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 Student - Sara Samuels-Inglebee

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Claire Bentley

Birthday : March 19th
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PostSubject: Student - Sara Samuels-Inglebee   Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:15 pm

Basic Information;

Full Name; Sara Elizabeth Jessica Samuels-Inglebee
Date of Birth; December 12
Hogwarts Year: Sixth
Age on September 1st: 16
Age on next Birthday: 17
Blood Purity; Halfblood
Hometown; Epping Forest, London
Current Home; Epping Forest, London


Hair; black, extremely curly (on some days it's to the ringletty extreme), and long (it almost reaches the middle of her back, but it's longer than it looks because of the curls)
Eye Color; bright brown
Height; slightly shorter than average
Weight; moderately skinny, but not overly so
Body Type; she's clearly moderately strong, and she has a dark olive skin tone (her surrogate mother was white, her grandfather was african and her grandmother was middle-eastern, so she has a rather in-between color, herself)
Dress Style; She dresses comfortably, wearing sweats and loose t-shirts. However, she can dress up when she wants to. She's not overly fond of elegant, and most of her dresses verge on slutty.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); She has a thin scar, a couple inches long, that she got from a rock climbing incident and refused to let the healers get rid of.

Personality; In many ways, Sara is the polar opposite of Chris. She doesn't really think before she speaks or acts. She doesn't much care about finding deeper meanings, and has minimal curiosity about how the world works. She's a girl of action who prefers to be doing things. However, she can be rather poetic when she wants to, though she's never actually thought to write poetry down. Sara has a fondness for adrenaline rushes that tends to get her into trouble - especially when her dads aren't around to keep her safe like they do when she's at home. When she's at school, her brother makes some effort, but she tends to go do stupid things even when he's not available. She's got a childish streak and loves to play games, some that are for people way younger, and loves to play with her younger brother or anyone else who is willing to. However, much like philosophy, she has a limited appreciation of art. But she finds it interesting enough when Ravi explains it to her or shows her pieces.

Whether it is diagnosable or not, Sara is rather depressed. She has fluctuating periods where she's either really depressed and sad and down on herself, or she's completely apathetic and doesn't really feel anything. During the latter periods, her adrenaline stunts get even worse. However, she's very good at hiding her feelings, with years of practice. She generally seems to be cheery and happy, and enjoys laughing and joking around. She occasionally pulls pranks, but she tends to keep them to a minimum, mostly because Chris disapproves of them. When she does pull pranks, she tends to aim them at large groups rather than targeting one person because her brother doesn't mind that as much, though she will target one person if she thinks they deserve to be made a fool of, anyways.

Sara is not as much a pacifist as her brother. She disapproves of senseless violence, but she's more than happy to get into a fight if there's a reason for it. But she does agree with the general idea of peace, but tends to forget since she's slightly violent by nature - when anger, her instinct is to strike out and hit. Since she doesn't think much, especially when Chris isn't around, she tends to forget to even try to control that violent streak. Also, she adores Quidditch and can't bring herself to give that up, despite the fact that her brother doesn't approve of it. Luckily for her, he's not terribly judgmental and supports her anyways. Sara is also outspoken and a naturally loud person who seems to be incapable of whispering. She says what she thinks, even if it will offend someone or make them mad at her. Sara hates sitting still, and likes to be moving. She even likes to get a little dirty and muddy.

Sara can be a bit promiscuous, at times, and doesn't see a problem with it. She hates labels, especially when it comes to sexual tendencies since she recognizes that it's a spectrum. But, if she had to have one, she would call herself bisexual, as she's pretty much equally happy with either gender. Sara can be a bit flirty, but hasn't really been in a serious relationship before, but she's open to the idea. She's not the best listener in the sense that she's a bit judgmental and she has trouble not talking. But, at the same time, she's extremely empathetic.

One thing that Sara does share with her brother is their strong sense of morality, and their willingness to stand up for others. She also shares a great love for her family and enjoys being around them. She also is proud of their history and their diversity, and is also a strong believer in the values of diversity and equality. Also like her brother, she tends to act slightly differently when her brother's around. She mellows out a bit, and calms down. She can actually sit still and hold a serious conversation. She thinks a little bit more about what she does. She's still not exactly philosophical, but Chris can 'trick' her into thinking that way, with his never-ending questions. She's a bit quieter and can actually handle talking in a whisper, or not talking at all and using sign language. When Chris isn't around, even when she's talking to Ravi, she can't resist the urge to talk while signing. Like Chris, Sara is perfectly happy to be away from her brother, though she has trouble if more than a week goes by without seeing him. However, if he's in the same general area, she tends to be drawn to him and generally winds up in the same area. She likes to be with Chris and tends to spend a fair amount of time hanging out with him.

Even when he isn't around, Chris has a great influence on Sara. While she doesn't much like philosophy herself, she actually does enjoy listening to Chris talk about his own theories, and she tends to agree with his logic as well as his conclusions. So she tends to agree with whatever he decides or thinks. He tries to encourage her to think herself before giving her his own theories, and those times indicate that Sara might well come to the same conclusions herself if she tried, because she tends to wind up thinking in very similar ways and coming to similar conclusions. But when she hears her brother talk about something, she tends to just agree with him, and it's not uncommon for her to simply repeat what he says when talking to someone else. However, she does not have the will-power that her brother does, and so doesn't always act on their shared beliefs. For example, she still has a violent streak that she forgets to control, she isn't willing to give up Quidditch or meat - things like that.
Likes; meat, Quidditch (she prefers playing chaser), talking, rock-climbing, swimming (especially where there are fish, and she'd love to go scuba-diving), sharks, people, getting dirty, running around, sports, laughing, her family, diversity, bugs
Dislikes; being depressed or apathetic, boredom, being quite, being still, over-thinking things, the quiet, being away from Chris for too long, being alone for long periods of time, bullies, prejudices, talking about feelings (to anyone but Chris)
Strengths; she's extremely empathetic, she's good at sign language, she's extremely athletic, she's willing to stand up for others and for what is right, she's got a big heart and is extremely loving and caring and loyal though she isn't particularly vocal about it, she's good at reading her brother, she can be kind of smart when she tries and Chris encourages her
Weaknesses; She tends to think rather poorly of herself (though it only comes out in self-depricating jokes), she's often depressed, she's often apathetic, she would do virtually anything for either of her siblings, she doesn't tend to think things through, she's not exactly stupid but she's not overly intelligent either and doesn't really put in the effort to learn things, she's an adrenaline-seeker who tends to get herself hurt, she's not great at self-restraint, she's rather loud, she's rather promiscuous, she tends to just accept things Chris says, she has a violent streak, she doesn't tend to talk about her feelings (except to Chris)
Quirks; when she's talking to Chris alone, they communicate in sign language (especially if they don't want to be overheard). If it's been perfectly quiet for over thirty seconds, she tends to blurt whatever first comes to mind. She's got a bit appetite and tends to eat a lot. When she's walking on her own, she hums.
Habits; When she's been sitting still for over ten minutes (especially when Chris isn't around), her right leg will start bouncing. When she's excited or looking forwards to something while she's trying to write, she tends to tap the quill against the desk or table.
Best Class; Charms
Worst Class; Transfiguration

Sara was born to two very young dads, who made a mistake that only young, first time fathers could: they thought it would be a good idea to each have a kid around the same time and raise them as twins. They thought it would be nice for the two to have someone always around to stick up for them, around the same age, and all of that. But they soon learned that taking care of two infants at once - for they had time it nearly perfectly and Sara was born only a week before her brother - was even more work than it sounded like. But perhaps it worked out for the best, because Chris and Sara had a moderating effect on each other - Chris was more outspoken and Sara a little calmer.

Still, it wasn't until the two had gone to school that Sara' dads could even consider having another kid. After Chris and Sara, they'd come to realize that it really didn't make a difference to them if they were biologically related to the kids - they both loved the twins equally, despite only being biologically related to one. So they decided to adopt this time around. They adopted a deaf infant boy, who Chris and Sara took a liking too. They all started picking up sign language, and Chris and Sara were young enough that they got it pretty quickly. By the time Ravi was old enough to start communicating himself, the whole family was relatively fluent.

Sara had a good childhood. He had a loving family whom he adored. Her dads were supportive and helpful and playful and around whenever they could be. And he and his sister got on as well as any real twins might, and spent much of their time together. They also had a lot of fun with their little brother, and enjoyed spending time with him and playing with him, despite the age difference. They didn't have much in the way of extended family, since their Dad J's parents had disowned him after he married a man, and their Dad D's parents had died in the war. They often wished they'd have been able to meet their grandparents on their Dad D's side, from what he'd said, and cherished the stories they were told - they both held family in high esteem.

They lived in a surprisingly liberal community where there were very few kids who picked on them, though they had plenty of easy reasons to do so. After all, Chris' parents were interracial, not to mention both male. And they were raised Jewish culturally (their Dad D's mother was Jewish), though none of them were very religious - and Chris and Sara weren't at all, and quit going to temple the second they could. And then there was the fact that they had a deaf little brother. Still, there are a few bigots everywhere, and Chris and Sara learned how to stand up for themselves and their family at an early age. They also held a lot of sympathy for other bully victims, and wouldn't hesitate to stick their necks out for someone else.

Sara's dads were very good for her. From a young age, she loved to do dangerous things. For the most part, they allowed her to do what she wanted while making it as safe as possible, instead of making her go behind their backs. For example, she could go rock-climbing but only if she used the safety gear and had at least one dad there with her. So she had a lot of fun experiences, but was never in any real, life-threatening danger. However, they were not as good when it came to her depression. She was very good at hiding it, and her parents never caught on or tried to get her help. Her brother realized, and she could talk to him when she needed, but under the understanding that Chris would never tell. Chris agreed to the compromise because he knew she needed someone she could talk to, but with the understanding that if she ever wasn't able to control it or it got to bad, he would tell their dads.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); she had a surrogate mother that she never met (Natalie Holmsworth, 39, alive, halfblood)
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Duncan Samuels-Inglebee, 40, alive, halfblood
Jason Samuels-Inglebee (non-bio), 41, alive, halfblood
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Christopher Samuels-Inglebee (non-bio), 16, alive, halfblood
Ravi Samuels-Inglebee (non-bio), 10, alive, halfblood
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);

Wand; dragon heartstring and dogwood wood, 10 and a half inches, flexible
Patronus; giraffe
Animagus Form (only fifth years and above); N/A
Animal; She has a screech owl named Monsieur that she shares with Chris

House your character feels they should be in:

As Sara was waiting in line, she reflected on the discussion they'd been having on the train. She and Chris had been sitting with one other boy who was going into his first year. After that kid had finished excitedly talking about Ravenclaw, he finally asked,

"So, what about you?"

"Well, I like Ravenclaw, too. My dads were both in Ravenclaw." Sara stated.

"Dads?" The boy asked, looking surprised.

Sara's eyes narrowed as she braced herself, retorting, "Yeah, what about it."

"Nothing," The boy said, turning bright red with embarrassment. "Just surprised is all, I guess, I've never met..." He trailed off, still looking embarrassed. But Sara's expression had softened when she realized he wasn't just being critical. Still, the boy felt the need to hurriedly change the subject back, asking, "So, that's where you want to be?"

"I don't know," Sara admitted. "I don't really care, I suppose. I'll make it fun wherever I wind up. And I know my dads won't care - they were only joking about us both being expected to follow their footsteps all the way through school, starting with being sorted into Ravenclaw."

"Well..." The boy started, starting to become unsure and feeling as though Sara were intentionally not cooperating. "Do you think you belong there?"

"I don't know." Sara repeated.

Chris smiled and finally interjected to help the other boy drag something out of Sara, "What does Ravenclaw stand for?"


"And do you think you're intelligent?"

"Oh," Sara had said, finally catching on. She then admitted with a grin, "No."

"Why not?" Chris asked, sounding genuinely curious.

"Well, I don't like to think, for one."

"What about the other houses?" The other boy asked eagerly, encouraged by the fact she was actually cooperating a bit now.

Sara glanced at Chris who gave her a nod. So she recited, "Gryffindor is for bravery, Hufflepuff is for loyalty, and Slytherin is for ambition - and purebloods, but, again, I'm almost certain our dads were joking."

"Yeah, but which do you think you belong in?" The boy pushed.

Sara grinned and said, "If only there were a house for the talentless." The boy opened his mouth to say something, but saw Chris shaking his head and took the hint, deciding to stay quiet. Sure enough, it took mere seconds before Sara grew uncomfortable enough with the quiet that she pressed on, "I guess Hufflepuff. I mean, I'd like to think I'm brave, too. But not sure that means I actually am. And I'm definitely not ambitious - I really don't care about the future. So that leaves Hufflepuff. Besides, I am loyal, if nothing else."

"Why do you not think you're brave?" Chris asked.

Sara merely shrugged, and Chris let it go. He probably realized that Sara just didn't want to share that because the other kid was there. But she did reflect on the question. Because she was actually scared very easily. She just enjoyed the feeling, and that she was able to conquer her fears most of the time. But she wasn't actually fearless. And there were also times when she really did not want to face her fears. But she didn't say any of this. Instead she asked her brother, "So are you done with your Socrates yet? What do you think?"

"Well, first I want to know what Mason thinks." Chris said, nodding towards the other boy and making Sara roll her eyes.

"Well, I just met you guys..." The boy said hesitantly.

Chris shrugged and said, "So what's your first impression, then? Your gut instinct?"

"Well, I guess Gryffindor is my gut instinct," The other boy admitted.

"Why?" Chris asked.

The boy shrugged and said, "She just seems like a Gryffindor." He considered before elaborating, "I don't know, she seems gutsy. She seems to say what she thinks, and stands up for imagined slights." He turned slightly pink at the memory, again. What he wanted to say was that she seemed rather rough which was how he pictured Gryffindors. But girls tended to take offense when you said things like that.

Chris smiled, as if he knew the other boy had left something out. And Sara asked impatiently, "Now will you tell me what you think?"

Chris grinned but did just that. "Well, I think you're selling yourself short, as usual. Actually, admittedly, I think you're spot on about Slytherin - you aren't ambitious. You don't much care if you make a name for yourself, though you'd obviously like the people who do know you to see you a certain way. I suppose you're ambitious in the sense that you want to be the best you possibly can, but that's a bit of a stretch. I would actually disagree about, Hufflepuff, too. You definitely are loyal - extremely. But Hufflepuffs are also hard workers which you... well, aren't. I have to practically tie you a chair to get you to do any homework. On the other hand, you do work hard at your hobbies. But, again that's a bit of a stretch. Ravenclaw, I would agree that you prefer not to think, when you can get away with it. But I would argue that, when I can convince you to, you're actually pretty smart. But I think Ravenclaw requires a bit of a desire to learn and think, as well.

"However, you do fit all the houses if you twist the meaning of their traits, a little. So you could go in any if you didn't work so well for Gryffindor." Chris stopped, considering what he could say out loud. After all, Sara had expressed a desire to keep it confidential, simply by not speaking. So he left it at, "You're willing to face your fears." In sign, he added You seem fearless to other people, but the truth is that you just don't let fear stop you. There are instances when you might prefer to avoid your fear, but you won't let it stop you if it's something important. That's bravery - the ability to face your fears when it counts, not just lacking fear altogether.

Sara had nodded, considering this. She wasn't inclined to agree with her brother that she was actually as good at all those things. But she knew she wasn't the most objective, and her brother was always right. So she accepted it.

So, now, Sara headed for the front of the room, confident that her brother must have been right, and she'd be in Gryffindor.

Chosen house is:


Character is:

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Claire Bentley

Birthday : March 19th
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PostSubject: Re: Student - Sara Samuels-Inglebee   Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:38 pm

Last time on the 'Life of Sara and Chris Samuels-Inglebee':

1) Sara came close to killing herself but realized she wanted to live.
2) Sara and Chris had a big fight but made up.
3) Sara and Chris welcomed Serenity back to school.
4) Sara found out Seth wanted to date her but turned him down.
5) Chris started dating Huian and realized he was in love with her.

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Student - Sara Samuels-Inglebee
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