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 Adult - Savannah Berri

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Claire Bentley

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PostSubject: Adult - Savannah Berri   Mon Dec 29, 2014 4:24 pm

Basic Information;

Full Name; Savannah Berri (aka Strawberry)
Title; Miss
Date of Birth; 28th December
Age on September 1st: 21
Age on Next Birthday: 22
Blood Purity; Half-Blood
Hometown; Covent Garden, London
Current Home; Covent Garden, London
Job; Make-up Artist, Plays in a band


Hair; Savannah's mother dyed her hair when she was little, see family history, and the method used destroyed a lot of Savannah's hair. Therefore Savannah always keeps her natural light brown hair nowadays though it sometimes seems darker depending on the light. Because of the damage she has to use hair extensions to cover the bad parts until they grow back in which can take years. She also cannot have it down for that reason and therefore always has it up in the same high ponytail. Though she changes her fringe and adds hairbands. She knows she gets a lot of comments from people who come to their concerts complaining it always looks the same but she tries to ignore it.
Eye Color; Savannah has dark brown eyes with long lashes.
Height; She is 5ft 4" though its hard to tell since she is always sitting down.
Weight; She is average weight for her height.
Body Type; Savannah is petite with gentle curves, a little chunky, and tanned skin.
Dress Style; Savannah likes pretty headbands with different styles. She likes pretty tops, jeans and pretty shoes. She occasionally wears dresses. Her outfits are the tamest of the group as she tends to keep more revealing clothes for special occasions and wears softer less in your face colours.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); She is wheelchair bound and tends to change her wheelchair rims to match her outfits.

Personality; Savannah is remarkably shy for a girl who performs regularly on stage. She hates giving interviews, but will do so because she sees its important, and is happiest behind her keyboard. She is the one who does most of the organizing for the band. Arranging gigs, booking hotel rooms and making sure all the admin side is dealt with. She likes to plan things in advance but is prepared for things to go wrong and does not mind if her plans have to change. She is a gentle girl who does not show her emotions much unless with the other band members. She does not trust people easily and it took a while for her to warm up to Ophelia, Honoria and Cherise though they are like family now. Savannah is not one for wishing and hoping. She does what she can and accepts what she cannot. She does not look for sympathy or want to be patronized. Though she likes it when someone spots she needs help and helps her without making a big deal or a fuss about it.

She does not find it easy in party situations and can usually be found near the food table. She is a talented keyboard player but sometimes fails to recognize her importance to the band. She loves to travel and experience new cultures. Though she is never quite brave enough to do it alone. Cherise often comes with her as the two are closest. She once admitted during a game of truth or dare that she thinks Honoria is hot and it is evident that she will do whatever Honoria asks of her, within reason, however it is hard to tell what she really feels as she is generally a giving person who wants to help those she sees as family. She gets embarrassed by nudity and blunt talk though accepts it - with a blush - because she knows that Cherise won't stop doing it. She likes classical music, country music and then the more lively modern music. She loves to read and generally has a book with her wherever she goes. She will even have one tucked behind her keyboard when performing. She is not an exceptionally smart girl but she likes to learn new things especially from her reading. Especially cultural things and languages that help the band when on tour or doing concerts around London.

Likes; Reading, having adventures, her band who she sees as family, playing keyboard and experiencing new cultures.
Dislikes; Giving interviews, doing scary things alone, partying and discussing nudity or explicit topics.
Strengths; She is a smart girl who reads a lot, is open-minded and keeps the band going with her planning.
Weaknesses; She is shy, a little too much so sometimes, and sometimes finds it hard to see her own value.
Quirks; She takes a book with her everywhere, even tucked behind her keyboard on stage.
Habits; She will tap the rhythm to knew songs she is thinking up on her wheelchair rims.

Honey Marie was an exotic dancer who had taken up the profession when she ran away from home as a teenager. She lived in a squalid one bedroom flat and paid the rent via her tips. She slept around as a form of entertainment when not dancing and generally gave a bad name to her profession. She was fired when she feel pregnant. She could not afford an abortion so she spent money on herbs from a woman who claimed that they would do the same thing. They did not and she gave birth to Savannah. Honey had thought her baby already dead, thanks to the herbs, so she had drunk heavily during the pregnancy and kept sleeping around.

The damage was done and Savannah was born wheelchair bound and mute. Her mother took advantage of the fact Savannah could not cry to neglect her. However she was rescued by social services and taken into care.  When she was five her mother petitioned to have her back. She had moved in with a rich new boyfriend who was paying for a nice flat for her. So she got Savannah back. She turned Savannah into her little barbie doll. Dressing her up as she saw her fit, dying her hair with bleach every morning to make it bright red, and trying to turn her into the doll she had never had as a child but always wanted - strawberry shortcake. Savannah was expected to just sit still for hours, and be left alone, until her mother wanted to make her move.

When she was ten she was rescued again by social services and taken into care. At age twelve she was adopted by a couple, Mr and Mrs Berri. Richard Berri was a magical researcher who worked with developing magical equipment for disabled witches and wizards. Helen Berri was a professor at a school for disabled witches and wizards. Richard soon had a magical board fixed to the side of Savannah's wheelchair. So she could type what she wanted to say and an voice would say it. He worked hard to make the voice as natural sounding as possible considering it was magically created from nothing. Savannah could now communicate. They also saved up the money to get Savannah a light weight and pretty wheelchair with rims that could change colour to match her outfit. From then on Savannah had a happy childhood. She had parents who loved her and a new found ability to communicate that meant for the first time she had the option to ask for what she wanted and needed.

Savannah flourished under her new parents. They decided she was not ready for Hogwarts and instead she went to a small magic facility for disabled students. Here she was taught magic. She was allowed to do magic on grounds but not at home just like Hogwarts. Due to this tutelage and the loving care of her parents by the time she turned eighteen she was independent enough to leave home. She came to be apart of the band because she saw an advert for a keyboard player wanted. She was nineteen, had been working as a make-up artist, and decided to just go for it. She was incredibly nervous but somehow her talent got her through the audition. She was invited for a test run. After six months she passed and was accepted as a proper member of the band. She has been with the band ever since. It was just luck that she happened to live close to Cherise.

She kept her job as a make-up artist. It meant she could fun being able to perform with the band. Plus the job does not involve much talking, mostly listening. Savannah does not have any problems with her hearing so she can manage fine with that. It also involves making other people happy which she loves. She also offers regularly to do the make-up for the other girls in the band before a gig because she is talented with her hands. It is also what makes her good at key-board. She often feels that she can live with not being able to walk but she never could have lived with not being able to use her hands.

Spouse; N/A
Children; N/A
Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Honey Marie, alive, Half-Blood
Adopted - Helen Berri, alive, Half-Blood
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity);
Real - unknown
Adopted - Richard Berri, alive, Half-Blood
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); N/A
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); She sees her band as family, Ophelia, Cherise and Honoria.

Wand; 12 and a quarter inch oak wand with dragon heart string core
Patronus; Snake
Animagus Form (if they have one); N/A
Animal; Barn owl named Helen

Former School; Saria Academy for Disabled Witches and Wizards, England
House they were in at Hogwarts (if they went); N/A

Character is:

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Adult - Savannah Berri
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