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 Child - Maisy Applegate

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Claire Bentley

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PostSubject: Child - Maisy Applegate   Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:17 pm

Basic Information;

Full Name; Maisy Sophia Applegate
Date of Birth; April 21
Age; 10
Blood Purity; muggleborn
Hometown; Epping Forest, London
Current Home; Epping Forest, London


Hair; She has thick, straight, dark black hair. It is incredibly long, and reaches her lower back when she leaves it down. Her mother likes for her to have it down, but she often puts it up when she's playing outside, as soon as she's out of sight. Her favorite way is in two pigtails, one on either side - it's too thick to all fit in one, anyways. She always seems to have at least three ponytail holders on her (in case one breaks, which happens pretty often because her hair's so thick).
Eye Color; Warm, dark brown. They show a lot of emotion, even when it doesn't register on the rest of her face. She can be smiling, yet you can still tell when she's sad or angry from her eyes.
Height; Short, even for someone her age.
Weight; Extremely skinny light, even for someone her age, because she moves around so much and doesn't eat much.
Body Type; She's tiny and still has the undeveloped body of a child. She has the slightly dark skin-tone of her Indian heritage. She is pretty and her genuine smiles are contagiously charming. She has thin eyebrows that are naturally a bit above her eyes and make her look curious all the time - which isn't exactly untrue.
Dress Style; Her mother likes her to dress up, generally in english clothes. Whenever possible, her mother gets her to wear dresses, heals, jewelry (including earrings), and even make up. However, whenever she has her say (aka, when her mother isn't there) or is outside, she wears comfortable clothes. She wears tennis shoes or converses, or sandals when it's warm enough. She likes either loose jeans (generally torn and generally only as shorts) or sweatpants. She likes tank tops whenever it's warm enough, and wears shorts the rest of the time. Even in the winter she refuses to wear long-sleeve shirts because she finds them uncomfortable, and instead wears a zip-up sweater with it. These always have zip-up pockets that seem to hold everything in them but don't actually look that big. She refuses to wear sweaters without a shirt under them, or pull-over sweaters. When she wants to dress up, her mother isn't there to micro-manage, and it's warm enough, she likes to wear loose sundresses (her father bought her a couple). She also convinced her father to buy her a couple indian outfits, which she adores. But she only wears them on special occasions, and when her mother isn't around to stop her or, for some reason, can't. Mostly she just plays dress up in them in her room - the one and only time she does play dress up. However, she was thrilled to finally be able to wear her fanciest Indian dress for a real occasion when she was a bridesmaid at her Aunt's Indian-styled wedding.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); She has a birth mark on the front of her hip that has no particular shape, really. She sees it kind of like a cloud, where you have to look for a shape and can see almost anything in it that you want to. Also, she has pierced ears. She always seems to have a scrape or bruise somewhere on her body, though odds are she can't tell you where she got it.

Personality; Maisy is a tomboy - to the extreme. The only time she likes to dress up is when she's dressing up in traditional Indian clothes. The rest of the time, she wears what is comfortable (unless her mum makes her dress up), and spends most of her time running around outside. She doesn't mind getting dirty or getting a few scrapes and bruises. She's tough, and it takes a serious injury for her to get upset over it. Most of the time, she doesn't even know where she gets her minor injuries from. She doesn't find many things gross (she's fine with things like worms or even dog doo), and what she does find gross she also finds a little fascinating. She's not scared of a lot of the things most girls are, like spiders or bees or getting hurt. She has plenty of fears of her own, such as loosing someone she cares about, suffering a serious injury, and heights. But she never lets a fear stop her from doing something. Indeed, some things she enjoys doing precisely because she finds them intimidating and thus exhilarating - like climbing trees despite being afraid of heights.

Maisy is opinionated and loud - when she talks, she talks loudly. She likes to talk, and always speaks her mind - even if it might get her in trouble. But she's also a good listener, and she's very open-minded and tolerant, and willing to hear another perspective... though odds are, it won't change her mind, anyways. She hates prejudice, bullies, and misogynists above all else. However, Maisy is very happy most of the time. She is optimistic and easily cheered up with any of the many, many things she likes. She loves nothing more than to be running around outside.

Maisy's not overly intelligent, but she does learn things relatively well if it can be presented in a fun and interesting manner. Even when it's not, Maisy works hard. She doesn't particularly like to do so, but she's willing and able if it's for something important to her. She doesn't have much of an intellectual drive, really, but she does get curious about things that actually impact her. When this happens, it takes a lot to make her give up on figuring out the mystery. She loves mysteries, and sometimes will make one up for Ravi to give them something to investigate. She's generally pretty honest when it counts, but she doesn't see the harm in a white lie if it's for a game like that, or if it's for another legitimate reason such as to keep a secret for someone.

Maisy values loyalty above all else. She scorns those who betray their friends and thinks it the most unforgivable of sins. Thus, she never expects betrayal, and thinks it the height of dishonor to distrust a friend. She will not believe a word anyone says against a friend, and will never suspect them of anything, even when they are acting suspicious. She will never do anything to betray a friend's trust, whether that means going behind their back to do something they don't like, or failing to keep a secret she was trusted with. Literally nothing could make her do so, and she will protect her friends with her life.
Likes; Maisy likes almost everything, and (hard as it is to believe) this is an abbreviated list - it's impossible to share all the things she likes, because there are so many. She enjoys hearing, telling, or writing poetry or stories - especially mysteries, fairytales, fantasy, and ghost stories. Looking for shapes in ambiguous shapes (clouds, her birth mark, left over tea leaves), and making up stories for them. Mysteries, magic, imagination. The Samuels-Inglebees (they're like a second family, at this point), her aunt and uncle, and her dad. Pretty things and things that smell good. All flowers, but especially roses (she's always liked them, but now it also reminds her of her discovery of Ravi, magic, and herself). Anything Indian. When her mother says or does anything to indicate that she loves or is proud of Maisy (which is pretty rare, but cherished). Decorating (the house, a cookie, a Christmas tree, the borders of a piece of paper), drawing, painting, taking pictures - she's not exceptionally good at any of those artsy things, but she enjoys it. She loves playing around outside and moving around, including: climbing trees, swimming, running, dance (another of the few things her mother approves of), sports. She likes to play in the water, in the sand, in the snow, in the leaves, in the rain, and in the mud. She likes the beach, the pool, the playground, tumble-town, water parks, and amusement parks. She enjoys talking boisterously, laughing, and joking. Ice-cream, chocolate, cake, lollipops, and basically anything else with an obscene amount of sugar (she has a serious sweet-tooth). Animals, bugs, worms, fish, birds, and basically any other living creature. The spring-time, when things start coming to life - she's also fond of the summer when you get the most days to play outside and the best weather, fall when you get to play in the leaves, and winter when you get to play in the snow - but spring is her favorite. The sun and the warmth, but also warm being warm and cozy when it's cold outside (blankets, fires, hot cocoa). Dancing in the rain (even when everyone can see you), singing (even when everyone can hear you). Baking (as long as it results in sugary goodness). Being happy, amused, and energetic.
Dislikes; Above all else, she despises betrayers, prejudices, bullies, and misogynists. Next on her hate-list are those who hurt someone she cares about. Everything else is more of a mild annoyance, such as not getting answers when she wants them. Being sad, disappointed, or angry. Church, and generally sitting still for long (the only time she can manage it is to pose for Ravi, in which case he is required to entertain her), when her mother's mad at her (though that's basically a constant), uncomfortable clothes or ones that you can't move around in, school work, studying, cooking, chores, reading boring books (aka, not stories for kids), being away from those she cares about. Things being unfair, though she's learned to accept that one when she has to. When her father is working even more than normal. People who think she's transgender or a lesbian just because she's a tomboy.
Strengths; She's physically strong, considering how tiny she is. She's athletic, fast, flexible, and nimble. She's a good dancer, and good at sports. She's a hard worker, though she doesn't enjoy it. She's fiercely loyal, and will do anything to protect her friends. She's no Madonna, and she sometimes is a bit out of tune or off beat, but she's got a pretty singing voice. She's moderately artistic, though not exceptionally so, and is actually a pretty good writer - both short stories and poetry. She's an animated talker and a good story-teller, and always seems interested both in what she's talking about and what she's listening to (unless you're boring her, in which case she'll tell you, but that doesn't happen often). She's open-minded and always willing to see another point of view, and not prejudiced in the slightest. She's flexible in her thinking and her attitude, and always willing to try something new. She can actually learn things pretty fast if they're presented in a fun way and made interesting. She's relatively fluent in Sign Language, and knows the odd word in Hindi. She's imaginative, creative, perceptive, and funny. She's exceptionally brave, and there are very few fears she is not willing (if not eager) to face. She's good at controlling her emotions, when she wants to, and can generally keep her feelings off her face (if not out of her eyes), and almost never cries in front of other people. She's got remarkable control over her magic, considering she is underage and doesn't even have a wand to help yet. She's a naturally happy and optimistic girl, and it takes a fair amount to bring her down. She's pretty and has a truly contagious smile. She's tough, and it takes a serious injury for her to actually care. She doesn't complain much, unless something is seriously wrong. She doesn't even like to talk about things that bother her, or that she finds sad or upsetting.
Weaknesses; When she's out playing, she sometimes forgets to eat - even if she's reminded, sometimes she'll keep forgetting until she's literally dragged in. She's not the brightest girl on the block. Ever since she found out about magic, she honestly believes that anything is possible and has trouble separating fact from fiction. She's loyal to the part of foolishness, and would never believe a word said against a friend, or mistrust them in any way. She will do anything for a friend, and will protect them at any cost - even if that cost is her own life. She speaks her mind, even when it will get her in trouble. She's far too curious, to the point where 'curiosity killed the cat' could easily become the case. She's no longer willing to do anything necessary to keep her mom from yelling, but if she thought there was anything she could do that would truly make her mom proud of her or love her (she doesn't really realize that her mother already does love her and just doesn't show it much), she would do it - no matter what. Her eyes really are the window to her soul - you can always use them to tell what she is feeling, and sometimes even what she is thinking. She's gotten to the point where she doesn't change who she is based on what other people think, but she still cares far more than she would like to admit - this leaves her emotionally fragile, though she never acts it. Her sweet-tooth has far too much control of her and she'll always take a sugary treat as a bribe for something (within reason). When she does get sugar, she gets a serious sugar high that leaves her bouncing off walls. Though athletic and strong for her size, Maisy is tiny and therefore rather weak compared to an adult or substantially older kid. She's relatively easy to goad into doing things - all you have to do is say 'girls can't do such and such.'
Quirks; She tends to intentionally forget her cell phone places, though it's become almost subconscious (when she has her cell phone, it's far too easy for her mother to call her and tell her to come home). When she has her zip-up sweater, she seems to be able to pull anything out of her pockets when needed - a few guarantees are pain killers (her mum says not to take them because they're drugs but her dad keeps the house supplied), bandaids, hair-bands, kleenex, chap-stick, her house-key, a handkerchief (ever since she heard a story about someone getting hurt and a handkerchief being used to save them), a pack of gum, and other random stuff. When she's caught up in something, she won't realize she's hungry and will forget to eat. If she's got her sweater and gets hot, she ties it around her waste. Unlike most people, she has an easier time getting on with the opposite gender than her own.
Habits; If she's chewing gum, she tends to pop it and blow bubbles subconsciously. When she's listening attentively to something but not actually replying or speaking herself, she twirls the bottom of her hair on her right side. When she escapes from a rough scrape, she runs her hand down her hair (or as far as she can before she'd need to be a contortionist to do so) as if to make sure it escaped unharmed. She taps her foot when she's been sitting still too long and is anxious to start moving around.

Maisy's mother was born to Indian parents, but in England. She was quickly assimilated into the British culture - and a rather old, conservative one, at that. She was strictly Christian, and believed a woman's place was in the home, where they need to look pretty, raise children, and keep the place clean. She married very young, practically the second she turned 18, to a man that was considerably older - five years seems like a lot when you're 18 and 23. She really did marry for love, though. But she didn't anticipate what a workaholic Simon would become when he graduated from college. Rina conceived almost immediately after they were married, and they had their first son nine months later. However, by that time, Simon was pretty consumed with work. He felt his job was important (he's a special ed teacher). After a few years, he was working so much that he was basically only home during the nights, when Rina was already asleep. But Rina was too silent and submissive to her husband (she thought woman should be) to even mention it.

So, after about three years of their marriage being unhappy, she made a mistake - once. She left Brian with a babysitter (something she rarely did) and went to the bar to get drunk because she felt miserable. There, she met Ashok. He was nice to her and sympathetic and listened to her problems. Most importantly, he actually gave her some attention, something she'd been rather lacking lightly. They had a one-time fling. Rina was ashamed and left before he'd even woken. Ashok managed to track her down and tried to contact her, but Rina made it very clear that she never wanted to so much as see his face ever again. Eventually, he left her alone. Rina planned to keep it to herself and not tell her husband, afraid of ruining their marriage, despite it eating her up with guilt. But, eventually, she was left with no choice: she discovered she was pregnant. She was mortified, but didn't believe in adoptions, and didn't want to lie to Simon for the rest of their lives. So she told him the truth and admitted to the whole thing.

Simon took it rather well. He was hurt, of course, but it gave him the wake-up call he'd needed. He realized how absent he'd been, and resolved to try over again with a fresh start. Rina wanted to either contact Ashok (he'd insisted on leaving her his number, in case she ever needed anything) and get him to take the unborn child, or to give it up for adoption. But Simon refused to let her give a child away to someone she hardly knew, or didn't know at all. He insisted that they keep Maisy, but suggested he raise her as his own. When she was born, they even put his name on her birth certificate, as the father. And Simon really did create a fresh start for them. He even found them a new place to live. It was a liberal area, and Rina would never chosen it as a place to live. But, as usual, she didn't even seem interested in putting forth her own opinion about where they moved, and just agreed with whatever Simon said.

So they moved to Epping Forest shortly before Maisy was born, and ready to start over. From then on, Rina shunned her own heritage and culture, as she thought it was further evidence of her mistake, since Ashok had been Indian. She'd always wished she could be British by blood, as she was very indoctrinated and assimilated, but now she refused to have anything to do with India, when she had the choice. The sole exception she made was for her little sister, whom had always been very dear to her. However, she grew slightly more distanced even from her, as Lila was the polar opposite of her sister - she embraced her heritage with wide arms and tried to carry as much of it with her as she could in a British area and with a Spanish boyfriend (now her husband, but they dated for a really long time, first - 10 years).

Maisy had a slightly rough childhood. Her older brother was still very young when she was born, but he was old enough to realize something was off about their parents. Somehow, he pieced together that Maisy was the result of a fling his mother had. Perhaps he'd heard his parents talking about it, when his mother confessed. However it was, he always treated Maisy poorly because of it. He always seemed to find a reason to be angry at her, and never wanted to play with her or anything. This hurt Maisy, but it was nothing compared to her mother.

Rina might have been quiet around her husband, and willing to do whatever he said, but she was aggressive with her children - especially Maisy. Though Simon had forgiven her, and they were arguably better off for it, Rina always felt her fling was a humiliation and a mistake - which made Maisy the same. However, she does love her daughter, and the reason why she is so tough on Maisy is that she really wants to feel as though her daughter is not a mistake. Therefore, she pushes Maisy to be perfect. She thinks Maisy is pretty, and always pushed to make her even more so (by her standards) by making her dress up, wear jewelry, and put on makeup. She thought Maisy's hair was the most beautiful thing, and could literally brush it for hours. She refused to ever let Maisy do more than trim it. But Maisy loved her hair anyways, because it was one of the few things her mother seemed to truly like about her. So she'd never have cut it much, even if her mother would let her.

But other things Maisy found even harder. Her mother expected her to excel in school. Maisy was never exceptionally bright, but she did work very hard for her mother's sake. But her mother never seemed satisfied. If Maisy had so much as a single B on a report card, she'd be punished. Even on the rare occasion when she managed to get straight A's, her mother would still yell that they hadn't been of a higher percentage. She was expected to be what her mother considered the ideal 'girl' as well - sit still, don't get messy, don't play outside, cook, be quiet, be pretty, do as you're told, be seen but not heard. Maisy really tried at this as well, but it went against her instinct and her personality. Maisy always tried at anything her mother asked. But her mother wanted her to be perfect at everything, so there'd be no reason to think she'd made a mistake. Except there's no such thing as perfect, especially for someone like Maisy, who was naturally so unlike what her mother wanted her to be. She's not terribly bright, she's a tomboy, she doesn't like dressing up, and she's outspoken.

Maisy's dad was still extremely busy, but he did make an effort to be home more. He was at least home (and not working) for the majority of the weekends, and some of the evening. Oddly enough, his wife was a lot more upset by her presence than he was. Even though she was a reminder of his wife's affair, he still loved her with all his heart. Sometimes he gets a sad look around Maisy, though he never voices it (but she can tell). But he also considers her a reminder of his mistakes, and how far they'd come. Though she'd probably have wormed her way into his heart, even if that hadn't been true - he truly does adore her.

He tried to encourage Maisy to be herself, but Maisy never responded to that when she was younger, as she was too afraid of her mother's anger, and so desperately wanted her mother to love her. He would also get her most anything she wanted, within reason. It wasn't really that he spoiled her, though Maisy saw it that way. She wasn't really materialistic and didn't ask for much. It was more that she wanted more sentimental things that her mother didn't like. For example, her father bought her Indian dresses, and a book on Hindi (though she's never learned all that much).

Maisy was very perceptive and pieced together a big about her birth story very young. Her dad was always honest with her, so Maisy wound up asking him once she had enough guesses to know how to, when she was five. He explained it all to her, and ever since she's wanted to know who her birth father was. She loved her dad, but she was always curious about what the other one would be like. But her father said he didn't know. She wound up confessing to her mother that she'd found out, but she refused to tell Maisy. So her curiosity wound up finding a home in a curiosity about her heritage and all things Indian, thus why she wanted the dresses and books. Her father never had a problem with this, and never took it as a slight - he knew that she cared. So he fostered her curiosity and allowed her outlets for her heritage, and helped her keep her mum from finding out (he didn't want to upset Rina, or for her to take it away from Maisy).

To a degree, Simon did see how harsh Rina was with Maisy. But he probably didn't realize just how bad it was, since he wasn't around during the day. Either way, he never intervened, because he hated telling Rina what to do - or even hinting at it. He was much more liberally minded than his wife, and he loved her and didn't want her to just do what he said. And he knew that she would, if he so much at hinted at what he wanted. So he just treated Maisy (and the other kids) really well himself, and let Rina be the strict one.

Maisy also spent a lot of time with her Aunt Lila. She adored her aunt, who taught her all about her Indian heritage. She showed her how her Indian clothes were actually worn, and helped her learn the bit of Hindu she does know. Unlike Simon, she really did spoil Maisy rotten, and not just the way Maisy saw it. She loved to supply Maisy (and her other niece and nephew, though they never enjoyed spending time with her as much) with all the sugar she could possible need to sate her sweet-tooth, and any toys or electronics a kid could possibly want. Her boyfriend (now husband), Maisy's Uncle Stefansos, was equally sweet to her. Maisy went to their house literally any time her mother would let, save maybe when her dad was around.

When she was little, Maisy was really quiet. She really did try to do what her mother asked, and restrain herself from being the active tomboy she was at heart. This made her quiet and subdued at all times, as she wasn't able to be herself. And  if she couldn't be herself, she didn't have a lot to say, as she was very bad at acting the part for her mother, despite trying so hard. She lived next door to the Samuels-Inglebees, and used to think that Ravi seemed awesome, but never dared approach him. She thought her mum would get mad if she played with the more active, outdoorsy boy. But she used to sit outside in a dress, doing her homework in the sun. Anyways, she was meant to be doing her homework, but she'd be watching him instead, and wishing she could go talk to him.

Eventually, curiosity got the better of her and Maisy asked her dad to teach her sign language. He was a special ed teacher, and there was a deaf child that he helped. He was extremely dedicated to his work, so he'd learned sign language, despite the fact that the student could read lips perfectly well. Maisy tried her best to learn, but her dad wasn't around terribly much, and Maisy was never the brightest. But she started to pick up a little, which allowed her to understand bits of what Ravi said to his dads or older siblings when he was out playing. Also, it let her imagine the day her mother would decide it was okay for her to play outside with boys, and she would work up the courage to talk to him.

But, as it turned out, it was Ravi who first talked to her. Maisy started showing signs of magic at a young age, and had surprising control over it. She'd worked out that it wasn't normal, and so hid it from everyone. She was afraid that something was wrong with her, and was not only afraid of her mother's wrath, but also that her dad would throw her in a mental institution. But she found what little magic she could do to be positively delightful, and enjoyed entertaining herself with it, when no-one else was around. One day, when she was seven and going on eight, she was out in the garden in her backyard, with her back to Ravi's house. She was gently holding a rose in her hand, careful not to touch the thorny stem, and grinning with delight as the rose opened and closed at her will. She didn't hear Ravi coming up from behind her, and nearly jumped out of her skin when he got in front of her - or as near as he could get with the rose bush in front of her, so really to her side - so he could sign to her.

Maisy hurried to make excuses, saying she'd just been admiring the flower, and trying to get the smell on her hands. For ten solid minutes she talked at a rapid pace, embellishing her excuse with details that would easily sell her out if she had not forgotten that Ravi couldn't hear her, anyways. Eventually, an amused Ravi, who kept shaking his head and waving his hands at Maisy to get her attention, managed to get her calm enough to pay attention to what he was trying to say. He managed to get across his surprise that she was a witch. At first offended, Maisy began to realize he actually knew what he was talking about.

For the rest of the day, Maisy asked as many questions as she could think of about magic while Ravi explained. Maisy had learned a few signs, but not nearly enough for such a confusing and long conversation. Really, it was more like a charades game than anything else. Ironically, this seemed to help her learn better than anything else. It turned out that she was actually pretty bright, if information could be presented to her in an interesting way. And playing charades was certainly a fun, if confusing, way to learn Sign. So she actually started picking it up pretty fast with Ravi's help (plus continued tutoring from her dad whenever he got around to it), and was relatively fluent after a year or so.

That wasn't the only thing Ravi taught her. He also managed what her father had never quite been able to: he taught her how to be free. It turned out, all it took for her to learn to be herself was a friend to run around with, who encouraged her. Now she and Ravi were friends, she was no longer able to stop herself from running around and playing with him. Gradually at first, Maisy began to break the shackles her mother had built and learned how to deal with her anger. She began to allow herself to have fun and speak her mind, even though it seemed as though her mother was always angry at her.

It was slightly hindering, at first, that Maisy's mum seemed to despise Ravi, as well as his family. Being so conservative, she believed Ravi to be a bad influence on her daughter, who started 'acting out' after meeting him, from her perspective. Furthermore, Ravi was Indian, something she tried desperately to keep her daughter away from, with the sole exception of her aunt (though Rina never knew how much of their Indian heritage her sister shared with Maisy). Furthermore, Ravi was deaf. Maisy's mother had grown a lot more tolerant of those with disabilities, since marrying Simon. She no longer despises those who are deaf. However, she does pity them, and thinks that they are somehow 'less than' the average person, and still holds the misconception that people who are deaf are also less intelligent. Given her high hopes for Maisy, academically, she thought he would somehow make her stupider simply by being around her.

Some of Rina's prejudice was aimed more at the family in general, rather than Ravi himself. She disapproved of his parents' homosexual relationship. She thought that the kids - especially Sara and Ravi - were wild and ill-behaved. Furthermore, Ravi's dads made the mistake of trying to explain magic to her, so she'd be prepared for any uncontrolled, underage magic that Maisy might exhibit. At first, she thought this was a sign that they were insane. But she began to see more of it, now the suspicion had been planted in her mind. She disapproves of magic, or 'witchcraft' as she calls it, and think the family made Maisy start 'practicing' it. Despite both Ravi's parents and Maisy explaining it countless times, she doesn't get that they aren't devil worshippers, let alone that Maisy can't control it. So she tells Maisy not to use magic, and punishes her whenever she does - even if it is accidental, since she doesn't think it can be. Simon, on the other hand, is very understanding of it. But, again, he never talked to his wife about it.

However, her mother's disapproval only made it easier for Maisy to break free. She couldn't stomach her mother's blind prejudice, and it made her start thinking that her mother might be wrong on other things, as well. It still made her upset whenever she disappointed her mother, but it made her a little less guilty to realize she wasn't necessarily breaking ethical codes, as well. In fact, she came to realize, maybe her mother needed to be disobeyed sometimes - because sometimes she needed to be shown that she was wrong. Plus, it helped to see how happy her dad was that she was finally being herself. So Maisy came to terms with the idea of upsetting her. Still, to this day, nothing would make her happier than some sign that her mother loved her or was proud of her. In some ways, she still tries really hard to please her mother. For example, she still works really hard for school, and gets remarkable grades, considering she's not exceptionally smart (though they're never good enough).

How Maisy coped with her mother changed from day to day. Sometimes she would get really sad and depressed when her mother yelled. After the age of eight or so, she mastered the art of controlling her feelings. She never cries in front of people anymore, unless she's beyond depressed. But you can see the sadness in her eyes when her mother yells, and immediately after. But her mother never seems to notice. Other days, it makes her extremely angry, and she'll yell right back and intentionally find things to annoy her mother (which isn't terribly hard). Still other days, she accepts it with remarkably good humor, and can joke and laugh about it.

However, her mother isn't the only thing she has to put up with since she started changing. Maisy also lost her little sister. She and Nancy had never been on the best of terms, since they were nothing alike in temperament. Nancy takes after her mother, and is perfectly restrained, quiet, obedient, intelligent, and even lady-like, despite being so young. But the two were able to get along and hung out a fair amount. But Nancy was rather disapproving of Maisy's changing personality (or at least appearance of it). She's a bit of a tattle-tale and will tell their mother anything Maisy does wrong, which pisses Maisy off, as well. So they both became disenchanted with each other, and grew apart, though they still love each other deep down.

Last year, Maisy's mother had been pushed to the brink. She hated the changes that were coming over her daughter and insisted that Maisy go to a strict and rigorous boarding school, convinced that they would set her straight. Maisy barely got in, as it was highly competitive. But she did have strong grades. But Maisy hated it there. All the girls were, in her words, prissy, rich, white, girly, boring bookworms, and there were no boys there. The work was hard, and she didn't have any friends. So, about halfway through the semester, she made the choice to suffer not only through the tantrum she knew her mother would throw, but also all the detentions and other punishments she would have to endure at the school. She stopped working. She didn't only not work hard, as she always had to do to get decent marks, she stopped working at all. She didn't do homework or classwork or tests (when she was somehow forced to show up at all). Just as she'd hoped, she was kicked out.

Also as Maisy had expected, her mother was pissed. She basically through a tantrum and screamed at Maisy for hours when she got home. She almost didn't let her go on summer vacation with the rest of the family, but her father actually stepped in on her behalf, on that one. Since she got back (relatively recently) her mother has been even stricter and angrier than normal. So Maisy avoids the house as much as possible. She spends a lot of time with Ravi, wherever that may take her. For the most part, she lets him choose what they do. From experience, she knows that she'll probably enjoy it if he does, and she's pretty flexible. But she's learned to stand up for herself and speak her mind, so she's also perfectly willing to tell him when she doesn't want to do something, or even suggest a game she wants to play. But that doesn't happen terribly often.. When Ravi's not available, or her mother manages to stop her from going, she petitions to go to her Aunt's. The only time she's actually willing to be home is when her dad's there.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Rina Applegate nee Mann, 34, alive, muggle
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Ashok Kale, 38, alive, muggle (biological, but she never met him)
Simon Applegate, 37, alive, muggle (adopted)
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Brian Applegate, 16, alive, muggle
Nancy Applegate, 7, alive, muggle
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); an aunt - Lila Mann, 32, alive, muggle. Her extremely recent husband (Maisy was a bridesmaid at their wedding a month or so ago) - Stefansos Gonzales, 31, alive, muggle

Animal; A medium-sized turtle she found just a few months ago, when she and Ravi were looking for pirates. She calls it Kachua (Hindi for turtle). Her mum told her to get rid of it, so Ravi watches it for her.

Character is:

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Last time on the 'Life of Maisy Applegate':

1) Maisy's mother gave her a phone number for her Dad but it turned out to be wrong ...
2) Maisy and Ravi made plans to enlist Alessia's help and find her Dad!
3) Maisy's mum was secretly hoping that Maisy's Dad would take her on, but Maisy doesn't know that.

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Child - Maisy Applegate
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