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 Student - Christopher Samuels-Inglebee

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Claire Bentley

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PostSubject: Student - Christopher Samuels-Inglebee   Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:13 pm

Basic Information;

Full Name; Christopher Nicholas Samuels-Inglebee (Chris)
Date of Birth; December 18
Hogwarts Year: Sixth
Age on September 1st: 16
Age on next Birthday: 17
Blood Purity; Halfblood
Hometown; Epping Forest, London
Current Home; Epping Forest, London


Hair; dirty-blond, moderately short, slightly wavy (though it'd be more obvious if it was longer), disheveled
Eye Color; blue
Height; slightly taller than  average
Weight; slightly more than average
Body Type; He's relatively muscular
Dress Style; He wears whatever he grabs first, really. So a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, when in muggle clothes.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); none

Personality; Chris isn't really book smart, though he can certainly learn things when he wants to. But he is a great thinker, and prides himself on being a philosopher. He thinks deeply about things, and doesn't say anything if he hasn't already thought it through and has a strong reason for it. He doesn't think you should believe or do something just because it feels good or sounds right, but believes you need to have a real reason for it. He's a strong believer in Socrates, and asking questions to make people think, even if you already know the answer (or at least think you do).

In general, he's not terribly outspoken. He'd prefer to sit and observe and listen. For the most part, he only speaks when he feels there is something to be said. He can sometimes chit-chat or joke for a while, but he generally doesn't find it the most interesting and will get both bored and tired after a while. However, he's a very different person when around his sister. He's louder and more outspoken, and can actually enjoy just talking about nothing, or trading jokes back and forth. He's also slightly more inclined to help provide answers to his own Socrates questions, and even asks them slightly less often.

He loves to spend time with Sara, and they tend to gravitate towards each other if they're in the same vicinity. But Chris can also enjoy being away from her, and doesn't feel the need to be around her every second. Though they are very different people, they tend to be very in-tune with each other, and are good at reading each other. They can generally tell how the other one is feeling, even if they're trying to hide it. They sometimes also can take good guesses at what the other is thinking. When they want to talk without others understanding or overhearing, they communicate in sign language. When they're together, they make their decisions together, and won't give an answer to a serious question or invitation until they've agreed on it.

Chris loves his family very much, and loves to spend time with any of them. He enjoys talking about art with Ravi. He's very proud of his family's history of diversity (his dads are gay, his sister is bisexual, his grandmother was Jewish and middle-eastern, his grandfather was African, his little brother is deaf). He is a strong believer in the benefits of diversity and equality. Chris hates bullies of every shape and kind, and will always put himself in the line of fire to protect someone else. He's used to facing bullies, as well, and knows how to face them. He tends to play Socrates and ask philosophical questions about their (generally flawed) insults, until they wind up either getting annoyed and walking away or punching him in the face. He doesn't believe in violence, for the most part, and he won't stand up for himself if it requires violence. However, if violence is the only way to protect someone else, he'll use it. But he can generally find a way around it.
Likes; philosophy, listening to other people's thought processes, his family, the sound of waves, swimming, the quiet, thinking, flying, sports that aren't terribly violent (things like football, baseball, basketball, and frisbee), diversity, Socrates, art (especially looking for deeper meanings in it)
Dislikes; bullies, prejudices, people who don't think, mindless memorization, violence, violent sports (like Quidditch, rugby, and ice hockey)
Strengths; he's very good at reading his sister, he's philosophical, he's clever, he is willing to stand up for what is right, he knows sign language, he thinks things through, within reason he is very good at not being judgmental and doesn't tend to try and force his views onto others unless it's a serious moral problem, he has a calm demeanor even when he really is upset and it takes a lot to make him loose control
Weaknesses; he's not really a sparkling conversationalist and tends to be rather quiet, he would do virtually anything for either of his siblings, he tends to put his safety as a secondary concern when someone is in trouble and is selfless to the point of self harm, he isn't willing to use violence even for the sake of defending himself, he can't seem to stop himself from asking questions, some of his philosophies and political views can be a bit radical
Quirks; when he's talking to Sara alone, they communicate in sign language (especially if they don't want to be overheard). He's a vegetarian. He tends to answer questions with another question. Whenever he enters a room he scans it before doing anything else, both to look for Sara and to get a sense of his surroundings. When Sara's nearby, he glances at her at least every few minutes.
Habits; he looks at whatever he's thinking about, and when he's thinking about something abstract he tends to look out windows. He licks his lips when nervous.
Best Class; defense against the dark arts
Worst Class; potions

Chris was born to two very young dads, who made a mistake that only a young, first time father could: they thought it would be a good idea to each have a kid around the same time and raise them as twins. They thought it would be nice for the two to have someone always around to stick up for them, around the same age, and all of that. But they soon learned that taking care of two infants at once - for they had time it nearly perfectly and Chris was born only a week after his sister - was even more work than it sounded like. But perhaps it worked out for the best, because Chris and Sara had a moderating effect on each other - Chris was more outspoken and Sara a little calmer.

Still, it wasn't until the two had gone to school that Chris' dads could even consider having another kid. After Chris and Sara, they'd come to realize that it really didn't make a difference to them if they were biologically related to the kids - they both loved the twins equally, despite only being biologically related to one. So they decided to adopt this time around. They adopted a deaf infant boy, who Chris and Sara took a liking too. They all started picking up sign language, and Chris and Sara were young enough that they got it pretty quickly. By the time Ravi was old enough to start communicating himself, the whole family was relatively fluent.

Chris had a good childhood. He had a loving family whom he adored. His dads were supportive and helpful and playful and around whenever they could be. And he and his sister got on as well as any real twins might, and spent much of their time together. They also had a lot of fun with their little brother, and enjoyed spending time with him and playing with him, despite the age difference. They didn't have much in the way of extended family, since their Dad J's parents had disowned him after he married a man, and their Dad D's parents had died in the war. They often wished they'd have been able to meet their grandparents on their Dad D's side, from what he'd said, and cherished the stories they were told - they both held family in high esteem.

They lived in a surprisingly liberal community where there were very few kids who picked on them, though they had plenty of easy reasons to do so. After all, Chris' parents were interracial, not to mention both male. And they were raised Jewish culturally (their Dad D's mother was Jewish), though none of them were very religious - and Chris and Sara weren't at all, and quit going to temple the second they could. And then there was the fact that they had a deaf little brother. Still, there are a few bigots everywhere, and Chris and Sara learned how to stand up for themselves and their family at an early age. They also held a lot of sympathy for other bully victims, and wouldn't hesitate to stick their necks out for someone else.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); He had a surrogate birth mother whom he never met (Samantha Tylers, 41, alive, halfblood)
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Duncan Samuels-Inglebee (non-bio), 40, alive, halfblood
Jason Samuels-Inglebee, 41, alive, halfblood
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Sara Samuels-Inglebee (non-bio), 16, alive, halfblood
Ravi Samuels-Inglebee (non-bio), 10, alive, halfblood
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);

Wand; unicorn hair and willow wood, 11 inches, flexible
Patronus;a horse
Animagus Form (only fifth years and above); N/A
Animal; He has a screech owl named Monsieur that he shares with his sister.

House your character feels they should be in:

Chris stood next to Sara, reflecting on his analysis of what house he would be in. He thought it was rather fun, the whole self-reflection aspect, so he decided it couldn't hurt to go over it again and see if he'd made any errors - it was always good to retest theories. So he only half paid attention to the others being sorted, as he remembered. After they'd discussed both the house Sara belonged in and the one for the other boy, they'd turned to Chris'.

He'd managed to get Sara to say: "Ravenclaw, because you're smart... you think about literally everything. And you're good with languages, like Dad D. And you seem to be able to learn anything you put your mind to - which is super annoying, by the way - even if you don't learn random trivia for the sake of it."

And Mason had reflected: "Yeah, probably Ravenclaw.... You seem curious about things, and you want to know what other people think. And being open minded is part of Ravenclaw, isn't it?"

While he enjoyed hearing what they thought, it was Chris' own musings that he reflected on. After all, it was his own theory he wanted to critique, though he'd certainly use the other's comments as a guide. Chris had decided that they were probably right, and he did fit best into Ravenclaw. He loved to think and analyze - he was a true philosopher. Or, at least as close to one as an 11-year-old could get. And Sara was right - he was good at learning things. In fact, he tended to soak in knowledge from class without even bothering to study. He didn't have much of an interest in learning random trivia, but that didn't define intelligence. And, as Mason had said, he was open-minded. Chris asked people their opinions not only to make them think, but because he was curious to hear another point of view. He liked having his own ideas challenged - it made him think more.

However, Chris also knew that he could probably fit well into Gryffindor or Slytherin, too. Not so much Hufflepuff - he was very loyal, but not to the point of stupidity. Well, save maybe Sara and Ravi - for them he'd do most anything. And he wasn't really hard working. He supposed he'd work hard if he saw a reason, but he didn't enjoy hard work. He enjoyed hard thinking, but not work. But he could fit into Gryffindor for much the same reason as Sara. Unlike his sister, he didn't go intentionally hunting down his fears. But he would face them when necessary, to protect someone or his ideals. And hadn't he just said that was exactly what bravery was? Being able to face your fears when necessary? Slytherin was a bit more of a stretch, but certainly still viable. He was ambitious in that he wanted to be a great philosopher. He wanted to discover or think of something new that would one day be quoted as much as Socrates or Hume. He wanted to do this largely for the sake of his true ambition: he wanted to make as many people think as deeply as he could. He was determined that, by the time he'd graduated, he would have talked to literally every student at Hogwarts and made them reflect a little.

So, just like Sara - and, he assumed, everyone else - Chris could fit into any of the houses. But he still believed that Ravenclaw was the strongest character traits. Like Sara, he didn't really care where he wound up. But he was anxious to find out if he had been right or not. So, when his name was called, he gave Sara an encouraging smile, and then headed for the front of the room.

Chosen house is:


Character is:

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Student - Christopher Samuels-Inglebee
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