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 Student - Roxanna Heartley

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Claire Bentley

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PostSubject: Student - Roxanna Heartley   Sun Jan 04, 2015 1:06 am

Basic Information;

Full Name; Roxanna (Roxa) Elsa Heartley
Date of Birth; October 2
Hogwarts Year: Fourth
Age on September 1st: 14
Age on next Birthday: 15
Blood Purity; Halfblood
Hometown; Abbey Wood, Greenwich, London
Current Home; Berrylands, Tower Hamlets, London


Hair; Long and flame-red. It's mostly straight but will curl a bit when it's humid.
Eye Color; bright blue
Height; She's slightly taller than average at 5'6''
Weight; She's slightly over average weight for her height
Body Type; She takes after her dad so much that people often don't realize she's related to the Heartleys. She's slightly tall and a little stocky for a girl, but not much.
Dress Style;
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect);

Personality; In many ways, Roxanna is a lot like her father. She loves to joke around, and has trouble being serious. Actually, she jokes even more when things get serious, as it is her natural defense mechanism. She laughs when she's upset, and she tries to get other people to laugh to cheer them up. Therefore, she makes jokes about rather depressing things, and has a surprising gallows humor. However, she has to try and curb that one topic when around her sisters, who get oddly (in Roxa's mind) upset about death jokes. But Roxanna prides herself on being able to make a joke about literally anything. She's highly uncomfortable whenever there is no laughter. She's got her dad's talent for being able to make them laugh, even in the worst of times. She sometimes enjoys pranks, though it's not her preferred method of humor, and generally reserves them for people she doesn't like.

Roxanna loves to be the center of attention. She hates being ignored or not being paid enough attention to. She wants to be famous one day. For now, she'll settle on just getting as much attention from her peers as she can. She's rather loud and boisterous, and knows how to get people to notice her. She loves the idea of a guy liking her, though she doesn't actually let on that she cares and she probably would never give them the time of day.

Also like her father (especially as he used to be), Roxanna is supremely confident. She never falters, and seems to believe that she can do anything she sets her mind to. When she's good at something, she knows she is and isn't ashamed to share it. She's never had stage-fright before, and loves acting in front of large audiences. She also couldn't care less who reads her writing. Roxa seems to think that everyone ought to love her, and is never afraid of embarrassing herself or making a fool of herself - because she is awesome. And anyone who says otherwise or doesn't like her is both stupid and suffering a very sad loss.

She does have her occasional insecurities, like everyone else. Once in a while, Roxanna gets afraid that people won't like on of her stories or that she's not as good at something as she thinks, or that someone she really wants to like her won't (like her father, if she ever meets him). Sometimes she also wonders if Lilia and Sofia love each other more than her, or if she's really the outsider of her family. But she never admits to her insecurities. Well, rarely. Occasionally she'll share them with Lilia or Sofia (generally Sofia). But, for the most part, she refuses to even admit them to herself. She just works past them and tries to prove them wrong.

She's brave, and not easily scared. She's not as tough as Lilia, but Roxa can take her fair share of scrapes before needing to go in. And she certainly never lets fear stop her from doing something fun. She finds some things fascinating that others are terrified of, such as sharks, dragons, spiders, and snakes. She adores animals, even those that are rather ferocious - especially those that swim or fly.

She is a drama queen. She loves acting, and is actually pretty good at it. She's also a drama queen in real life, though. She likes it when things are happening, and gets bored when there's no drama. Though that rarely happens, given her over-active imagination that allows her to see drama where there often is none. She is almost always happy, but can throw a fearsome tantrum when she wants to, to get attention and get what she wants. She's also a decent liar when she wants to be, and is creative enough to come up with excuses for most anything. Therefore, she can get away with just about anything, when she wants to.

She is extremely creative. Roxa loves acting, and can really get in their head when she does. It's really as though she's another person. Sometimes, when she's been practicing a lot, she slips into the other persona without realizing it. She also loves to write, whether it be poetry, short stories, novels, or scripts. She is very good at coming up with very different characters yet understanding them all. Roxanna loves to write and read fantasy, and has always had a fondness for the type of elves in Lord of the Rings or Eragon. Therefore, she's always wanted to learn to ride horses and use a bow and arrow. She wouldn't object to learning how to fence, either.

Roxa can spend hours day-dreaming. She can just sit in her desk staring into space for all of classes, or lie in her bed all day with her eyes closed and in another world. When she's like this, it takes a lot to shake her out of it. She's been known to sit in her desk after classes changed until the teacher literally came and started dragging her to the headmaster. Her daydreams seem very real to her, and she can get confused between what's reality and what's fantasy, especially right after she comes out of her daydreams. So she feels as though she really has met her dad, if only the version she's invented. And she's taken part in all kinds of adventure. Roxa can entertain herself for hours, between her ability to ind fun in most anything and to just daydream.

Roxanna is not a genius, and doesn't generally enjoy learning for the sake of learning. But she's creative and inventive, like her father. She can think in new ways, and come up with bizarre (but sometimes useful) ideas. And she does enjoy learning if it can be made interesting or seem useful. She doesn't enjoy reading textbooks and writing essays, but she enjoys learning new spells. She also loves to read and write fiction, especially fantasy.

Roxa can be a bit self-centered, as well as a little bossy. She lives in her head and likes for things to go the way she wants them to. She doesn't tend to realize how she's affecting other people, unless it's pointed out to her or is painfully obvious. The sole exception is her triplet sisters, whom she knows so well she can practically read their minds and whom she loves so much she would do virtually anything for them. However, for a girl who wants things to go her way, Roxa is surprisingly good at accepting the things she can't change. Of course, if she wants it another way and there's any possibility she can change it, then she will. But if she can't change it, Roxa doesn't stress about it. She knows she's the one in control of her emotions, and she can be happy if she wants to, no matter what. And she always wants to. So she makes do with what she has and how things are.

Roxanna inherited her parents' athleticism, and enjoys the idea of sports. She's always wanted to try Quidditch like her mum, and thinks flying would be great fun. She wants to try horse-back riding and archery and maybe even fencing or surfing. However, she's never been able to do very much since her family is far from wealthy. They didn't have the space to fly, even if they could afford a broom. Nor could they afford the equipment for archery, or her to go horse-back riding. Though she could use the public pool and adores swimming, and is very good at it. She's always been fond of the water and loves everything to do with it. And she just generally enjoys running around with her sisters or a friend or two, or climbing trees - stuff like that.

Likes; water, baths, showers, swimming, hot-tubs, open water, animals (especially sea-life or flying animals), laughter, acting, being the center of attention, fantasy, elves, writing, day-dreaming, magic, her family (especially her triplets), dragons, horses, phoenixes, sharks, magic, spells, reading and writing, daydreaming, sports, imagination, creativity, joking, pranks, running around, being liked, old things (she enjoys imagining their history), playing with hair, dressing up (though she does it rarely because it's rather impractical), food (she can eat a lot). The idea of her dad, archery, horse-back riding, surfing, flying, Quidditch, fencing.
Dislikes; not getting her way, her creativity being squashed, being bored, being away from Lilia and Sofia for long periods of time, being inactive for long periods of time, seriousness, people being sad (especially herself), being scared
Strengths; She's really good at acting, lying, and writing. She's funny, imaginative, creative, brave, athletic, and confident. She's outspoken and speaks her mind and never lets fear or insecurities hold her back.
Weaknesses; She's not much for memorization or text-book learning and really sucks at it. She can be rather self-centered. She has an overactive imagination that makes her imagine drama or monsters where there are none, and sometimes even makes her blur the lines of fantasy and reality. She always wants to be the center of attention and wants to be liked far too much. She doesn't do well at being serious and sometimes doesn't take things seriously that really should be. She would do virtually anything for Sofia and Lilia.
Quirks; She eats a lot, and starts daydreaming whenever bored but unable to do anything. She makes jokes when upset.
Habits; She twirls the bottom of her hair when thinking.
Best Class; Charms
Worst Class; History of Magic

Isabella Heartley had no intention of getting married or having children. She was a talented quidditch star and from Hogwarts she was focussed on her dream. She was going to be a legend and nothing was going to prevent that. By the age of twenty-four she seemed to be well on the way to that. She was seeker for the Holyhead harpies, tipped to be Captain when Gwenog retired, and made the cover of several quidditch publication as an up and coming star. She was asked about her love-life in several interviews but she always said the same thing, falling in love could wait. Right now she had to focus on her dreams.

However, as life often does, a whole host of circumstances changed Isabella’s life completely. Firstly her twin sister Erin, with whom Isabella had been inseparable for most of her life and certainly all of her child hood, died in a car crash. Erin had taken a very different path than her sister. She had fallen in love young and by the age of eighteen she was married. At twenty she had given birth to a daughter, Hannah. Erin and her husband were both killed in the car crash and so Hannah came to Isabella who as her god-mother was the guardian written in her mother’s will. Being identical twins Isabella looked just like Erin and that made the transition for Hannah easier.

Isabella found it very hard being a mother. She was forced to take a leave of absence from quidditch in order to make sure that Hannah was okay. Unwilling to leave a girl who had just lost her parents in the care of a babysitter for long periods of time. While out shopping Isabella bumped into George. She had met him briefly at his shop before when she had purchased a specially designed broom from him. The two both had pain in their pasts they wanted to forget. They had both lost twins and that was something other people could never really understand. Before long the two were sleeping together. Isabella soon fell in love with George. However she was sure that he was not in love with her, not that she ever asked.

One morning Isabella sat on her bed in her apartment looking down at a positive pregnancy test and wondering what on earth she was going to do. Her first thought was to tell George. He was a good guy. Maybe they could make this work. Except after hours of agonizing over it Isabella decided it was not fair. George might step up and do the right thing but she did not want him to have to do so. She wanted him to be happy. Still firmly believing that she loved him but he didn’t love her Isabella walked away from what they were doing.

It turned out she was pregnant with triplets. In fact the doctor said that it was very rare for triplets to be conceived naturally but was more likely in families that had multiples in the genes. However what was even rare was the way these triplets had formed. Two eggs had formed but one had split meaning Isabella was actually pregnant with identical twins and the one. This confirmed her choice not to make George take responsibility. So she set about planning to raise the children alone. Four including Hannah. She knew it would be hard but when the doctor suggested she terminate one of the children in order to give the other babies more of a chance she refused. Had she listened Roxanna would never have been born.

It was not Isabella had a problem with abortion. More she could not stand the idea of picking one of the babies to get rid of and then keeping the others. Isabella did everything possible to keep her triplets safe. Finally they were born, seven weeks early, but alive. They had medical problems but under care they all recovered. Worrying what she was going to do about money Isabella had to come up with a new career plan. What had been a leave of absence had turned into full quitting when she found out she was pregnant and decided to keep the children. So she started writing quidditch books under a pseudonym. This made enough money for the family to be comfortable.

As a child, Roxanna spent almost all her time with Sofia and Lilia. The three were inseparable and very close, though they were also very different in personalities. This became evident at an early age. Roxanna was always happy, and rarely cried to get their mum's attention. She could entertain herself for virtually unlimited amounts of time. While she didn't need anybody playing with her, she did like to have people watching her - even as a child she adored being the center of attention - and would start crying if nobody seemed to be taking an interest in what she was doing. Even as a child she loved the water, spending as much time in the bath, pool, or hot tubs as she possibly could.

For a while, things were a little shaky with Roxa. When she was really little, she wound up having severe acid reflux. It apparently is not uncommon in kids who are born prematurely (as the triplets had to be), but it nearly killed Roxa. She was being fed and suddenly started choking. The formula started going out her nose, she stiffened, turned red, and stopped breathing. She started breathing again just in time. A couple seconds longer and she would likely have died. She wound up having to spend a good deal of time in the hospital, after that. But, after that incident, she's had relatively decent health, outside of the occasional bug.

When the triplets started school they went to a local one they could walk to. It was the same school that nine year old Hannah went to. Therefore Isabella could walk them all their together and pick them all up after. Roxanna stuck with her triplets while at school and while they made friends did not seem to think they needed anymore friend than each other. Roxanna loved attention, though, and would spend some amount of socializing with others. She didn't feel the need to get particularly close to anyone other than her sisters, but enjoyed being marginally popular. Therefore, she made considerably more friends than her sisters. They were never worried about getting muddy or tumbling.

Roxanna went through a girly girl phase while in grade school, loving dressing up, anything sparkly or shiny, ponies, and so on. She did her best to not get to messy while dressed up, but generally wound up forgetting. As she got older, she still loved most of this, but gave a lot of it up as impractical. She's an active girl who loved running around and getting in trouble, which didn't work well with dresses or fancy clothes.

Roxanna also loved acting, much like her older sister, and was actually very good at it. She occasionally got decent parts in school plays or local ones, and even got a minor role in a film when she was still pretty little. She adores this, and always gets a bit cocky whenever she lands a spot. She's a bit of a drama queen and, though she rarely got angry, she sometimes through tantrums just to be dramatic (and to get what she wanted).

Roxanna looked so different from the rest of her family that people often didn't think she was related. They assumed she was just a really good friend of Lilia and Sofia's. She also was a lot like her dad in temperament, though her sisters sometimes joined her in that. Plus, she was the member of the triplets that wasn't an identical twin. So she sometimes felt a bit different from her family, like she didn't quite belong. This lead her to fantasize about meeting her dad a lot as a child, though she eventually moved on. She realized her mother was never going to tell them who he was, and she came to accept that. She still asks occasionally and will seize any opportunity to drag it out of her. But, in the mean time, she's learned to be happy without it.

When Hannah started Hogwarts the girls missed her as much as she missed them. They wrote to her regularly despite the fact their writing was still not amazing. However they were glad to have each other. They waited for the day they could go to Hogwarts and were very disappointed when instead Isabella chose to send them to a small private academy for magic which had inferior records for results but would keep them well away from anyone related to their father. She did not want to deal with before she was ready. The girls hated the school. Over the four years there they made no real friends, found it boring and begged their mother constantly to be allowed to transfer. Isabella finally conceded if they finish their fourth year she would apply to have them transferred for their fifth year to Hogwarts.

Roxa absolutely despises the school. She's allowed to do literally nothing that she enjoys there. They don't have an acting club, and wouldn't let her start one because it would distract from studies. They have no Quidditch pitch and you aren't allowed to fly there. There's literally nothing to do, extracurricularly. And the classes are dreadfully dry. They don't even have practical lessons, and aren't ever allowed to use their wands, even in class - they aren't needed. Any spells she learns, Roxa has to learn on her own. They don't appreciate creativity or inventiveness, and have a very linear and traditional view of intelligence - the ability to learn facts and figures. Any deviance of any kind is punished. Most of the students have been indoctrinated into the system and are just as dry and boring as the school itself. Roxanna has always been good at making the best of things, and manages to find some amount of fun things to do. However, she's almost always punished for those. She makes the best of it, but even Roxa has trouble not being miserable there.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Isabella Heartley, 38, alive, Half-Blood
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); George Weasley, 38, alive, pureblood (doesn't know)
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Lilia and Sofia Heartley, 14, alive, halfblooded
Hannah Heartley, 18, alive, halfblood - adopted sister and cousin
Fred Weasley II, 12, alive, halfblood - half-brother on her dad's side (doesn't know)
Roxanne Weasley, 9, alive, halfblood - half-sister on her dad's side (doesn't know)
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);

Wand; Mahogany wood, phoenix feather core, 13 and a half inches, bendy
Patronus; she doesn't know how to make it because her school stinks, but it will be a phoenix
Animagus Form (only fifth years and above); n/a
Animal; She shares an owl named Lola with Lilia and Sofia. She wants a pet phoenix.

Character is:

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Claire Bentley

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PostSubject: Re: Student - Roxanna Heartley   Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:35 pm

See Lilia and Sofia's profile for update.

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Student - Roxanna Heartley
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