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 Adult - Honoria Wood

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PostSubject: Adult - Honoria Wood   Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:26 am

Basic Information;

Full Name; Honoria (Ria) Astrix Wood
Title; Ms.
Date of Birth; December 18
Age; 18
Blood Purity; Pureblood
Hometown; Westminster, London
Current Home; London (she lives with Ophelia Weasley)
Job; She’s in a band with Ophelia

Appearance; She’s a metemorphagus, so all of this can change. However, this is her normal form, which she generally sticks with, apart from a few modifications.

Hair; dark brown, moderately long, slightly wavy
Eye Color; dark brown
Height; Pretty tall for a girl at 5’10’’
Weight; Pretty light for someone so tall, at about 130 pounds
Body Type; She’s got an athletic build – pretty skinny and slightly muscular
Dress Style; She likes to dress in bright clothes. A lot of the time her outfits clash since she just tries to put on as many bright colors as possible. Her clothes also tend to be slightly tight and revealing. However, she does have a sense of fashion and can look good when she wants to.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); She has a tattoo on the back of her left shoulder of a brightly colored butterfly

Personality; Honoria is a free-spirited girl who lives by the motto that you can do whatever you want, as long as you’re willing to accept responsibility for it. She doesn’t do what she’s expected merely because she’s expected to do it. She is rather spontaneous and will do things with no warning – like ask someone to fly to Paris with her in the next hour. She’s not much for making plans, and would rather just take things as they come. She’s a very emotional girl who is slightly prone to over-reacting – the smallest things will make her extremely excited or burst out in tears. However, it’s less that she thinks it’s a big deal and more that she doesn’t mind reacting strongly to things. She also doesn’t mind letting people know how she feels, and will speak her mind. She also puts a lot of her feeling into her music, and tends to make it personal. Whatever she does, she does with passion and puts the whole of herself into it – her thoughts are always where she is, not thinking about the past or the future to what she wants to do later. She finds joy in the little things in life, and can have fun doing just about anything.

While Ria cherishes her own freedom to do whatever she wants (as long as she’s willing to accept the consequences), she also respects the same right in others. This makes her an exceptional listener. While she always has an opinion, she doesn’t give advice unless it’s requested. She merely listens to what your problems are, and asks questions about what you want to do, and encourages you to do what you want or think is right. She isn’t judgmental in the slightest, unless you do something truly horrid like killing someone just because you find it fun. And she respects your right to make your own choices, even if she doesn’t personally agree with them.
Likes; flying, music, singing, playing instruments, Ophelia, little kids, her family, art, romantic things
Dislikes; people who expect you to do whatever you’re told, being constrained, quiet, having to hide what she’s thinking
Strengths; She’s a talented flier and a great musician. She’s very honest with herself and, generally, others – but not to the extent that she lacks tact. She’s a good listener. She’s a good story-teller. She’s good with kids.
Weaknesses; If she can stop herself from using her metemorphagus abilities whenever she’s remotely emotional, she doesn’t try, and this makes her an open book. She will do literally anything for those she loves. She doesn’t really make plans or worry about the future or do things she doesn’t want to, which can lead to problems when it comes to things like paying rent. She can be rather over emotional.
Quirks; Because she firmly believes that the journey is more important than the destination, she never apparates unless it’s an emergency. Whenever she can get away with it, she prefers to fly places. Failing that, she’ll walk or take muggle transportation. Instead of doodling when bored, she writes song lyrics. Similairly, if it’s quite, she’ll start humming, and maybe even play an air guitar.
Habits; When she’s playing and sometimes even when she’s just listening to music, her appearance changes a lot. It looks like a performance stunt, with the color of her hair changing with the mood of the music or even pulsing to the beat. But the truth is, she let’s everything go when she plays, and lets the music overtake her – which means she also looses control of her abilities.

Ria learned to talk rather late. Since she was born changing her appearance to fit her mood, that was how she communicated for a long time – her skin color informed her parents of how she felt and what she needed. Therefore, she didn’t felt the need to learn to talk, until she was two and began to realize that she was worrying her parents. But it didn’t take her long after that, since she did understand the meaning of words – that was how she understood others, since those around her could hardly change their appearance to tell her what they meant. But, until then, she worried her parents enough that they made some effort to be home with her – especially her mother.

However, once Ria started to behave a little more normally, her parents went into full-throated work mode. Both of them are professional Quidditch players, and they spent a lot of time traveling to play. Even when they didn’t have a game, they spent most of their time at practices, or practicing at home with each other. Therefore, they hired a nanny to help look after Ria. A lot of the time, her nanny would take her to see her parents’ games, and Ria soon began to enjoy the sport. Especially since her parents encouraged her to play herself. However, it was never an obsession for her, like it was for her parents – it was just something she enjoyed doing. Her true love were the arts – especially music. She inherited her mother’s talent for singing, but took it much farther. She was already playing by the time she went to Hogwarts, and already writing decent songs by the age of 13. By the time she was 15, she’d formed a band with Ophelia. Now, she plays professionally.

Growing up, Ria didn’t have many friends since she didn’t go to a muggle school (her nanny taught her anything she needed to know), and spent so much traveling. Plus, the families she normally hung out with (George and Angelina Weasley and the Jordans) didn’t have kids. Nor did her own parents have any more kids for several years. She did see the other Weasleys occasionally, but didn’t really get to know any of them until she started hanging out with Ophelia at school. After that, the two instantly bonded and spent most of their time together. They started dating when she was sixteen. They got serious and extremely close very fast, after that.

When Honoria was five, her first sibling was born. She took to it immediately. She wasn’t really jealous of the attention her younger siblings received, since her parents did make an effort to make time for her, as well. Instead, she just enjoyed entertaining them with her music or stories. After her first sibling, Quaffle, was born, many more soon followed until she had five younger siblings: three brothers and two sisters. As Ria got older, she soon got put on babysitting duty whenever the nanny wasn’t able to come over, but Ria didn’t really mind – she loved kids, especially her own siblings. When the family friends – the Jordans and George/Angelina Weasley – started having kids, she often baby-sitted for them as well.

Spouse; None, though she’s dating Ophelia Weasley pretty seriously
Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Alicia Wood Nee Spinnet, 38, alive, pureblood
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Oliver Wood, 40, alive, pureblood
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Quaffle Wood, 13, ALIVE, Pure-Blood
Glynnis Wood, 11, ALIVE, Pure-Blood
Benjy Wood, 9, ALIVE, Pure-Blood
Gregory Wood, 6, ALIVE, Pure-Blood
Gwendolyn Wood, 3, alive pureblood
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); N/A

Wand; unicorn hair core, willow wood, 11 inch, flexible
Patronus; a songbird
Animagus Form (if they have one); N/A
Animal; Queen, a great-horned owl
Former School; Hogwarts
House they were in at Hogwarts (if they went); Hufflepuff

Metemorphagus Information

1. How old was Honoria when she first showed her power?

She has been able to change her appearance (though without control) essentially since she was born.

2. Which side of the family did Honoria gain her Metemorphagus power from?

It comes from her father’s side. His mother’s mother’s father was a metemorphagus.

3. Is she able to change her whole body or just parts of it?

She can change any part of her body. However, what changes the easiest (and most often when she looses control) are colors (of her hair, her eyes, or her skin).

4. How do her parents feel about her being a Metemorphagus?

When she was really young, her being a metemorphagus really worried her parents. When she was an infant, her skin color would change depending on her mood and her need – she’d turn green when she felt ill, red when she was angry, extremely white when she was hungry, pink when she just wanted to be held, yellow when she was happy, blue when she was sleepy, pitch black when she was sad, orange when she wanted to play, and so on. Therefore, her parents always knew what she needed, and Honoria never felt the need to learn to talk. It wasn’t until she was two that Honoria realized how concerned this made her parents, and she began to put in the effort to learn. Since then, her parents are rather ambiguous about her abilities – it’s just a part of her. However, they do worry that she’ll get herself hurt by being such an open book (she doesn’t really put much effort into controlling her ability).

5. Next please write a paragraph or two of Honoria either first showing the power or for the first time transforming a part of her at will.

An eight-year-old Honoria was staring herself down in the mirror. Unfortunately, her reflection seemed just as determined as she was, and made no response. Honoria’s lips twitched at her own thoughts, of thinking of the reflection as someone else entirely, and saw the reflection do the same. But her amusement faded fast, replaced by impatience. She wanted red blue hair! She liked her hair blue. But she’d never been able to change her appearance at will before. She supposed she could just ask her Nanny to cast a spell to change it, but that seemed like cheating. She had to learn how to control her gift at some point, anyways.

So she continued to stand there, desperately trying to locate the mental muscles that allowed her to shift appearance. She’d done so accidently enough times that she figured it couldn’t be too hard to locate the key. She was wrong. She stood in her room for an hour, staring into the mirror. Until finally – finally! – it was like a switch flipped in her mind and her hair quickly turned into a bright, sky-blue. Honoria grinned, and let out a shriek of excitement that sent her Nanny running upstairs to her room. In fact, Honoria’s was so thrilled that her hair once again went through a change and came out red. Honoria had to laugh as her hard work went out the window. But now she knew how to initiate the change, it no longer seemed hard. Kind of like when she’d learned to raise one eyebrow – once she’d figured it out, she hardly had to think about it to do it again. So her panicked nanny entered the room to find a laughing Honoria with her hair gradually going through the colors of the rainbow.

Character is:

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Adult - Honoria Wood
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