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 Child - Jake Thomas

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Claire Bentley

Birthday : March 19th
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PostSubject: Child - Jake Thomas   Sun Feb 08, 2015 7:22 pm

Basic Information;

Full Name; Jacob (Jake) Harisha Thomas
Date of Birth; February 7
Age on September 1st: 9
Age on Next Birthday: 10
Blood Purity; Halfblood
Hometown; Leicester, England
Current Home; Glasgow, Scotland


Hair; Dark brown, short, slightly wavy
Eye Color; Large, light brown
Height; Short
Weight; Skinny
Body Type; He's very small, both short and skinny. He has dark skin.
Dress Style; He tends to dress respectably, and looks rather grown up for a kid. He wears button up shirts and even ties sometimes.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); None

Personality; Jake acts very grown up for a ten-year-old. He's not exceptionally smart, but he does think everything through. He always thinks before he acts, and is generally very polite. He tends to try and keep his emotions from taking control of him, and so they are generally displayed less than they are felt. He never cries in front of people, and doesn't get too rambunctious when excited. Jake is a hard worker who is generally willing to do what he's told by authority figures, and hates being scolded.

Though generally verily restrained and calm, he does enjoy running around and having fun on his free time. He does have a lot of energy, though he manages to keep it bottled up when he needs to. He loves to play football, to rough-house, and everything else. Though he also can have fun doing things like reading or cooking.

Jake does not instinctively trust everyone, but once you've gained his trust you will have it forever. He is fiercely loyal to those he cares about and will do anything to defend them, and never doubts them. He can take this to the extreme and be rather naive.
Likes; football, his bouncy ball, honesty, politeness, hard-work, his fancy pocket-watch (it was his parents' last Christmas gift for him), cooking
Dislikes; people who don't think before they act, people spreading lies about those he cares about, being lied to, being scolded
Strengths; He thinks things through, he is very polite, he's very mature and responsible for a kid, he tries to be as honest as possible without being impolite, he is very loyal, he's very fast
Weaknesses; He hides his feelings to a degree, he can be far too trusting, he can be rather naive, he has to be doing something with his hands or he picks his nails until the tops of his fingers are painful, he's very small and not very strong
Quirks; He needs to be doing something with his hands or he picks his nails. When it's not socially acceptable to be playing with his ball, he keeps his hands clasped together and tries to keep them that way. The rest of the time, he has a small, squishy, bouncy ball that he plays with. He sometimes just squeezes it in one hand, which is more subtle. When he's with friends who won't mind, he will throw it from hand to hand or bounce it on the ground. When he's alone and thinking he'll bounce it against the wall.
Habits; He picks his nails when idle, especially when nervous. But he generally overcomes this by playing with his ball.

Pavarti Thomas nee Patil wanted to move to Glasgow, Scotland to be close to her mother. However her husband Dean Thomas did not want to leave Leicester as it only had been two years before, at the birth of their second son, that they had moved to Leicester. The arguments and tension caused by this resulted in Pavarti leaving the home. Jake was too young to remember much of the separation because by the age of three and a half he had his mother back by his side and the family were once more all happily settled in Leicester.

As Jake grew older, he grew close to his mother, in spite of her early absence. He also spent a lot of time with his brother when he was young, and idolized Alex. Of course, they occasionally fought and rough-housed, but they tended to get along pretty well. But, as Jake grew older, he became more and more of his mother's ideal child. He wanted to make his parents happy, and tended to do what he was told. He was responsible, worked hard, got good grades, and was generally very respectable for his kid. Though Jake wasn't really conscious of it, his grandmother began doing her best to keep Jake apart from his brother, thinking that Alex was a bad influence. They spent a lot of time at their Grandmother's because their parents spent every summer in India without them. Though he had no idea what she was up to, it began to work and he and Alex grew gradually apart as the years went by.

Jake was rather sheltered as a child, with very overprotective parents (especially his mum). But he didn't mind, and was very close to them. He was expected to spend a lot of time doing school work and chores, and to be polite. But his parents encouraged him to have fun on his free time, and his dad loved playing football with him and he enjoyed cooking with his mum.

So he was devastated when they died in a plane crash just a month or so ago. He now lives with his grandmother, and is under the impression that his brother doesn't want to hear from him, though that's just what his gran says. Just to make matters worse, Jia Bassi showed up, and he found out about his mother's infidelity. It seems to him as though his world is crashing in around him, but he does his best to hide it as he sees himself as the man of the house now.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Parvati Thomas, 36, dead, half-blood
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Dean Thomas, 36, dead, muggleborn
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Alexander Thomas, 12, alive, half-blood
Half-sister: Jia Bassi, 6, alive, half-blood
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Maternal Grandmother and Guardian: Fatima Patil, 58, alive, half-blood

Favorite toy: a fist-sized, squishy, bouncy ball. It is green with red stripes.
Favorite and Worst food: Favorite is Chicken Razala (Bhopali style chicken cooked in a rich gravy with mint). Worst is Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.
Favorite game or show: He doesn't really watch tv, but his favorite game would have to be soccer (largely because of how much his dad loved it).
Other; None
Animal; None

In Character Point of View ...

What do you want to be when you are older?
It changes from day to day. For a while, I wanted to be a famous football player. I thought dad might be proud of that. Then I thought maybe I'd become some sort of educated person and teach or be a doctor or healer or something. I thought that might make mum proud. For a while when I was really little I wanted to be a ballerina because I liked the word, but I got over that pretty fast when I learned what it was. So, really, I don't know. I figure I've got a long time to figure it out.

If you could change one rule your family has what would it be?
I wouldn't change any of our rules. I trust Gran, and I know that she has all her rules for a reason. Sometimes they might be a bit hindering, but they're hardly the end of the world. So I don't mind any of them all that much.

How would the world be different if animals could talk?
Maybe people wouldn't kill animals anymore, because they'd be able to stand up for themselves. I think it would be hard to kill something intelligent enough to talk, just to eat it.

What is the hardest thing about being a child?
Some adults don't tell you the truth. I understand telling half-truths to be polite, but I hate it when adults hide things from me because they think I can't handle it. Of course, the adults I trust I know will tell me the truth. Gran, for example. But sometimes teachers or someone doesn't, and you just know they're keeping something from you.

Character is:

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Claire Bentley

Birthday : March 19th
Job : Deputy-Headmistress, Potions Professor and Head of Slytherin
House/Year : Head of Slytherin
Posts : 57

PostSubject: Re: Child - Jake Thomas   Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:11 pm

Last time on the 'Life of Jake Thomas':

1) Jake lost his parents and couldn't get in touch with Alex - he doesn't know his Grandmother is the reason.
2) Jake has decided to run away but does not want Jia to follow.

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Child - Jake Thomas
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