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 Child - Alessia Augustin

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Claire Bentley

Birthday : March 19th
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PostSubject: Child - Alessia Augustin   Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:33 pm

Basic Information;

Full Name; Alessia Marie Augustin
Date of Birth; 3rd April, 2006
Age; 10
Blood Purity; Half-Blood
Hometown; Quebec, Canada (Though born in London.)
Current Home; Epping Forest, London (Just moved.)


Hair; Alessia has long hair that is naturally straight but curls in slightly at the end. It is a dark brown but sometimefs appears lighter in the summer months. She tends to always wear it down but when she does wear it up she favors having it in some sort of braid.
Eye Color; She has dark brown eyes but during the summer months they appear lighter.
Height; Just below average but not enough to be seen as particularly short.
Weight; Just below average but not really that skinny.
Body Type; Alessia has the boyish figure of a pre-teen. She has pinkish skin but pale. She has a smattering of freckles.
Dress Style; Alessia is a tomboy by nature and she prefers to wear jeans and tops. She likes comfortable, loose clothing that she can run around in. She has a couple of hockey jerseys as well. Her mother would prefer that she dressed a lot more like a girl. When she has a modeling job - and her mother can actually make her go - she has to be all dressed up. But she rebels against that whenever possible.
Other (eg birth mark, tattoo ect); N/A

Personality; Alessia is quite below average intelligence in someways and has a lot of 'blonde moments.' However the one thing she does seem to be particularly talented at is languages. She can easily switch from chatting to her father in French to talking to her mother in English. She struggles at school but she is an athletic and active girl who loves sports. She tends to prefer actions rather than words. She loves playing outside and never worries about getting dirty, picking up the odd bruise or the cold. In fact due to her Canadian upbringing she never finds England particularly cold at any time. She is a good natured girl with a sweet temperament who loves to make friends. She likes playing make-believe and has vivid imagination which helps with her dreams to be an actress. She is a generous girl with a fun-loving nature who can get angry quickly but gets over it just as quickly. She knows how to keep a secret and she is a good listener even if half the time she doesn't understand what people are talking about. She loves to day-dream and is open to believe things other people might not. She gets distracted easily and can sometimes be entertained by the simplest of things. Alessia does not get scared really but that is generally because she doesn't realize that she should be scared. She has trouble seeing the big picture and very much lives in the moment.

Whilst Alessia does have the childish nature of a ten year old she is very responsible in other ways. For example, despite the lack of common sense in some areas, she had learned the rules of how to survive at home even with a mother like hers. She has also learned to think before she speaks. Even if sometimes thinking takes her a while. Alessia gets excited by small things and like to celebrate every achievement in life no matter how trivial. She might have a short attention span but she is patient in that if she really wants to understand something or do something she will force herself to really try and really focus. She works hard despite the fact she is not very bright because she wants to at least pass her classes even if she never achieve anything that amazing grade wise. Alessia is use to keeping secrets after all the years of pretending life with her mother was fine. So she knows she can keep a secret if someone needs her too. She hasn't got the best memory but she is always trying to work on it by repeating stuff too herself. She hates modelling shoots because she doesn't like being forced to stand still for hours and the fact she isn't allowed to smile or laugh while it is happening. Alessia loves to laugh.

Alessia upbringing from the age of eight gave her independence, not that she wanted it, but it also instilled in her a desire to be around people. So she likes to make friends and have them around. She also likes to experiment with food as she always had to try and work out what she could and couldn't eat. So now she just likes to experiment anyway. She is a creative girl. She tries really hard at anything she does even if she knows she is going to fail. Alessia has family loyalty in that she would do anything for her Dad. She also is a very trusting friend who hates to think bad of anyone she has chosen to let into her life. She is a forgiving girl and even tries to forgive her mother for how she acts. She thrives on praise but never expects to get any because she doesn't really at home. She is easily confused but she hates it when she is. She prefers to know what is happening. She does not like it when someone keeps something from her - if she notices they are doing so that is.

Likes; Alessia has simple pleasures and her list of likes is rather long. She likes shiny things, things that glitter, things made of glass. She likes animals and ornaments and toys in the shapes of animals. She likes things she can squish and take apart and put back together and fiddle with without breaking. She likes painting and drawing. She likes making up stories but most of all listening to stories other people make up. She loves making friends and being with other people. She loves playing in the snow, kicking a ball around with friends and Ice Hockey. She loves rough and tumble games, being outside and getting scars and bruises because they prove shes lived so she thinks. She loves getting praise. She loves cookies, cheesecake, ice-cream and anything that goes with mash potato. She loves dancing around like no-one is watching her, singing loudly, doing yoga and running around. She likes doing cartwheels and handstands and generally using up energy. She loves to laugh and she is happiest when always smiling. She loves holiday, festive occasions, giving presents, getting presents and when it is time to see her dad. She loves traveling and flying in planes. She loves magic and everything to do with it. She likes it when she remembers something because she so often doesn't. She likes fairies, flowers, beautiful things. She likes converse, welly boots and the rain. She love splashing in puddles, playing in the mud and digging for treasure. She loves finding hidden things, playing hide and seek and coming up with new games to play. She loves acting, writing new plays and performing plays. She loves make-believe, dressing up and using her imagination. She loves watching people do magic and when she does a bit of underage magic. She loves the playground, the swimming pool and the beach. She loves beads, thimbles and marbles.

Dislikes; Alessia dislikes bullies, mean people and being made fun of. She does not like being lied to or when someone is obviously keeping something from her. She does not like being underestimated or getting negative feedback. She hates people who threaten her family or friends. She does not like being home alone especially when it is dark. She hates reading about cruelty to animals or children. She dislikes pessimists or those who laugh at her idea. She does not like close-minded people or not being listened to. She hates modelling, being made to sit still, when she is not allowed to smile or laugh. She does not like being serious unless it is important. She does not like it when she is confused. She does not like confining clothes or anything she cannot be comfortable in. She does not like it when people think she is weird just because she is artistic.

Strengths; Alessia is a creative and artistic girl with a sweet nature. She is athletic, good at sports and active. She has a good imagination and is a good actress. She is honest but can keep a secret when someone needs her to. She is hard-working and always trying to be better at what she is bad at. She is loyal to her friends and family. She is open-minded and social. She is trustworthy and a good listener. She is generous. She is really good at languages. She can look after herself when she needs to.
Weaknesses; She is not very bright at all, struggles at school and often gets confused when people are talking. She has a bad memory though she does try to improve it. She does not like being alone and is not very good when home alone. She is a little too fearless because most of the time she can't work out she is meant to be scared. She can seem a little weird sometimes and finds it hard to see the big picture.

Quirks; She carries a squishy bit of bluetack around with her so she can fiddle with it and mould it and squish it in her hands whenever she wants.

Habits; She can move between languages without even noticing sometimes - especially her two main languages French and English. She sometimes refers to herself in the third person without even thinking about it.

Lucille Arachne was born in Canada to a model and an actor. She was entered for her first modelling contract at six months and auditioned for her first film at age five. When she was young and cute she easily found jobs. However she was not a very good actress and by eighteen the jobs were few and far between. She was forced to move out her apartment when the money ran out and she became quite desperate. However in a club she found the answer to her problems. She met Hayden Augustin. He was a professional Ice Hockey player. Young, fresh and still earning plenty. Lucille had a romanticized view of being a wife. She did not consider that it involved love or even affection. She imagined once again wondering around in expensive dresses and showing off her handsome husband to make people jealous. Hayden, who was a very down to earth and relaxed man despite his success, had never met a girl like Lucille before. He was entranced by her and was soon convinced to believed he was in love. With a few months they were married.

Lucille settled back into her life of luxury and enjoying herself. She partied, spent her husband's money and enjoyed the fact her husband traveled a lot. Other wives and girlfriends went with the players but Lucille who did not really care about her husband's feelings decided against going. She was however bought to an abrupt halt when she fell pregnant. Lucille panicked. She did not want a baby. She did not want to sacrifice her figure, her party life style and her freedom all for a child that she had no wish to have with a husband who she tolerated because he was handsome and rich. First she considered getting an abortion but she was somewhat scared by the idea of having surgery and of the abortion effecting her body. She then thought about adoption however she knew her husband would not agree. Hayden was thrilled when he found out about the baby. He dreamed of a boy to take after himself but he knew whichever gender the baby was he would love it.

Lucille decided to experiment with spending time away from her husband. She was pondering the idea of leaving him and collecting a large cash settlement in the divorce. He could raise the baby and she could continue spending his money but in a different way. However about a week into her stay in London she gave birth. She panicked and the moment she could she returned to Canada with the new baby. Hayden took some time off and the two settled into being parents. Alessia was a daddies girl from the start. Whether she knew her father loved her a lot more than her mother or whether it was simply because she was a tom-boy Alessia much preferred being with her father. She loved spending time at the pitch, watching her Dad play and ice-skating as well. For a while she loved wobbling around in her mum high heels and pretending to put make up on in front of her mums mirror as well. However a she got bigger she got more tomboy and soon her mum could only wrestle her into dresses for special occasions.

Alessia felt she had a great childhood. She loved playing in the snow with the other children on her street in winter. In summer they would play football on the street as not many cars passed by. She was always free to be herself with her Dad and he made sure that she wanted for nothing. Though she was not spoiled. He did not buy her anything she wanted. He wanted her to grow up loved but responsible. Alessia started showing signs of magic at about five years old. She had no control over the signs. Hayden was a muggle-born wizard who had grown up living with a mixture of muggle and magic. So while the house was mostly muggle for the sake of his wife he was thrilled his daughter was showing signs of magic. He encouraged it and praised her every time she did. On the other hand Lucille hated anything that her husband liked. Magic which came from him became something she despised. She forbid Alessia to talk about it when her husband was not around and punished her any time she showed any signs of it.

When Alessia was eight her mother decided that she was old enough to look after herself. This meant Lucille could finally go through with her plan of leaving Hayden and taking Alessia. Despite the fact she did not really love her daughter she wanted to take her in order to punish Hayden. She built up a resentment towards him. Blaming him for everything even things that could not possibly be his fault. She also resented Alessia's love for her father. Not wanting Alessia to love her particularly but not wanting her to love anyone else either. Lucille decided to return to London and attempt to revive her acting career. So when her father was off on a Hockey Tour Lucille packed up her and Alessia's stuff. She then dragged her daughter off to the airport and they caught a plane to London.

Lucille found a flat for cheap and came to an arrangement with the landlord that she wouldn't talk about. From then on Alessia was raised by her mother exclusively and she hated it. She missed her father a lot. Lucille ranged from trying to re-erect a career in acting that never really got started and finding new hobbies. She tried to make it at so many things that there was rarely any money in the house. Lucille however could not adjust to going from lots of money to none. So she acted like she still had plenty. Especially since she still had an the expensive dresses and jewellery from when she was married. In the end she was forced to seek employment and got a job working as a waitress in a rather sleazy bar. Though she still strutted around in her expensive clothes and jewellery because she wanted to pretend she was still rich. Even if it was a rather dangerous thing to do in the area they lived in.

From the moment they settled into their new home Alessia was expected to look after herself. Lucille felt at eight years old Alessia was plenty old enough to be responsible. Therefore she would leave Alessia home alone while she was out getting tattoos, working at the bar or sleeping with men. Alessia missed getting snow in winter that was deeper than two inches, she missed played hockey and she missed her friends. She missed talking about magic. She most of all could not stop missing her Dad. She rang her Dad every weekend and she had opportunities to tell her Dad the truth. However when she rang her Dad the first time he was so relieved she was safe and happy that Alessia did not have the heart to tell him that she wasn't. She let her Dad keep believing she was being looked after. She rang her Dad every week from then on, provided the phone had not been cut off, but kept any mention of her mother out the conversation. When the phone was cut off then she would send her Dad an owl instead even though it would take longer to find him - as she always rang him on his mobile because he would have that on any tour he was on. She knew her mother still forbid any signs of magic from the house. However Lucille reluctantly tolerated the owl because she knew Hayden would get suspicious if he did not hear from Alessia.

Alessia soon got use to the house rules of never going into her mums bedroom and never answering the door when her mother was out. She also spent time working out what she could cook and what she could not when her mother forgot to put something on. Alessia dreamed of being a famous actress and would use her imagination to write one woman plays and then perform them on the rare times her mother was at home. She often asked her mother about going back to her Dad but Lucille always said the same thing. Her father was unnecessary and inconvenient. After two years of this, just before her tenth birthday, Alessia finally told her Dad the truth. He was on the first plane to England and serving custody papers. Determined not to let this continue. However Lucille cleared up her act in the few weeks before the hearing and to Alessia's horror the court found in favor of joint custody. The fact her father traveled a lot with his job tipped the scales in favor of joint custody. However Hayden was still determined to make things better for his daughter.

Therefore he paid for the Lucille and Alessia to move out of the dodgy area of London and take up a new house in Epping Forest, a nice suburb of London. Now Alessia spends the year split between her father and her mother. Lucille quit her job with the move and found a new job working as a waitress in a restaurant in Epping Forest. Hayden pays for the house and has also set up an account to pay child support. Lucille spends most of it on herself but to keep the law off her back does use some of it to buy Alessia clothes, to feed her and to make sure that she has her school supplies. When Alessia starts attending Hogwarts she will have a second account which will be filled with money just for school which she can access herself at Gringotts. Lucille decided if she was forced to be a mother then she would get something out of her daughter. So she drags her daughter along to modelling calls and casting shoots for acting and modelling jobs. Alessia does not mind going to the casting calls because she does want to be an actress but she hates dressing up fancy and she does not like modelling at all. Lucille still forbids talk of magic in the house and any signs of magic are punished. Henriette, the owl, must remain locked up, now that Hayden pays the bills so the phone is never cut off.

Mother (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Lucille Augustin
Father (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); Alessia Augustin
Siblings (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); N/A
Other family members (Name, age, dead or alive, blood purity); N/A

Other; N/A
Animal; An Eagle owl named Henriette

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Claire Bentley

Birthday : March 19th
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PostSubject: Re: Child - Alessia Augustin   Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:55 am

Last time on the 'Life of Alessia Augustin':

1) Alessia made the trip back to Canada and is with her Dad for a whole move. She will be back in April.
2) Alessia did a tour of the local embassy's to try and find the country of residence of Maisy's bio Dad.
3) Alessia attempted to get her mother to text her back but failed miserably.

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Child - Alessia Augustin
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