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 Adult Luke Edward Jones

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Claire Bentley

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PostSubject: Adult Luke Edward Jones   Sat Feb 14, 2015 5:04 am

Basic Information;

Full Name; Luke Edward Jones
Title; Mr.
Date of Birth; January 6
Age on September 1st: 18
Age on Next Birthday: 19
Blood Purity; Muggleborn
Hometown; He was born in , Ireland, and lived in Cairne Valley, Ireland for a while. But he considers Aughrim, County Wicklow, Ireland to be his hometown.
Current Home; Covent Garden, Longon
Job; Actor. He's doing a job for the cops, but also has side jobs.


Hair; dirty blond
Eye Color; brown
Height; average
Weight; skinny but muscular
Body Type; He's got the strong build of someone who's spent years working on a farm. Yet he looks very youthful, and can seem several years younger than he is when he wants to.
Dress Style; Baggy, ripped jeans, a loose top, and boots, sometimes overalls. He still dresses like a farmer. But his wardrobe obviously varies widely for work.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); Remarkable, he has almost no scars from his early childhood. The only scar he does have is from an accident with his tractor, a thin line on the back of his hand.

Personality; For the most part, Luke is very genuine and open.  He tries to be honest whenever he can, and answers any question put to him. He is kind and caring, and always wants to be helpful. He feels very deeply, and is extremely passionate. He loves to act, to sing, to farm, and to work on his tractor. He loves his family and, above all, he loves Hannah. He has some trouble expressing himself, but can do so when pushed. And, failing that, he resorts to music. He's patient and open-minded and always willing to hear another point of view, though that's not to say he'll accept it. He believes that true friends are hard to find, and once you do you should never distrust them, and always take them at their word.

Luke can also be rather childish and impulsive. He tends to just do things without really thinking them through, and has trouble resisting temptation. He loves to joke and tease people - perhaps too much. He's great with kids, is very creative, and enjoys just playing games and having fun. He loves sports: both playing them and watching them.

Luke tends to view problems differently than other people, because of his troubled past. He doesn't really sweat the small things and thinks small solutions will 'fix it.' However, he is determined to try and fix all problems. He wants so much to be happy now. He also tends to be rather overprotective, and can be rather jealous when it comes to Hannah. He lives in fear of someone he cares about getting hurt, and would blame himself if they did. He thinks it's his job to protect the people he loves. Actually, Luke lives in fear of a lot of things. He's especially scared of turning into his dad, which makes him rather nervous about his coming marriage.

However, Luke also has a darker side. He does everything in his power to hide both this, and his past before the Jones'. That is the one thing he will lie for. In most things, he doesn't care what people think of him. But this, he wishes to hide even from himself. At times, he's a bit of a sadist. There are times when he not only doesn't care that other people are in pain, but gets off on it a little. Sometimes he doesn't even mind pain himself. This totals up to him being a bit of a sadomasochist, not that he'd ever let Hannah know that. Most of the time, he never acts on any of this, but can be rather cold and calculating. However, this side of him seems to come and go, and he does everything he can to bury it as deep as possible and never lets anyone see it.
Likes; kids, the farm, the open out-doors, acting, music, song-writing, the guitar, singing, helping, exercising, most any sport, tractors, joking around, cooking, Hannah, Hannah's films, movies, plays, his family
Dislikes; shopping, people talking while he's concentrating, not having control, being powerless, pedophiles (not that many people do like them, but he loathes them with a vengeance). Lying (though he will if he has to), when other guys flirt with Hannah, when Hannah gets a role that involves romance - especially more explicit films. Being away from the farm too long.
Strengths; He's good with kids, he's athletic, he knows everything there is to know about farms and tractors. He is very caring, and is generally sweet, helpful, and accommodating. He's a good cook, he's a good actor, and he's good with music. He's very good at not caring what other people think. He's a good liar, even if he doesn't like it, and can hide most anything if he sets his mind to it. He is good with people.
Weaknesses; He's got a lot of fears: he's afraid of people he cares about getting hurt, he's afraid of his past, he's scared of being like his birth father, he's scared of his darker side, and he's terrified of his birth-dad and his old gang. He can be rather childish, simplistic, teasing. He's impulsive and has a hard time resisting temptation. He's prone to jealousy and overprotectiveness (though he tries not to). He doesn't always think before he speaks, and has a tendency to be rather profane. He has a darker side. He has a tendency to take things personally and to blame himself when things go wrong.
Quirks; He cleans his tractor to relax.
Habits; He messes up his hair when nervous or anxious.

Luke was born to a father that was a sadistic psychopath who seemed to get uncontrollable urges to hurt people. For the first few years of his life, Luke had no idea. His dad wasn't particularly loving, but he made an effort to seem it. His mum was rather distant as well, and always seemed to be on the brink of tears. So, when his little sister (Diamond) was born, Luke immediately became attached to her as the only family member who really seemed to care deeply for him. And she certainly did adore him, and trusted him with all her heart. Even as a baby, she responded more to his presence than that of either of his parents.

But things started to fall apart when Luke was six. His mum disappeared. One day she was there, and the next morning he woke up and she was gone. He never really knew why, but as he grew older he began to suspect that his father had been abusing her. For, not long after she left, he turned on him instead. Luke's father was not like most abusive or violent parents. He didn't hit him when drunk or angry. He didn't assault him. What he did do was literally tortured Luke with no provocation or reason of any kind - he simply found it fun. But he was careful. He rarely left marks, and never one that could be seen with even so little as a bathing suite on.

Luke missed a lot of school because he was 'sick.' But he never told anyone. The deal he had with his father was that he would never tell and he would never fight. In exchange, his father would never lay a finger on Diamond. When Luke was ten, his father broke this promise. Luke knew his little sister well and he instantly knew what had happened. That night, he packed a couple of backpacks, grabbed his sister, and fled. They got as far from their dad as they could, walking and taking busses when they could.

From then on, Luke and Diamond were condemned to lives on the streets. They found themselves in a very rough neighborhood. There, the only way to survive was to join a gang. Luke managed to find the most vicious gang there was. It provided them with the most protection, but that wasn't the real reason. After four years of living with his dad, he was hardly healthy. Not in the physical sense - his dad had done no permanent damage. But he was a little screwed up in the head. And, at ten years old, the gang not only allowed him to feel powerful for the first time in his life, but he also simply enjoyed it. He did a lot of bad things in those years, that he later regretted. He hurt people. And not just in normal fist-fights with other gangs - he seriously hurt them.

But, when he was twelve, this all changed. Diamond disappeared. Luke looked everywhere for her, but couldn't find her. Until she turned up dead. He found out when he was brought into questioning by the police. From them, he learned that his nine-year-old sister had been raped to death. Seeming convinced that he was guilty, they told him far more about the MO than they should have, and Luke recognized it. It was someone from his own gang. Luke's gang was very diverse, ranging in age from 10 to 40. It was the oldest man who had kidnapped her.

Luke, ignoring the fact that he was really only a kid, wanted to deal with it himself. Diamond had trusted him to look out for her, and he considered her to be his responsibility to keep safe. Not to mention the fact, that she was the only person who genuinely seemed to care about him - and vice versa.

But the investigation changed hands to Kyle Jones, who seemed to realize that Luke knew who it was. Without a lawyer, Jones was able to hold Luke indefinitely to stop him from going after the man. Finally realizing this, Luke went for the second best option available: he told the cops. In fact, he gave them a lot of information, testifying against many of the ring-leaders in the gang. Enough so that they were able to cripple the gang for years. In exchange, Luke got immunity.

Kyle Jones must have seen something in Luke that gave him hope for the boy, as he asked his own brother to adopt him. And his brother and sister-in-law must have, as well, as they actually agreed. Kyle had moved to the city to work as a cop, leaving his younger brother to work on the farm they'd inherited. It was to this decent chunk of land that Luke was sent, to live with his new adopted father, Jack. Jack had married a young woman who had been a counselor before moving to the farm after meeting him. Together, they'd already had three young children by the time Luke joined them.

Luke was seriously scarred. He'd gone through four hard years with his father, then he'd lived on the streets as a member of a vicious gang for two years, and then he'd lost his sister (the one person he treasured above all else) to a vicious murder. But life with the Jones' seemed to be good for him. He had a soft spot for children, perhaps something that came from looking after a younger sister. He seemed to be a completely different person with the kids. He also seemed to love the stretch of land. He actually enjoyed helping his adopted father. So much so that his gift on his 16th birthday wasn't a car, but his own tractor, which he loved as much as he would a person.

Also, along with the ability to find quiet and to play with kids, his new mother was immensely helpful. She was very good at her job as a therapist, before she turned to farm life. She was always there for Luke to help him talk through things. She also helped him to find other ways to deal with things and express himself. She was the one who got him into music and acting. He started out just playing the guitar, and wrote his own songs (though the songs weren't the best). But he rather enjoyed it, and he had a good voice. So he soon picked up the drums as well. And acting... well, acting became his passion.

By the age of 15, after three years with the Jones', Luke had become almost a completely different person from when Kyle found him on the streets. He was caring and helpful and sweet. He still had his darker side, but he hated it and kept it hidden. He came to rather love life on the farm, for the last three years he spent there. He spent as much time helping on the farm as possible, and spent a lot of time with his siblings, as well. He was also homeschooled by his mother in muggle subjects and his uncle in magic. Part of why Kyle had wanted Luke adopted by the Jones' was that he was a wizard himself, and saw magic in Luke and wanted to be able to help him. So, between them, he managed to catch up with the studies most people his age took. Yet he never had to leave the farm, which had done him so much good.

Luke was always treated like one of the family. He wanted to pretend his past had never happened, and always told people that the Jones' were his family and acted as though he had spent his whole life with them. Most of the time he just did this with implication, but would lie when he had to. His parents understood, as long as he talked to his mum when he needed to. So they allowed the charade. Plus, it wasn't until more recently that they really saw many people, given that they didn't exactly live in the city. So the only one of his siblings that is really old enough to remember that he didn't live with them all along is Jeanette. But she loves him enough that she does her part to keep the secret.

At the age of 18, Luke left the farm to start his own career. Much as he loved farming, his passion for acting exceeded even that and he desperately wanted to pursue it. So he moved to London, and soon got a couple of small gigs. He also met Emmett and Ash, whom he gets along well with. They share a passion for mechanics, though Luke's is mostly limited to tractors. He divided his time up between acting, hanging out with his friends, and apparating back home to spend time on the farm.

He also got a job with the cops, which he loves. It makes him feel like he can help save people like his sister. And, when trying out for the job, he met a girl. Hannah Heartley. He asked her out, and they soon fell in love. She got the same job he had. Ironically, the same thing he loved for himself, he hated for her. He couldn't stand the thought that something might happen and that he would loose her in the same way he had Diamond. That he would fail to protect her, as well. He's relieved that she's finally quit. And, after he almost lost her, he did a lot of thinking. Until, finally, he proposed.

Now, he has three good friends, an awesome family, a fiancee, and a boatload of fear.

Spouse; Engaged to Hannah Heartley
Children; None
Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);Birth mother: Evelyn Mills, 43, alive, muggle
Adopted Mother: Katherine Jones, 34, alive, muggle
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Birth Father: Paul Mills, 49, alive, muggle
Adopted Father: Jack Jones, 35, alive, muggle
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Birth Sister: Diamond Mills, died at 10 but would be 15 today, muggle
Adopted Siblings:
Jeannette Jones, 9, alive, muggle
Simon Jones, 8, alive, muggle
Lilly Jones, 6, alive, muggle
Ellie Jones, 3, alive, muggle
Jill Jones, 2, alive, muggle
Brian Jones, 2 months, alive, muggle
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Adopted Uncle:
Kyle Jones, 33, alive, muggleborn

Wand; Rose wood, dragon heartstring, 11 and a quarter inch, flexible
Patronus; Orca
Animagus Form (if they have one); N/A
Animal; None
Former School; Homeschooled
House they were in at Hogwarts (if they went); N/A

Character is:

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Adult Luke Edward Jones
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