they are around. But, despite Cai making so many friends, they remained as close as ever. Perhaps even more so as Sase relied on her to face the social experiences.

Sase has also become engaged in many extracurriculars, though never without one of her friends. And, if Cai's doing something, she's almost guaranteed to do it as well. She's into dancing, acrobatics, horse-riding, and several sports.

Sase's life with her literal, immediate family, has been good as well. Her mother is always home and attentive, and Sase adores her. Her mother's very good with her, and is the epitome of a protective, sweet, maternal mother. Sase has a tendency to get sick a lot (though not seriously), ever since she was little, and her mum always babies her when she is. Her father works as many hours as he can to help the family get by, but is generally home in the evenings and loves to play with her. They never have money to buy all the things she'd like, but her parents provide enough for her. Every year, for her and Cai's birthday, they save up with the Ahearnes to take them out to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Rosheen Keeva, 32, alive, muggleborn
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);  Doyle Keeva, 33, alive, muggle
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); she just found out that she has a baby brother on the way (Colin Keeva)
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); She sees the Ahearnes as family

Favorite toy: a kids doctor kit, with a working but plastic stethoscope, fake thermometer, and so on
Favorite and Worst food: Italian / Chinese Food are her favorites, and  cooked carrots are her worst (though she'll always try a new variation of it)
Favorite game or show: Her favorite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer (though her parents won't let her watch past the first several seasons). Her favorite game is playing doctor (in the kid sense, not the naughty sense)
Other; None
Animal; Two cats, both of which came from the same litter and which she named. They're both 5. One is a boy named Bandit, which is white with black spots, one of which is right over his left eye. He's got very long fur, and doesn't like anyone outside the family (the Ahearne's count as family, they're over often enough). The other is a girl named Moonshine, which is a black cat with one white spot on her throat. She's very furry, a bit small, and very sweet. She's nice to everyone, and has a very loud purr. But she clearly prefers the family as well, and purrs loudest for them.

In Character Point of View ...

What do you want to be when you are older? I want to be with Cai, and she wants to be a famous dancer. So I want to dance, too. Only, I don't think I'd do well with fame. I don't like being in the spotlight. And, if Cai did it with me, I'd love to be a vet and help all the animals.

If you could change one rule your family has what would it be? I'd change the rule that Cai and I can only have sleepovers on the weekends. We spend so much time together, it seems silly to have to go home for the night. And it's not like we don't go to the same school, anyways. If I got a second rule, I'd change the one about only having two pets at once.

How would the world be different if animals could talk? I'm not sure, but I think it would be awesome. I bet they'd be really interesting and sweet and fun.

What is the hardest thing about being a child? Not being able to help people. If I was older I could do all kinds of things. Like, dad helped someone push their car when it got stuck the other day. And mum made a potion for someone who was really ill. I wish I was big enough to do things like that.

Character is:

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Child - Saoirse Keeva
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