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 Potions list

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Jennifer Bentley

Virgo Age : 34
Birthday : 14th June
Job : Headmistress of Hogwarts
House/Year : Adult
Posts : 26

PostSubject: Potions list   Wed Dec 10, 2014 9:26 pm

Below is the list of all the Potions that can be made and in the posts after that are the instructions on how they can be made.

1. Aging Potion
2. Amortentia (Love Potion)
3. Beautifying Potion
4. Blood Replenishing Draught
5. Boil Cure
6. Bruise Healing Paste
7. Burn Remedy
8. Calming Draught
9. Confusing Draught
10. Cough Potion
11. Felix Felicias
12. Forgetfulness Potion
13. Invisibility Potion
14. Draught of the Living Death
15. Mandrake Draught
16. Normans Nausea Potion
17. Shrinking Solution
18. Skele-grow Potion
19. Skin Staining Potion
20. Sleeping Draught
21. Strengthening Solution
22. Swelling Solution
23. Throats Ease Potion
24. Tranquilizing Potion
25. Veritaserum
26. Voice Altering Draught
27. Draught of the Void Mist
28. Basic Draught
29. Accelerant
30. Wit Sharpening Potion


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Jennifer Bentley

Virgo Age : 34
Birthday : 14th June
Job : Headmistress of Hogwarts
House/Year : Adult
Posts : 26

PostSubject: Re: Potions list   Wed Dec 10, 2014 9:29 pm


This potion was developed to age the drinker's physical appearance rapidly for a temporary period of time. Created by Augustus Wrinkleroot, a renowned alchemist of the 18th century who dabbled in the span of the human life and coincidentally died at the early age of 32, this potion requites few ingredients must be carefully prepared. It will last for two hours.

Brewing time: 2 weeks

3 Worrywart Toes, dried
2 oz. Mammoth Bone, ground
1 oz of Kumquat juice

1. Fill the cauldron halfway with fresh water and bring it to a rapid boil.

2. Shred Worrywart Toes into thin strips, and add them to your cauldron along with 2 ounces of ground mammoth bone.

3. Lower heat and let it sit for 10 minutes, or till the brew is a greenish grey, then slowly add the juice to the mixture.

4. Cover cauldron and stew for a fortnight.

Warnings: If the Kumquat juice is not fresh enough, one will age past their death date and immediately end their life. DO NOT drink unless the potion is a dark olive in color.


AMORTENTIA (Love potion)

Does not really causes the person who drinks it to fall in love with someone, as it is impossible to manufacture or imitate love. A love potion simply causes the drinker to develop a powerful infatuation or obsession with the target, and Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world. Recognizable by its distinctive mother-of-pearl sheen and by the fact that its steam rises in characteristic spirals. The potion smells differently to different people according to what attracts them. It is banned in Hogwarts, per the request of Argus Filch. Only able to brew under the permission of the Potion Professor.

Brewing time: 2 1/2 weeks

12 Ashwinder eggs, frozen
2 oz. of belladonna essence
5 Veela hairs
1 rose (petals only)
1 cup of white wine, mixed with 1 cup of water

1. Put cauldron on fire. Add the cup of white wine, mixed with one cup of water. NOTE: do not add wine unless it is mixed with water! Will cause explosion. Stir counterclockwise for two minutes.

2. Slowly add the Ashwinder eggs. Bring to a slight boil, stir frequently until the potion is thick, and a sparkly blue color. Stir after it turns blue for five minutes.

3. Add the Veela hairs. Take off fire, and cover the cauldron. Let the potion sit for thirty minutes. DO NOT take the lid off of your cauldron, or the vapors you inhale will cause a Narcissistic-type complex.

4. After thirty minutes, put cauldron back on. Uncover. Potion should now be a light yellow color.

5. Add one ounce of belladonna essence, and half of the rose petals. Stir and let boil on low heat for one and a half weeks.

6. Add the other ounce of belladonna essence, and the other half of the rose petals. Stir, and let boil on low heat for one week.

7. Take off fire. Steam will rise from the pot in heart-shaped swirls, and will be a mother-of-pearl sheen if brewed correctly.



Causes the drinker to appear more attractive to whomever is looking at them.

14 ounces Dugbog Urine
4 Skink Eyes
2 ounces Flobberworm Mucus
1 ounce Rat Droppings
12 Rose Petals

Brewing Time: 45 minutes


1. Bring the Dugbog Urine to a rapid boil.

2. Add four Skink Eyes immediately and boil one minute past the point at which they are fully dissolved. The potion should be orange in color.

3. Add seven drops of Flobberworm Mucus immediately and stir vigorously for two minutes.

4. Gently mix in one scoop of rat droppings and one rose petal.

5. Reduce heat and let simmer for ten minutes.

6. Allow to cool completely before handling.

Warnings: Over boiling the Dugbog Urine will produce fumes that cause acne. Too many rat droppings will give it a bitter taste. Adding the rose petal before the rat droppings will cause the potion to explode.



Stimulates a mammals blood to reproduce itself. Primarily used in the case of injuries that include a loss of blood.

1 gallon Distilled Water
3 bunches of Knotgrass
1 Kappa Liver
2 Alihotsy Roots
2 drops Flax Oil

Brewing Time: 25 hours


1. Light a medium fire under a pewter cauldron and let it burn, undisturbed for thirteen minutes.

2. Add the water and allow it to heat for five minutes.

3. Add the knotgrass and steep until wilted and grey, stirring constantly. Remove Knotgrass and discard.

4. Add one Kappa liver, mashed with a marble mortar and pestle. Stir sixteen times counter clockwise. Potion should be deep red.

5. Reduce the flame to low and wait four minutes.

6. Sprinkle in two sliced Alihotsy Roots without stirring.

7. Pour in two drops of Flax Oil and rapidly stir ten times clockwise. Potion will be yellow and smell bitter.

8. Continue heating over low heat for 23 hours.

9. Remove from heat and let stand for fifteen minutes before stirring and pouring into flasks.

Improperly brewed, this potion can cause other bodily fluids to be increased as well, a problem that can range from annoying to fatal, depending on how severe. If the Kappa Liver is from a creature which has consumed an irregular diet, the magical properties of this potion may not be correctly transferred to the drinkers blood. Those with a history of chronic hysteria should not consume this variety of Blood Replenishing potion.


BOIL BEGONE POTION (aka - Boil Cure)

This potion will cure boils and sores of all kinds, but should be used no more than once a week, to avoid inflammation of the skin. This is meant to be used as a topical cream, and accidental ingestion can lead to illness and death. As with all potions, consult a Potions Master before using.

Brewing time: Approx. 30 minutes

Ingredients :
8 ounces water
2 ounces dried nettles
1/2 ounce snake fangs
4 medium sized horned slugs
10 porcupine quills

Procedure :

1. Shred the dried nettles into thin strips, no wider than one inch. Add them to your cauldron with the water and light a small fire underneath to cause the water to boil. When the water is at a rolling boil, add the horned slugs. Lower the flame of the fire a bit to decrease the heat until it is at a slow simmer. Allow to simmer for 10 minutes without stirring.

2. While nettles and slugs are stewing, begin crushing the snake fangs with your mortar and pestle, careful not to prick your finger on any in case of lingering poison. When the fangs are crushed into a coarse powder and the nettles and slugs have stewed for 10 minutes, add the crushed fangs to the cauldron, stirring constantly. Remove the cauldron from heat and allow to cool for 5 minutes.

3. When mixture has cooled, add the porcupine quills. Stir constantly until the quills have softened and begin to dissolve.

4. Pour into clay jars for storage and keep in a cool, dry place.



1 cup Weasel Milk
6 Helichrysum Petals
3 slivers Yarrow Root
5 drops Lavender Oil
Lemon Peel
20 Arnica Petals

Brewing Time: 10 minutes


1. Heat the Weasel Milk over high flames, stirring rapidly, for two minutes.

2. Drop in the Helichrysum Petals, crushed, and three slivers of Yarrow Root and reduce heat to low.

3. Add five drops of Lavender Oil and a pinch of grated lemon peel. Potions should appear brown and shiny.

4. Sprinkle with twenty Arnica Petals. Potion should turn white.

5. Remove from heat and stop stirring.

Warnings: Do not stop stirring this potion at any point during the preparation process.
If any errors are made in the preparation process, the potion will begin to emit sparks, and should be discarded. If an improperly prepared potion is used on the skin, green blisters may appear.


BURN REMEDY (aka - Burn Healing Paste)

A commonplace healing salve used by mediwizards worldwide, this is one of the simplest brews to make, if the ingredients are prepared properly.

1 oz. Poppy seeds
1 Fresh turnip
1 Aloe Vera Leaf
1 oz frog liver, Powdered
1 cup water


1.Grind poppy seeds into a fine dust.

2. Extract one ounce of the turnip's blood from it's main vein, using a syringe. Combine seed powder and blood in the cauldron.

3. Cut the aloe vera leaf into very thin strips, lengthwise. Add it with the frog liver and water to the cauldron. Mix well.

4. Simmer all ingredients together for five minutes, or until they form a rather gelatinous texture.

5. Pour the mixture into clay jars for storage.



For the steadying of nerves and the calming of the mind and body.

Brewing time: 40 minutes

3 oz Pomegranate Juice
6 Angelica Stems
11 ounces Water
2 Belladonna Leaves
1 ounce Mistletoe
4 Passionflower buds
2 Whole Butterfly wings


1. Heat the Pomegranate juice just until it is steaming over a low flame and stew the Angelica stems in it for five minutes, stirring constantly.

2. Add the water very slowly without stirring.
Increase the flame to high and bring the mixture to a boil.
3. Crush the belladonna and the mistletoe together, add to the potion, and stir 14 times clockwise.
4. Potion should be purple and glittering.
5. Sprinkle the passionflower buds over the top. Let stew, without stirring, until the buds sink into the liquid.
6. Immediately drop the butterfly wings in.
7. If the potion has been prepared correctly, it will be light blue and mildly viscous.

Warning: If any traces of glittering remain, discard the potion immediately.



The effect of this is potion is to cause confusion. Nightshade is key ingredient in this potion. It loosens the brain cells to start minor confusing. Use within 4 days. After that, the nightshade will begin to wear.

Brewing Time: 20 days plus one month

1 oz dragon blood
5-10 nightshade leaves, shredded
6 Lacewing flies, stewed
1 fluxweed root, ground
1 liter of fresh water


1. Boil 1 once of dragon blood over a low flame

2. Add nightshade. The more you add, the longer the victim will be confused, but more than 10 leaves will cause permanent brain damage and less than 5 will prove the brew ineffective.

3. Add lacewing flies that have been stewed for 20 days, then add fluxweed that was picked at a full moon.

4 Boil all of these together with a liter of water, and then let sit for 1 month. It will be in a liquid state, in a green color.


Cough Potion

3 oz cypress charcoal
16 oz water
1 oz coltsfoot leaves, shreaded
2 oz bruised liquorice bark
1 oz powdered liquorice root; dervied from 3 oz of dried liquorice root
3 billywig wings, whole
1/2 oz fresh horehound leaves

Brewing Time: 30 minutes

Special Instructions: Cypress charcoal can usually be purchased at any well stocked apothecary. If you prefer to make your own, make sure you use only newly cut branches of a cypress tree. Once reduced to charcoal, submerge them into a cauldron of boiling water mixed with one drop of puffskein blood. Boil for ten minutes and then allow to dry for two months in a dark, dry place. Store in a dark container upon which is placed a charm to keep the air out. Use within five months.

1. Using the cypress charcoal, create a fire.
2. Using a number 2 cauldron, bring the water to a rolling boil.
3. Remove one ounce of cypress charcoal from the fire and drop into the pot.
4. Add the shreaded coltsfoot leaves and allow to boil for five minutes.
5. While coltsfoot leaves boil, crush the liquorice bark; add to the cauldron and stir three time counterclockwise; let boil two minutes.
6. Crush the liquorice root into a fine powder and add.
7. Add the billwig wings; the potion should immeadiately stop boiling and turn a deep black.
8. Let the potion sit for twenty three minutes and then add the horehound.
9. Stir clockwise ten times and then counter-clockwise twice. The potion should instantly thicken into a hard, black ball.
10. Remove the ball and set aside.
11. Put out the fire, scourgify your cauldron, add one tablespoon of water and put the ball back in. Within two minutes, the ball will have liquified and turned a pale blue.

Effect: One cauldronful of the potion will create a five ounce vial. Take half the potion at the onset of a cough and take the second half three hours later.

Potential Problems: If the potion never thickens into a hard, black ball it is most likely that the cypress charcoal is too old or was not properly prepared. If this occurs, the potion can still be saved, but will not have as strong an effect.


FELIX FELICIAS (the Good Luck Potion)

Until the effects wear off, all the drinker's endeavours will tend to succeed. Once consumed, the potion gives the drinker an exhilarating sense of confidence and a tremendous sense of opportunity. However, if taken in excess the potion causes giddiness, recklessness, and dangerous overconfidence, and it is highly toxic in large quantities. Color of molten gold; while exposed to air large drops will leap like goldfish above the surface without spilling. A "miniscule" glass bottle can contain enough Felix Felicis to last 12 hours. The downside that it is extremely tricky to make, so do not feel discouraged if you do not get it right on the first try.

The potion is a banned substance in organized competitions such as sporting events, examinations, or elections.

The ingredients are even more tricky than the actual potion itself, for good luck is different for everybody. That is why the potion is so tricky to make. What is good luck for one person can be entirely different for another person.

5 cubes of gold bullion
Goldfish scales, from one goldfish
Whatever you consider lucky. It could be a rabbit's foot, a coin, a stamp, a strip torn rom a lucky shirt. How much of it to add...unknown.

1. Melt the cubes of gold bullion in a cauldron over a high-heat fire. Remove from heat.

2. Add goldfish scales from one goldfish.

3. Add one bit of whatever you consider lucky, and if your potion immediately turns white, you are doing it correctly. Let sit, and come back after one week.

4. Come back in another week, and if the potion has turned black, add the same amount of your "lucky charm".

5. After the third week, add the remainder of your "lucky charm." Let sit and mature for another week.

6. Your potion, at the end of one month, should be golden in color, and drops will leap out when exposed to air.

Warnings: If at any stage your potion is not the specified color, you must thoroughly clean your cauldron and start over.



For the dulling of the memory, especially when an upsetting event has occurred.

Brewing time: 12 minutes

10 ounces Water
6 ounces Arrowroot, chopped
3 ounces German Chamomile, crushed
7 Lacewing Flies


1. Heat the water over medium heat until it is steaming, about five minutes.

2. Add the Arrowroot and stir five times clockwise.

3. Add the German Chamomile and stir six times counter clockwise.

4. Add the lacewing flies and stir seven times clockwise.

5. Bring the potion to a boil and let boil for two minutes.

6. Remove from heat. Potion should be emerald in color and smell like bacon.



Brewing time: approx. 16 hrs

1 section crocodile heart
1 Hippogriff Eye
3 hefty scales Mooncalf Dung,
1 oz. Mandrake Leaf, shredded
3 oz. water, at room temp.
2.75 oz Cherrywood Trunk Core,
1 dash Floo Powder


1. Place Cherrywood Trunk Core and One ounce water in a standard size two cauldron. Place over bluebell portable and waterproof flame and bring to a rapid boil.

2. After Water is at a boil, Stir the mixture, until the core dissolves, which should take an average time of five minutes.

3. After the Wood is dissolved, add the hippogriff eyeball and another ounce of water, and put on a normal flame, for approx. three hours.

4. Following the three hour boiling, all the important juices from the eye should be gone. Remove the eyeball using your ladle, and add one half of the mooncalf dung.

4. After adding the mooncalf dung, allow to simmer on a low flame for an hour, before sprinkling some Floo Powder on the flame. Add Mandrake leaf to the cauldron and stir exactly once per minute on the minute.

5. Add the remaining ingredients, and allow to simmer further on the Flooed flame for twelve hours before cooling and bottling.



Brewing time: 1 hour

3 oz asphodel
1 Infusion of Wormwood
4 daisy roots, sliced
1 oz ginger roots
3 gals. Ocean Water

Special Instruments:
Large Strainer
Stirring Paddle
Cauldron- standard size seven, lined on the inside with a silver-platinum mix.


1. Add water to the cauldron, and place over fire, to simmer. Add the powdered root of Asphodel. Allow to boil before completing the next step.

2. Add the daisy roots whole, to the mixture, and stir with the wooden paddle, until the solution hisses and turns yellow. That is a sign that all of the magical powers have been drained from the daisy roots.

3. Add the ginger roots, and stir further at a rapid pace for ten minutes. Because of the exhaustion of stirring for long periods of time, it is suggested to use a stirring spell on the paddle.

4. Let simmer for twenty minutes, before taking off the fire and let the potion cool down. After it is cool, strain all the roots from the potion, and bottle after completely cool.



Used to help those who have been petrified return to their original state. However, the Mandrake's cry is fatal to any who hear it, so please take caution when you are brewing this potion. Have earmuffs at your disposal. Will take several months for the mandrakes to mature; after that, it only takes one hour to brew the potion.

1 chopped mandrake, matured.


1. Put earmuffs on, and chop up the mandrake, being sure to chop it up very finely. Place in a cauldron; cover only slightly with water, and let brew.

2. After one hour, take cauldron off fire. The potion should be purple in color, and very thick.



When one comes in contact with any of this quick and simple potion, it will deposit a poison onto their skin that causes dizziness and nausea.

Brewing time: Approx 8 minutes

1 Nightshade plant
1 snake eye
1 liter of sea water


1. Fill your cauldron only one-third full with boiling water.

2. Take the Nightshade and chop the entire thing into fine slices. These slices should begin to ooze when they reach the water, depositing a poison into it.

3. Then add a single snake eye to the potion, and a very small explosion should occur.

4. When it clears the potion should have risen in the cauldron. Put this combination into vials.

Warnings:: Make sure you don't touch the potion itself.



This potion makes things shrink in size. Can also be used as an antidote to the aging potions.

Brewing Time: 2 hours

1/2 cup of daisy roots, chopped
one caterpillar, finely sliced
one shrivelfig, skinned
one rat spleen
dash of leech juice
1/2 ounce of apple juice, made from green apples.

1. Slice the caterpillar into horizontal strips, as fine as you can make them. Put the slices into your cauldron, and put over very low heat, allowing them to change to a light brown color.

2. Take cauldron off fire, and use a mortar to crush the slices into a fine powder. Put back on the fire, this time over medium heat, and add apple juice, made from green apples (those made from red apples will produce no effect).

3. Stir for about a minute, then add a dash of leech juice and rat spleen. If your potion turns orange, you have added too many rat spleens and/or too much leech juice, and you'll have to start all over again.

4. Turn heat back down to low, and stir ocassionally for 45 minutes. Let sit on the fire, and start skinning your shrivelfig.

5. After your shrivelfig is skinned, add it to your concoction, and keep an eye on your potion. At the end of two hours, it should be a thick, acid green.

6. Use within twenty-four hours of brewing.

Warnings: Making any errors in the potion can cause it to turn poisonous, and cause you to expire upon drinking. Make with care.



Developed in 1889 by French potions maker Dean Jaquille, this potion is frequently used by mediwizards the globe over to re-grow bones.

Brewing Time: 2 weeks, 3 days

2 Gallons of Ice Cold Spring water
1 tablespoon of Chicken bone marrow
1 Billiwig stinger
4 Hippogriff eyes, chilled
2 Dragon heartstrings~ Preferably Common Welsh green

Procedure :
1. Place the two gallons of Ice cold spring water in the cauldron and stir it feverishly until it starts to boil strong.

2. Add the Billiwig stinger to the boiling water and let it settle in the boiling water for two weeks.

3. After the two weeks, the Billiwig stinger should have melted completely into the water. Now It will have a light blue aura to it.

4. Add the dragon Heartstring and Hippogriff eyes and stirr twice an hour for three days. Afterward, It will have its green color and be finished

*Do not exceed dosage of 4 tablespoons. A side effect is growth to giant proportions.



A relatively simple potion, the Skin-Staining detection potion has been used by territorial wizards for ages. This potion can be spread on any object that you do not want others to touch. It goes on clear, but whenever another person touches it, it will stain their skin bright purple.

3 oz. Streeler shell, ground fine
3 oz. Flesh-eating Slug blood
1 gallon of ice
1 human hair (you own, if it's your personal belongings you want to protect)


1. Fill the cauldron 1/4 of the way with water.

2. Add Streeler shell, and simmer for 10 minutes. Keep stirring the Streeler shell, distributing it evenly in the water.

3. Add Slug Blood slowly, still stirring (A self stirring cauldron or charmed ladle is suggested) Boil the mixture for exactly 22 minutes.

4. Fill the rest of the cauldron with ice. Allow it to melt with caution: the mixture will permanently stain if it overflows.

5. Drop the hair into the full cauldron, making sure it does not stick to the sides.

6. Wearing gloves, dip any item you do not want people to touch into the potion.



The sleeping draught will cause the taker to fall asleep instantly. It can be either drunk directly or mixed into various foodstuffs.

Make certain that the mandrake is still pre-teen; the older the mandrake, the less potent the potion will be. Because of the quick nature of most steps, it is advisable to get all ingredients ready to go before starting on the procedure.

Brewing Time: 40 minutes

2 pints fresh water
1 ounce dried, crushed clivers
1/2 ounce of essence of scullcap flower
1 fresh mandrake leaf, left whole
5 bruised red poppy petals


1. In a number two iron cauldron, heat the two pints of fresh water just until the water is steaming.

2. Add in 1/2 ounce of dried, crushed clivers and stir until boiling, then add in the last 1/2 ounce of dried, crushed clivers.

3. Stir, continually, for ten minutes until the liquid has reduced itself by half and then add in the 1/2 ounce of essence of scullcap flower. If you do not have access to a prepared essence it can be created by boiling four scullcap flowers in one cup water. Once boiled, remove the flowers and squeeze out all the liquid to create the 1/2 ounce of essence.

4. Add the fresh mandrake leaf, leaving it whole and stir ten times clockwise and four times counter-clockwise. The potion should turn to a deep green. Reduce the fire to low and let steep for ten minutes. Stir five time counterclockwise and increase the flame to high.

5. Gently bruise the poppy petals with the pestle and add them, one at a time, a minute apart. Once the last petal is dropped in, wait a minute and then stir four times clockwise and once counter clockwise. The potion should turn a pale shade of yellow.

6. Let cool five minutes before bottling or using. The potion has a shelf-life of three months.



Increases strength for a given period of forty-eight hours. This is not to say you will be superhuman. What this potion does is maximize your own strength, as according to what is best for your body. Effects last 3 days. This potion is illegal in any competitions that involve strength.

Brewing time: 20 minutes

3 oz. of salamander blood
2 tbsp. of pomegranate juice
2 strips of red meat, preferably steak or something of that sort. No ground meat of any kind.
1/4 cup of spinach leaves, shredded
1 cup fresh water


1.Coat the bottom of the cauldron with the salamander blood.

2. Put cauldron on fire, and add the two strips of red meat. Let sit for about 5 minutes.

3. Add shredded spinach leaves and a cup of fresh water, and stir vigorously for 5 minutes.

4. Add pomegranate juice IMMEDIATELY after step three, and let sit for ten minutes. Will be a thick grey-ish color and texture when properly brewed.



Causes something to get bigger, and to swell grotesquely. You don't necessarily have to drink the potion to swell, you may apply it to the body part that you wish to get bigger. The Pufferfish is the main ingredient in this potion, for the Pufferfish gets...well, puffy.

Brewing time: 25 minutes

1/2 cup of Pufferfish eyes
1/2 cup of Pufferfish quills
1 cup of Pufferfish scales, mixed with one cup of carbonated water


1. Using a mortar and pestle, crush the Pufferfish scales into a fine powder. Add the powder to one cup of carbonated water, and stir until it has dissolved completely.

2. Immediately pour into the cauldron, along with the Pufferfish eyes and the Pufferfish quills. Stir rapidly until a slight oily smell is given off.

3. Put on the fire and let sit for twenty-five minutes. No need to stir. Take off the fire, and let cool.



A common cure for sore throats, this potion is relatively basic and simple to make.

16 oz.Salt Water
3 oz. Giant Squid ink
3 Peppermint leaves, crushed
3 Shrake Spines


1. Fill the cauldron with salt water and let it warm on low heat, but do not allow it to steam.

2. Carefully measure out squid ink into the cauldron. (Be careful not to spill any on your desk or skin, as it can eat away at most material in its undiluted form.)

3. Add the peppermint to the cauldron, and stir slowly for 3 minutes.

4. When the brew has turned yellow, add Shrake spines, and simmer for five minutes.

5. Drink while still warm.



There are many uses for a tranquilizing potion. It neutralizes a danger without permanently damaging it. It can calm a patient before a medicinal procedure. It can be used on wild animals, in order to transport them peacefully. This particular draught, popular among European Apothecaries, was created by herbalists in the 13th century.

4 drops Anise Oil
1 oz. St. John's Wort
1/2 oz. Dragon Horn, powdered
8 oz. Spring Water


1. Begin by adding the Anise Oil to a standard size 2 cauldron

2. Create an infusion of St. Johns Wort by putting the herb in a strainer and pouring boiling water over it, letting the mixture steep for 15-30 minutes in a separate goblet.

3. Add infusion to the cauldron, then the powdered dragon horn, a pinch at a time.

4. Do not let the potion reach its boiling point, as it is extremely flammable at this stage. Lower heat, and stir constantly for 10 minutes.

5. Allow to cool before bottling.



A simple to concoct potion, it is however highly illegal to use with the express permission of the Ministry - a permission rarely given. Only three drops of the potion is potent enough to have the taker revealing their deepest secrets. The Effects last for one hour.

Brewing time: 2 days

3 ounces powdered dragon claw
4 drops Armadillo bile
10 ounces newt slime
2 Jobberknoll feathers, shredded - discard the quill
2 cups salt water


1. Using a number 2 lead cauldron, place over heat and bring to boil 2 cups of salt water.

2. Add the powdered dragon claw and stir in a clockwise direction until it is completely dissolved. Remove from heat.

3. Add armadillo bile and give three stirs in a counterclockwise direction. Allow to sit for fifteen minutes.

4. Add in the newt slime and bring back to a full boil. Let boil for ten minutes and remove from heat. Stir until the concoction is a light blue.

5. Add the shredded Jobberknoll feathers and bring to a boil. Let boil for five minutes. Remove. Let it sit until the mixture becomes a pale yellow.

6. Pour the liquid through a strainer to get rid of the feathers. The potion should be colorless and should not have any lingering smell. Bottle it and let sit for two days before using.



Long a tool of the deceptive, the elusive, and the occasional fan of ventriloquism, this basic formula for changing the range of the voice was developed in 1354 by an infamous charlatan wizard named Lazarus Larynx. Long has it been used as the best form of verbal disguise since the Polyjuice Potion. Many historical figures have attributed the draught to their success, and at times their failure.

One successful brawny Quidditch beater for Puddlemere United, Erik Olsen, secretly took it to mask his effeminate voice to his millions of fans. After a long match that closed the season of 1926, he forgot to take his dose before the press conference, and by morning mockery of his soprano voice was stamped across the prophet. Uric the Oddball, eccentric hermit-genius of experimental charms, was known for having the strange habit of randomly altering his voice 5 times a day without any reason at all. Today, the potion is used largely as a cocktail party prank, or by young witches and wizards who seem to have the same fondness and fascination for the concoction as Muggle children do for swallowing helium.

As the active ingredient in this potion, voices will be variably altered depending upon the amounts of lovage or chicory added to the potion. Lovage will enhance the upper register of the voice, Chicory the lower.

The effects of the potion last for 90 minutes. This formula produces 12 doses.

1 to 5 tablespoons of minced lovage OR chicory leaves*
2 ounces- Inner bark of elm,
2 1/2 cups African hedgehog bile
1 ounce powdered fox's clote
2 ounces dried Lady's Mantle
3 ounces powdered hops
1 red fox spleen
1 scarlet snake skin


1. Prepare ingredients while bringing 2 liters of water to a steady boil in a cauldron. Clean and dice fox spleen, shred snake skin. Chop lady's mantle very fine. Grind elm bark and combine with a 3 tablespoons of water till it forms a glutinous paste, then add the desired amount of lovage or chicory and stir well.

2.Add the paste and powdered ingredients to the cauldron; stir continuously until a mustard yellow froth appears on the potion's surface.

3. Slowly pour in hedgehog bile, then immediately extinguish the cauldron flame and let the potion sit undisturbed for ten minutes. During this time, the runny draught will slowly begin to thicken as it cools.

4. Stir the cauldron rapidly for 30 seconds before carefully adding the fox spleen and snake skin simultaneously.

5. Raise to rapid boil once more, then immediately remove from heat and allow the potion to cool to a drinkable temperature. This potion, however, should be taken while still warm and must be reheated for use if stored. The potion will have a gelatinous consistency at room temperature.

Warnings: Do not attempt to take a second dose of this potion before the first has run it's course. Doing so will permanently damage the vocal chords.



What the draught does, in effect, is create a mist that sucks in light to leave complete and total darkness, for a limited period of time, depending on purity and strength of ingredients.

Taking descriptions of an ancient draught I read about in certain texts as a starting point, I tried to approximate based on the intended effect on the composition and effectiveness of the potion. That some ingredients were rare, and some outright expensive, only compounded the task.

The pure draught exists as a viscous, oily fluid, which ideally is quite inert and non reactive. Application of the accelerant begins the process of mist formation; initially, the mist is heavier than air and sinks to ground, but after about half a minute begins to rise up in wispy vapors, condensing into a complete 'void' mist in about one and a half minutes. Any and all forms of light will fall prey to the void mist, though they will not be extinguished or otherwise effected. Fires will still burn; smoke will still spew, but all under cover of darkness. With the current set of ingredients, the maximum duration and area I could reach was approximately eight minutes, effective over a range of fifteen square feet.

Note 1: Black pearl must be freshly ground, otherwise the duration of the void mist will be greatly reduced. Also, certain fumes given off during boiling, while normally harmless, tend to have a malignant effect on skin exposed to pearl dust, markedly so when it's black pearl.

Note 2: Mixtures MUST be kept SEPERATE and DRY. Otherwise, hallucinogenic effects of the draught will increase, and the capacity to suck light in will decrease.

The mist is subject to atmospheric effects like the wind speed and direction. Some hallucinogenic side effects were also noted, along with a three degree drop in temperature wherever the mist was active.

There are two formulas needed for this potion: one for the basic draught 9which must be prepared at night), and one for the accelerant. Each set of ingredients will make about seven vials worth of potion, and two vials of accelerant.



3 pairs Golden Scarab Beetle wings
vinegar, as needed
1 small Black Pearl
4 oz Boomslang skin, dried and crushed
7 Sphinx talons, crushed
4 oz Thestral hoof, crushed
fresh green papyrus shoots
1 litre of water, left under moonlight for three hours


1. Moisten golden scarab wings in vinegar for approximately fifteen minutes. Do not soak; apply lightly with brush or feather as required. Gently cut into long, thin strips after aforementioned fifteen minutes.

2. Carefully crush black pearl, taking care not to get any dust on your hands. Gloves might be appropriate for this step. (See Note 1)

3. Mix crushed Boomslang skin with ground pearl; and, in a separate area, mix together sphinx talon and Thestral hoof. (See Note 2)

4. Cut papyrus shoots into pieces of equal lengths, of about three cenimetres each. Cut vertical slices into papyrus shoots, making sure the shoot is not completely cut into half. Open the shoots slightly, that a gap is left where the cuts have been made.

5. Take slice of moist scarab wing, roll in boomslang skin and ground pearl until completely covered. Place slice in the gap of the papyrus shoot. Close shut. Repeat, one slice per shoot. For any leftover shoots, cut into small pieces and add to water in step 6. For leftover slices, open up a random shoot and gently press in.

6. Place water on a very gentle flame, and add shoots one by one. Warm for twenty minutes, then drop in thestral hoof and sphinx talon mixture. Bring to a boil and then turn the flame out.

7. Wait for three days.



10 DROPS Boomslang venom
3 drops dragon tears
oz crushed Unicorn horn


1. Mix liquid ingredients together in a flask, seal, shake for half a minute.

2. Add ground unicorn horn, re-seal, shake until completely dissolved.

3. Warm flask in hot water until solution turns deep red.

4. Cool, pour into small vials, seal, and store.

5. Use four drops accelerant per standard vial of draught.



For the stimulation of the mind and the speeding up of critical thinking processes.

Brewing time: 25 minutes

9 ounces Goat Blood
4 ounces Bitter Orange, grated
4 ounces Water
5 stems Milk Thistle, sliced
2 cloves Garlic, crushed
3 Locust Eyes


1. Heat the blood over a low flame until to turns blue, approximately ten minutes.

2. Stir in the Bitter Orange, the water, and the Milk Thistle. Heat to boiling.

3. Sprinkle in the garlic and locust eyes without stirring.

4. Continue boiling for five minutes. Remove from heat. Potion should be black and shiny.

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