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 Adult - Evangeline Blackwood

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Claire Bentley

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PostSubject: Adult - Evangeline Blackwood   Fri Feb 20, 2015 9:29 am

Basic Information;

Full Name; Evangeline Blackwood
Date of Birth; December 1, 1985
Age on September 1st: 32
Age on Next Birthday: 33
Blood Purity; Half-blood
Hometown:Edenbridge, Kent
Current Home; London
Job; Astronomy Professor


Hair; Black, Long length, other up or pulled back
Eye Color; Grey
Height; 5,8
Weight; 125
Body Type; Tall, skinny with slight curves
Dress Style; Dark, and Sophisticated
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); Has a Tattoo of a Rose on her right Wrist. Scars across her back.


Around strangers and students Eva is very guarded and rarely lets down her guard or professional attitude. However her passion for Astronomy sometime shines through her tight guard a little, it is these times everyone can tell how much she loves her job.

Around people who know her and she trusts she is a little more softer and more inclined to let them past her guard. She is a very kind person underneath to those she cares about and would bo anything for them if they needed help. However if one should hurt her and break this trust it is very hard to get it back. In short Eva isn't very forgiving of people who hurt her if it was a accident or otherwise. She can be very cold to those who have broken her trust and could say very hurtful things to them in effort to push them away.

Eva was in a very abusive home when she was a child, and that to stemmed her trust issues, she vowed if anyone hurt her like that again they wouldn't do so twice. Her love of space came from her bad home life as a child as there wasn't nearly anything worth admiring in her world on earth, so she looked to the sky.

Gothic style

Cruelty to others


Physically Weak
To Guarded

Sleep walks and talks in her sleep.

Hums songs when she thinks she is alone

Evangeline was born in Edenbridge Kent to Audrey and Nathan Blackwood, she father wasn't home when her mother when in to labour and she ended up being born at home on her parents bed. Her parents were rather poor at the time of her birth and at a tense time of her parents marriage. Her father had issues that he refused to get help for other then his own self medication that came out of a liquor bottle. Her mother tried to protect her from her fathers wrath with he drank to much and to have herself get hurt. And it became more and more regular..
As Eva grew older she remain a very meek child, always trying to be good and never to disturb her father when he was in a mood. Sometimes she would see her mother muttering hopeful prayers to herself by a window sometimes... could only see sadness in her mothers eyes then. She often wondered if the stars granted her mother any comfort...

When she was Seven her mother was with a child again, and her father left a little while, she didn't know where he went and if she was honest it was a relief to not have him around always yelling at her.. and putting her down and of course hurting her mother all the time. Eventually her mother gave birth to her little brother Jonathan with the help of a midwife this time. She had to wait out in the hall while it happened. But she loved her brother the moment she laid eyes on him.. She kept watch over him as her mother rested, the midwife ever showed how to change his diaper.. Not the most fun thing to do, but she wanted to help her mother as much as she could..

Some time later her father did return.. and for a time he seemed like a new and better man, more patient and not so short with her. It even came to a point Eva thought her father finally started to love her. But her peace was short lived when he started drinking again and tried to hurt Jonathan when he wouldn't stop crying. Her mother tried to stop him and he hurt her to knocking her against a wall and making her bleed.. in fact they had to called healers later that night when there seemed to be something very wrong with her mother since she wasn't breathing right and had blood leaking out her ears.

Her mother was to be kept at the hospital for several days to be observed so it was only Johnathan, her self, and her father who was a mess...
Eva did all she could to take care of her little brother and not make her father mad.. but it happen eventually, her father stuck her for "talking back" to him when she was simply crying and trying to help care for her brother.

She couldn't have been happier when her mother returned, but it seemed she was not the same either. She only ever took care of Jonathan and never let the baby out of her sight or arms for that matter and she barely spoke a word to anyone. Nathan seemed reluctant to to push the woman who was already broken and could be pushed no more unless he planned to kill her. This however didn't mean he couldn't hurt her.. So for a while she became her fathers valve for his frustrations and she to began to withdraw from the world looking to the stars much like her mother did those years ago.. then her love of the sky bloomed.. she read about every star and about the moon, Sun and plants.. to think there were more worlds out there then the one she was on was wonderful to her.. and many times she wished she could be on one.

Then she turned 11 and it seemed her wish came true.. she would be going to hogwarts, actually living there.. away from her home.. away from her father and broken mother. Before she left however as a condition to being allowed to go her father made her promise not to tell her Professors what happened at home, as it was none of their business. Between the choice of not going or keeping her mouth shut she obeyed and never said a word about what went on at home. Though as the years past, she would certainly wish she had.

Upon being sorted into Ravenclaw Eva flourished in the academic area of the school, had a few friends not many, and she usually held them at arms length. Being friendly and helping them out when it was called for.. She however never told them about her life at home.. about how bad her father was or anything. But the year she turned 16 and she started her 6 year is when it came out. It had been a hard summer out of hogwarts.. Her father lost his job and they were struggling to put food on the table, Eva even got a job to help keep herself and Jonathan fed and it worked for a bit but her father was quickly angered by her helping out and injured her quite severely before realizing he had gone to far and leaving her a healing potion on her bedside table and leaving Jonathan to take care of her..

She returned to hogwarts weak and not fully healed despite her best mask and trying to hide it her friends grew concerned and started asking questions, but she avoided them not wanting to risk them finding out and making things worse.. But one day during class she collapsed and was brought to the hospital wing and the years of abuse was soon discovered by the school nurse upon examination.

In the months that followed her home was investigated her father majorly and brought to trail for abuse and she was aske to prosecute. She agreed but only so long as they could promised she and her the rest of her family could be safe from this ever happening again. The Aurors promised and she took the stand and told the court what her home life was like with her father around. Then it finally happened her father was put away, though not for as long as she would like but it was something. He was also supposed to under go medical treatment while in prison, her father apparently had a emotional disorder that made him uncontrollably violent. Him drinking as he did only made it worse.

Eva thought it was over they could rebuild there life she got a job at the ministry after graduation at Hogwarts. Investigation different mythologies and Astronomy and how they related to magic. It was her dream job and she was able to afford good school things for Jonathan who was just starting Hogwarts and was sorted into Hufflepuff. Thing were going well for once she even started coming out of her shell at work and started dating someone Ciaran McConn, a good man, honorable, gentle all she wanted in a man. They were thinking of getting married when tragedy struck her life again, her brother had died.. Killed by an angry drunk man.

Eva was devastated, her brother was dead cause one man could not control himself and her mind flashed back to her childhood with her father. Her brother didn't deserve such a fate, his childhood was full of enough sadness.. It wasn't fair and she wanted revenge on the man that was responsible he was found and brought to trial. During the trial the man asked Eva to forgive him, and that he was very sorry for what he did to her brother. But there was not amount of forgiveness in her heart for him and she denied any forgiveness or ever. The man was convicted and sent to prison for 25 years.. One would hope that was the end of it, for Eva it was not..

Even though she returned to work and the world moved on Eva couldn't shake the coldness in her heart she didn't know how.. or maybe she didn't want to. With regret she broke up with Ciaran promising they could remain friends but she just didn't have it in her to love like she once did. Her heart and faith in humanity were to broken to pursue it and it wouldn't have been fair to Ciaran to drag him with her. Ciaran protested the idea, saying they could still work eventually when all this was worked out. But Eva was adamant that she couldn't do it and she wouldn't. Reluctantly and likely with a broken heart of his own, Ciaran agreed they could be friends.

Eva continued to work at the ministry in the research and development department for several years, going between work and taking care of her mother who was suffering from depression. Emotional disorders seemed to plague her family it seemed, but she made sure her mother was on proper treatment and seemed to be copping with more good days then bad.

One day while at work, a co worker told her about a opening for astronomy professor at Hogwarts. It was a intriguing idea, teaching something she loved to others.. it would certainly be a change of pace.. After some thought Eva applied for the position, she didn't know if she would get it.. and truth be told she was really fine at the ministry.. but teaching just became her new dream job.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Audrey Blackwood, 58 Alive and Halfblood
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Nathan Blackwood, 65 , Alive and Muggleborn
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Jonathan Blackwood, Dead, (Died at the age of 16) Halfblood
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); N/A

Wand; 10.5, Oak, Unicorn hair, Flexible
Patronus;A Bluebird
Animagus Form (if they have one);N/A
Former School; Hogwarts
House they were in at Hogwarts (if they went); Ravenclaw

Character is:

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Adult - Evangeline Blackwood
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