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 Student - Fred Weasley II

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Claire Bentley

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PostSubject: Student - Fred Weasley II   Thu Jan 01, 2015 1:43 pm

Basic Information;

Full Name; Frederick (Fred) Fabian Weasley II  
Date of Birth; August 25
Hogwarts Year: Second
Age on September 1st: 12
Age on next Birthday: 13
Blood Purity; halfblood
Hometown; Flat above Weasley Wizard Wheezes, Diagon Alley, London
Current Home; Leadenhall Market, London (Closest place to Diagon Alley.)


Hair; Dark red, straight, and relatively short
Eye Color; Moderately dark blue
Height; He’s pretty short still, not having hit his real growth spurt. So around 5’2’’
Weight; Pretty skinny and light, around 110 pounds
Body Type; He’s very slim and not particularly muscular. He is kind of lanky, with long limbs.
Dress Style; He mostly owns robes, since he spends most of his time in Diagon. He prefers them loose and slightly run-down, so he doesn’t have to worry about messing them up. But he also has a couple of muggle outfits (baggy jeans, and graphic t-shirts), and a couple of nicer robes, and a couple of dress robes.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); He takes off his father and is so white you would not expect him to have a black mother. He’s also rather freckled.

Personality; Fred is scarily smart. He’s amongst the youngest in the year, but he’s also one of the brightest. That’s not to say he gets the highest grades, though. He only does an assignment if he considers it worth his time – in other words, if he’ll learn something doing it or it’s absolutely essential if he wants to pass. But he seems to know something about everything, and can provide trivia on most any subject. He loves to learn and read, and tell people random tidbits of information. He is, essentially, a nerd. And he’s just a big a klutz as the worst stereotype of one. But, in many ways, he doesn’t act like one. He enjoys running around and playing (though odds are he’ll trip and fall if he does). He’s got a good sense of humor and enjoys joking around (though not quite as excessively as his namesake).

He thinks for himself, and doesn’t do what he’s told simply because he’s told to do it. He has strong morals, though he’s always willing to listen to another point of view if they have actual reasons, but it’s unlikely he’ll ever change his mind. He’ll call people out when they say or do something he disapproves of, even if they thing he’s ridiculous for doing so (such as telling someone off for using gay as an insult, even though they think it’s a joke or that there’s no problem with it). He doesn’t hesitate to stick up for the underdog, or (especially) for his family. He doesn’t see a problem with fighting, if it’s for the right reasons, and will be the first to try and hit you if you insult any of his family, but especially his sister. Odds are he’ll loose the fight, though, because he has no athletic ability whatsoever – but he doesn’t care. He’s tough and, though he may complain when he gets hurt, he’ll generally wind up ignoring it enough to keep doing whatever it was he had been, and it certainly never stops him from doing something.

He’s brutally honest, and says whatever is on his mind, no matter what effect it may have. However, he does generally realize what that effect may be. Fred inherited his father’s unnatural level of perception, and seems to know what people are thinking – especially if he knows them well. Though Fred doesn’t follow rules simply because they’re rules, he is very responsible in his own way. He does what is necessary, and he thinks things through.
Likes; snakes, his family, trivia, honesty, reading, learning
Dislikes; liars, people who don’t think for themselves (or at all), people who expect you to do what they say simply because they said so, false modesty
Strengths; he’s highly intelligent and seems to have an endless store of trivia, he’s independent and thinks for himself – not easily manipulated, he’s perceptive to the point where it seems like he’s just reading your mind, he’s got a good imagination, he doesn’t care what people think of him and doesn’t conform to social norms simply because they’re normal
Weaknesses; He’s brutally honest and doesn’t have much tact, he will do anything to protect or defend his family (especially his little sister), he’s very forthright and doesn’t know how to keep a secret or do something discretely, he did not inherit his parents’ athleticism – in fact, he’s a bit of a clutz
Quirks; He whistles whenever he’s walking on his own, and he impulsively interrupts people to correct them when they get some insignificant fact wrong
Habits; He messes up the back of his hair when he’s thinking, and his nose crinkles when he’s tired
Best Class; he’s good at the subject ‘History of Magic,’ but his grade is marred by the fact that he never shows up (he considers Binns boring, so he does research on his own and only shows up for tests). The class he gets the best grades in is charms.
Worst Class; His poorest grade is probably in History of Magic, but the subject he’s actually the worst at is Herbology.

Fred grew up with very lenient parents who let him do basically anything he wanted to. He was a tad spoiled, even, as there were very few instances when his parents wouldn’t buy him whatever he asked for (thanks to his dad’s lucrative business, they were never short on money). Both of his parents, and especially his dad, never lost their youthfulness and loved playing around with him and his sister. In fact, Fred sometimes jokes that he is raising parents rather than the other way around. Growing up, Fred spent most of his time in his father’s joke shop, where both of his parents worked. In fact, for the first few years of his life, before his sister was born, he literally lived there. But then they moved out of the small flat so he and his baby sister could have their own rooms, and his father instead used the extra space to expand the shop. Still, even after they moved, they only really spent the nights at their home, and spent most of the day in the shop. However, they were free to roam all of Diagon, and he spent probably half his time at the bookstore. His parents never made him go to muggle school, and Fred never wanted to – he preferred to learn what he wanted, when he wanted. He basically treated the bookstore like a library, spending full days there just reading. But they never bothered him, because he did buy books as well – in fact, he was arguably their biggest customer and wound up taking over the spare room at the house to basically turn it into a library, with all the walls lined with bookshelves full of books, and comfy places to sit and read in the middle.

However, for all the time spent at Flourish and Blotts learning, he spent at least an equal amount of time playing. He loved joking around, having sword fights, playing imaginary games, playing board games, running around or playing on brooms (even though he had a tendency to injure himself when he did). And he was never short of playmates. He spent a lot of time with the Wood and Jordan kids, all of who spent a lot of time at the shop (the Jordans’ father worked there, and Fred’s parents served as a babysitter when the Wood parents were off at games and couldn’t bring the kids and Honoria wasn’t around). And when they weren’t around, Fred had a very large family. He has around a dozen cousins that he could play with. And then there was his immediate family – he enjoyed playing with his sister, unlike most older brothers, and even his father and mother. He sees no shame in considering his family amongst his best friends, even his parents.

His parents did have a few rules, most of which he obeyed. However, he was both encouraged and naturally prone to questioning rules and doesn’t follow them unless there’s an actual reason to do so. But, for the most part, he’s allowed to do whatever he wants.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Angelina Weasley nee Johnson, 38, alive, halfblood
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); George Weasley, 38, alive, pureblood
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Roxanne Weasley, 9, alive, halfblood
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);A lot. Let’s just say all of the Weasleys and Potters.

Wand; dragon hearstring, maple, sturdy, 10 and a quarter inch
Patronus; He can’t make one yet. But it will be a dolphin.
Animagus Form (only fifth years and above); N/A
Animal; a coral snake named Fluffy (as a joke). He’s not technically supposed to have it at Hogwarts, but he brings it anyways.

House your character feels they should be in:

Fred didn't really care where he wound up being sorted. His dad had joked about disowning him if he wasn't a Gryffindor, but Fred knew full well it was just a joke. His dad wouldn't care any more than he himself, really. Of course, his family did have a strong history with Gryffindor. Not only his parents, but also all of his Aunts and Uncles (save his Aunt Fleur, who didn't go to Hogwarts) and his Grandparents had been in the house. But tradition only meant so much to Fred, and he would be perfectly happy to diverge from the beaten path for Weasleys. And, the way he saw it, a house didn't matter. It was hardly going to change who he was.

Therefore, he wasn't particularly worried when his name was called. Plus, he wasn't uncomfortable having peoples' eyes on him. Unlike the Freya and Georgiana, he didn't intentionally call attention to himself. But once it was there, he didn't mind it. So he walked up to sit on the stool with perfect ease, relieved that his dad really had been joking about trolls and it was just a hat that sorted you.

Still, once on the stool, he found his mind racing, trying to figure out what house he would be in, simply to see if he got it right. His first guess was Ravenclaw. He was incredibly smart, and he knew it. And he saw no reason to deny it just to be 'modest' - a stupid concept. Further, he was open-minded. He was always willing to hear another side of an argument, even if it was unlikely that it would actually change his mind. But he would give it a chance.

But then, Fred might belong in Gryffindor, like so many members of his family. He wasn't afraid of much. And, when he was, it didn't generally deter him. And he'd stick up for others, and defend the weak (not that he was particularly strong himself), which was part of chivalry. Nor was Hufflepuff too far off the mark. He was hardworking when he wanted to be, when it was important or something he cared about or was interested in. Further, he was very loyal. He was not inclined to just give up on people he cared about. He could also be in Slytherin, he supposed. Of course, his parents were always taking jibes at Slytherin, but he didn't much care - he knew they loved him, and they'd accept it. Besides, he wasn't sure that Slytherins were as bad as they made them out to be. All it said about someone was that they were ambitious. Which Fred certainly was. He wanted to be in government some day, so he could make a real difference for real people.

Fred assumed you could make an argument for most anybody to be in any of the four houses, and he was no exception. But, pressed for time as the hat was lowered onto his head, Fred made the call for the house he thought was strongest, before he found out what the hat thought: Ravenclaw.

Chosen House:


Character is:

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Student - Fred Weasley II
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