A new generation of Witches and Wizards join Hogwarts. Lies will be heard. Loves will be made. Friendships will be broken. Admist all this a new evil is rising. Will you pretend to be ignorant of this evil, will you stand up and fight or will you join it?
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 Charms/Spells List

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Jennifer Bentley

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PostSubject: Charms/Spells List   Wed Dec 10, 2014 9:09 pm

Here is a list of all of the charms/spells that may be used.

Accio: Brings an object to you.

Aguamenti: Creates a gush of water from the tip of the spell caster's wand.

Alohomora: Opens locks.

Aparecium: Makes invisible ink become visible

Avada Kadavra: The Unforgivable Curse; Kills your opponent. (This will get you expelled from Hogwarts, and in Azkaban!)

Avifors: Turns things into birds.

Avis: Makes birds fly out of the end of your wand.

Bombarda: Causes a small, locally contained explosion. To make a bigger explosion, one could use "bombarda maxima"

Colloportus: Closes a door and binds it so that it can't be opened.

Confringo AKA the Blasting Curse: Causes the item targeted to explode.

Confundus: Confounds your target, or makes them temporarily confused.

Conjunctivitis: Damages the eyesight of your opponent, making them seem to have pink eyes.

Crucio: The Second Unforgivable Curse, the Cruciatus Curse; Tortures your opponent mercilessly.(Forbidden in Hogwarts, will get you expelled and sent to Azkaban!)

Deletrius: Erases the last spell cast by a wand so that it can't be discovered.

Densaugeo: Makes teeth grow out of control.

Diffindo: Makes seams split open, severs an object into two pieces.

Dissendium: Opens a specific passageway into a cellar, may be useful in other instances; may be only a password.

Duro: Turns an item to stone.

Enervate: Mistaken spell.

Engorgio: Makes an item larger, as in swollen.

Episkey: Heals relatively minor wounds.

Evanesco: Causes an item to immediately dissolve away, as if it had never existed.

Expecto Patronum: Creates Patronus.

Expelliarmus: Disarms the target of the spell, such as knocking their wand out of their hand.

Fera Verto: Transforms animals into water goblets!

Ferula: Binds a broken limb with a splint and bandages, tightly wrapped.

Fidelius: Allows a secret to be hidden within the secret keeper's soul; very powerful spell.

Finite Incantatem: Stops any spell.

Flagrate: Allows the user to write or draw in the air with fire.

Flipendo: Also known as theKnockback Jinx, pushes or flips something backwards.

Furnunculus: Causes a person to break out in boils.

Geminio: Creates a duplicate of an item.

HomorphusMan-Shape: Makes a werewolf or person disguised as an animal resume their human shape.

Immobulus: Immobilizes the target.

Impedimenta: Puts up an impediment that slows down something or someone that is coming toward you.

Imperio: The third unforgivable curse. Allows the user to assume complete control of another person. (Again, forbidden to use in Hogwarts and will get you expelled and into Azkaban!)

Impervius: Repels water from a surface.

Incarcerous: Conjures up ropes, which then bind an opponent.

Incendio: Lights a fire.

Legilimens: Allows the user to gain access to another's mind and memories.

Levicorpus: Turns your opponent upside down and dangles them in thin air.

Liberacorpus: "Liberates", or frees a body that has been caught up by the levicorpus spell.

Locomotor Mortis: The Leg-Locker Curse; locks an opponent's legs together.

Lumos: Creates light, usually by making the tip of the wand glow. More light can be created using"lumos maxima"

Mobiliarbus: Used to move a tree from one place to another.

Mobilicorpus: Used to move a body from one place to another.

Muffliato: Causes a buzzing noise to surround a limited area so that those in the area can carry on a private conversation.

Nox: Extinguishes light, used to douse the light created by "Lumos"

Obliviate: Makes a person "oblivious", erasing their memories of an event.

Orchideous: Conjures a bunch of flowers from the user's wand.

Petrificus Totalus: Total petrification; petrifies an opponent totally.

Point Me: The Four Point Spell; makes the user's wand act like a compass.

Portus: Turns any item into a Portkey, which can then be used to transport a person or persons to another location.

Prior Incantato: Reveals to you the last spell that a wand was used to cast.

Protego: Protects the user, and sends a spell back on an opponent.

Quietus: Makes things quiet, used to muffle "Sonorus".

Reducio: Shrinks an item.

Reducto: Blasts solid objects into pieces.

Relashio: Releases something from being constrained or held.

Rennervate: Means to energize or wake up.

Reparo: Repairs broken items.

Repello: Repels something.

Repello Muggletum: Makes an area invisible to Muggles.

Revelio: Causes something that is hidden to be revealed.

Rictusempra: Causes a person to curl up in laughter, as if being tickled.

Riddikulus: Makes a boggart assume a "ridiculous" form, therefore making it funny instead of terrifying.

Salvio Hexia Unclear: seems to strengthen other protective spells, or to deflect any hexes cast toward a specific location.

Scourgify: Used to clean dirt or other material off of a surface.

Sectumsempra: Causes lacerations to appear all over an opponent's body, as if they had been cut by an invisible sword.

Serpensortia: Conjures a snake.

Silencio: Makes the target of the spell unable to make any sound

Sonorus: Amplifies the user's voice.

Stupefy: Stupefies an opponent, or knocks them insensible temporarily.

Tarantallegra: Forces an opponent's legs to dance uncontrollably.

Tergeo: Scours something clean.

Waddiwasi: Removes a stuck object, as in a wad of gum that is stuck in a keyhole.

Wingardium Leviosa: Allows the user to make an object levitate.

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Charms/Spells List
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