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 Child - Peter Bryans

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Claire Bentley

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PostSubject: Child - Peter Bryans   Sat Feb 14, 2015 9:39 pm

Basic Information;

Full Name; Peter Bryans
Date of Birth; April 18th
Age on September 1st: 10
Age on Next Birthday: 11
Blood Purity; Muggleborn
Hometown; Bath, England
Current Home; Bath, England


Hair; Peter has longish, for a boy, hair which is a mixture between blonde and brown and has got darker with age.
Eye Color; Dark brown eyes.
Height; Average
Weight; Average
Body Type; Peter is short and stocky with a pinkish skin tone.
Dress Style; Peter tends to dress neatly and smartly and always looking presentable.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); N/A

Personality; Peter is a shy, quiet boy with a steady even temperament who finds it hard to express himself. He has lots of thoughts and ideas but is not sure how to voice them. He struggles with self-esteem issues and hates the spotlight. He does not really know how to stand up for himself which leads to him often getting lost in the crowd. He is a smart boy who gets good grades at school. He also loves science fiction, marvel and lord of the rings. He tends to enjoy superheroes because he dreams that one day he could be like them and save the world. For a shy boy with no friends having the world love him seemed pretty great. Peter likes his siblings but gets overwhelmed by crowds and has always been too shy to voice to Mason how much he admires him. Peter gets bullied badly at school but has never told his parents as he worries they would not believe him. Plus the fact he often feels forgotten and lonely keeps him from wanting to share stuff even with his parents.
Likes; science fiction, lord of the rings, marvel, superheroes, reading, getting good grades, writing his own stories, reading science books, doing cryptic crosswords, learning new things, doing his homework, when people are proud of him. Dinosaurs, fossils, Geology, paleontology.
Dislikes; When he gets forgotten or lost in the crowd, feeling lonely, when he cannot bring himself to do something he wants to, when he gets picked last for sports, when the boys at school bully him.
Strengths; Peter is a smart hard-working boy who likes to do well. He is an understanding, open-minded and compassionate.
Weaknesses; He is very shy, gets overwhelmed by large groups and cannot stand up for himself.
Quirks; He ties a blanket around his neck and wears it as a cape when he is in the privacy of his room.
Habits; He chews the end of his thumb nail when keeping from saying something.

Sarah and Ari were proof that opposites attracted. Sarah was not overly intelligent, and was fanatical Christian conservative who believed no one should have abortions or even use contraceptives, that other religions were evil (especially Jews since they killed Christ), that women should be house-wives, and homosexuals were sinful. Ari, meanwhile, was a Jewish liberal who was very open-minded and questioning and very intelligent. Yet none of that mattered when they fell in love, and both accepted each other. However, they started having kids almost immediately (as Sarah’s beliefs said they should), and they started having problems with the first pregnancy, as they fought over how they should raise their kids. They began to hate each other for their differences, and how they treated the kids. It wasn’t uncommon for the sound of fighting to be heard throughout the house. But Sarah did not believe in divorce, so they kept having kids – many of them.

Sarah wanted to raise them as good Christians, with all of her views on life. She wanted them to go to church every Sunday, to fear God, and to never talk back to authority. Ari wanted to raise them with the option of Judaism, but to allow them to find their own way. He wanted to let them question, and figure things out for themselves. They wound up striking a delicate balance. Sarah could make them all go to Church every Sunday, but they also had the option of going to Temple on Saturdays (though Mason was the only one who took them up on that offer with any kind of regularity). Their mother could lecture them and teach them all their values, but their dad could put forth other ideas and encourage them to think for themselves and form their own conclusions. In the end, being a stay-at-home mother, Sarah had the greater influence and more time to convince the children of her perspective. But Peter admired his older brother so much that he often turned to Mason for advice over his parents.

Peter was roughly in the middle of ten children and another on the way. Peter felt himself lost in the crowd quite a bit and very lonely despite the fact he had so many siblings. He admired Mason the most and longed to be closer to him but was too shy to approach him often. His mother was a stay at home mother, and did her best to take care of her many children. She was loving and caring, though strict. And her time was always divided between many of them. Peter was not particularly close to either of his parents and because of his shy, quiet nature often found himself being forgotten. His dad was a computer programmer, and made a decent wage that supported their large family, but was still home every evening. Peter felt so lonely and often forgotten as a child that he pulled away from both religions of his parents and believes neither.

Peter did not really make any friends at school because he found it hard to interact with people and found social situations confusing. At home he found his sheer number of siblings overwhelming and was too shy to really form a bond with any of them. Peter spent most of his time in his bedroom avoiding the noise and bustle of the house and the arguments of his parents. He gravitated towards the same sort of things Mason liked, wanting to share that with him, but never quite getting up the courage to do so. As no-one went in his bedroom it was never really know what he liked. He especially liked lord of the rings and marvel.

Peter started showing signs of magic as a lot of young children do. He recognized the symptoms as the same as he heard about with Mason. However scared about what his parents would say he has kept the signs a secret. Peter often wanted to write to his brother but felt scared his brother would not want to hear from him. So he has kept to himself, feeling isolated and alone, and spending all his time in his bedroom. Doing his homework, reading, watching his small TV or pretending to be a superhero.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Sarah Bryans
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Ari Bryans
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Noah Bryans, 18, alive, muggle
Miriam Bryans, 17, alive, muggle
Mason Bryans, 15, alive, wizard
Eve Bryans, 13, alive, muggle
Mary Bryans, 12, alive, muggle
Abraham Bryans, 8, alive, muggle
Rachel Bryans, 6, alive, muggle
Philip Bryans, 5, alive, muggle
John-James Bryans, 2, alive, muggle
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); N/A

Favorite toy: He has a set of figurines of marvel superheroes - Thor, Ironman, Antman etc - that he is very fond of and keeps on their own special shelf.
Favorite and Worst food: Mash Potato // Pickles
Favorite game or show: His favourite show is 'Adventures of Ant-Man'
Other; N/A
Animal; N/A

In Character Point of View ...

What do you want to be when you are older? I either want to be a superhero or a paleontologist. That means someone who works with dinosaurs. I would get to earn money for researching dinosaurs and digging up fossils and imagining what the earth was once like.

If you could change one rule your family has what would it be? I would change the rule that means we have to go to Church. If it was an optional thing then I might like it but the fact we have to go means its hard to enjoy it.

How would the world be different if animals could talk? I could get myself a costume and become Ant-Man. I could go out and talk to the ants and they would become my friends and when the bullies are mean to me my ant friends would bite them.

What is the hardest thing about being a child? I feel like I am one of so many children that my parents forget me. I get lost in the crowds and sometimes even my birthday gets missed. My parents try so hard but its just impossible to share your attention so many different ways and I feel like being shy means I get lost.

Character is:

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Child - Peter Bryans
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