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 Student - Serenity Lorena

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Claire Bentley

Birthday : March 19th
Job : Deputy-Headmistress, Potions Professor and Head of Slytherin
House/Year : Head of Slytherin
Posts : 57

PostSubject: Student - Serenity Lorena   Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:11 pm

Basic Information;

Full Name; Serenity Lorena
Date of Birth; August 1st
Hogwarts Year:Sixth
Age on September 1st: 16
Age on Next Birthday: 17
Blood Purity; Half-Blood
Hometown; Epping Forest, London
Current Home; Epping Forest, London


Hair; Serenity has long dark brown hair that falls in waves and loose curls that frame her face.
Eye Color; Serenity has dark brown eyes.
Height; Average
Weight; Average
Body Type; Serenity is a slim girl with reasonable curves. She has a roundish face and pinkish skin with a slight tan.
Dress Style; Serenity generally dresses in a casual style. Comfortable and pretty in a subtle way. She does like to have the opportunity to dress up something - high heels, make-up and a nice dress - but she would never do it all the time.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); She has her ears pierced. Some nasty scars on her arms.

Personality; As long as she is on her medication then Serenity's real personality shines through. She is an artistic girl with a flair for humor and writes comics in her spare time. She believes in freedom of choice and that no-one should be made to do anything they don't want to do. She is a romantic at heart and a dreamer. Though she does not like structure and rules and excess strictness. The only thing she does with regularity really is take her medication. She is a sweet girl who some people think is a bit odd. She is always coming up with elaborate plans and schemes and she likes to think things through so she knows every possibility. Even though she is a dreamer she does not really plan for the future and takes every day as it comes. Serenity is an open girl. You can read her emotions like a book and she is willing to share pretty much anything - though there are still some things only her friends know - and does not lie unless she feels its really necessary.
Likes; Freedom, making her own choices, drawing her comics, being with her friends, getting up to adventures, enjoying life, sex, romance novels and adrenalin rushes and extreme sports.
Dislikes; When her illness flares up, darkness, being ordered about, rules and excessive structure, being forced to sit still, being misunderstood.
Strengths; Serenity is an artistic girl with a flair for humor, a sweet heart and a complete openness about her.
Weaknesses; She relies a lot on her meds to stop the darkness taking over, she is a little too open and shares too much about herself, she risks her life for adrenalin rushes.
Quirks; Serenity will vibrate when forced to sit still.
Habits; She starts twitching when its time for her meds.
Best Class; Charms
Worst Class; Divination

Serenity was born at 1.00pm on 1st August at St Columbus General Hospital, London to Charity and Joseph Lorena. She was a planned baby, the couple intended to have two children, and was their first child. Charity Marsh had been raised a Catholic but upon her marriage to Joseph Lorena became Church of England by Faith. The couple attended Church every Sunday and so did Serenity as soon as she was out the hospital. The couple read the bible every evening after dinner. From as soon as she could talk Serenity was expected to learn a bible verse every week and recite the chosen verse on Sunday morning, before Church, to her mother.

It was clear from when she was little that Serenity had problems. She was a sweet girl but would come out with strange things. Like telling her mother that she heard voices in her head telling her to do things. Her parents were determined not to take her to the doctors. Instead they prayed for healing and then ignored the growing symptoms. Serenity would have personality shifts where she went from calm and mild to kicking out and shrieking in an instant for no real reasons. Serenity was home schooled due to her parents principles.

From a reasonable young a her day consisted of waking up at 8.30am to tell her Dad goodbye, feed the dog, do the washing up and have her breakfast. She would then have her morning lessons with her mother. They would have a break for lunch and then afternoon lessons. Serenity would then have free time to either read or take a walk around the garden. Then she was expected to spend some time learning her bible verse of the week. The family sat down for dinner together at 8.00pm sharp and then the bible was read afterwards. Bed time was strictly at 8.30pm but Serenity was allowed to read for half an hour and lights out was at 9.00pm.

On Saturday's she was allowed out the house to play with the local children. She met Sara and Chris Samuels-Inglebee and took a liking to them. She looked forward to going out at the weekend to play with them. However as she got older Serenity's symptoms became more pronounced. She heard the voices in her head more and more. She would suddenly start behaving weirdly or do something and then not remember even doing it. She would hit out and then be in floods of tears and full of apologies after. Finally her mother took her to the doctor. The doctor diagnosed her with high grade depressive disorder and began her on a course of treatment.

By this point Serenity was eight years old and the treatment made an amazing difference. Serenity could no longer hear the voices, as long as she took her medication, and her mood mellowed out. The sweet side became more prominent and the aggressive episodes vanished. She stopped blacking out and most important of all she started being able to sleep at night. Her parents claimed they could see no difference but it was evident to her friends that Serenity was a different girl. At first Serenity found it difficult to remember her medication but she soon got into the swing of things.

At the age of eleven it was time for Serenity to attend Hogwarts. Her parents did not want her to go but they finally conceded. Serenity was thrilled to be going to Hogwarts and to finally get to see Chris and Sara, who whom she had become quite close, for more than one day a week. Serenity flourished under the freedom of Hogwarts. She kept up her medication, worked hard and loved making her own rules and enjoying controlling her own life.

Everything was going really well until the Christmas holiday during Serenity's fifth year. She was encouraged by her parents to come off her medication as they were sure she would have been 'healed' by now. Not wanting to dismiss her parents beliefs Serenity did so. She almost immediately took a dip for the worse. The voices in her head resumed and a mere few weeks into being back at Hogwarts Serenity attempted to kill herself. Desperate and confused Serenity's parents had her institutionalized. By March of what would have been her fifth year Serenity was released. She was stable on her medication and past the trauma of what had happened. Though she still has the nasty scars on her arms. Serenity is now being allowed to return to Hogwarts.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Charity Lorena nee Marsh
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Joseph Lorena
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); N/A
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); N/A

Wand; 11" rosewood wand with thestral hair core
Patronus; Meercat
Animagus Form (only fifth years and above); N/A
Animal; N/A

House your character feels they should be in:

Serenity had escaped out the house when she was meant to be learning her bible verse. She had found a book on Hogwarts in her mother's collection and was determined to read it. While reading was allowed her mother's books was generally out of bounds.

Settling on a branch in one of the trees in the park she began to read. Studying the houses and where she thought would belong. She was witty and open-minded which would make her a good Ravenclaw. She was brave, at least when it came to adrenalin rushes, and that would make her a good Ravenclaw. She was loyal to her friends and believed in fairness. She supposed she felt like she belonged in any house bar Slytherin.

Chosen house is: GRYFFINDOR

Character is:

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Claire Bentley

Birthday : March 19th
Job : Deputy-Headmistress, Potions Professor and Head of Slytherin
House/Year : Head of Slytherin
Posts : 57

PostSubject: Re: Student - Serenity Lorena   Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:31 pm

Last time on the 'Life of Serenity Lorena':

1) Serenity arrived back at school and met up with Sara and Chris.
2) Serenity was told to go meet Felix who would match her desire for friends with benefits.

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Student - Serenity Lorena
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